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MicroMillions III: Polenda vaults to victory in Event #23 $1R Turbo

What would you do if you were trailing by 554 million chips? Would you freak out? Or have a panic attack? In Polenda's case, the Brazilian calmly settled into a heads-up battle against Russia's Daniel Karo. Although Polenda trailed 773.6 million to 219.8 million, it would only take Polenda twelve hands to mount a sensational comeback and win every chip in play. All 992 million of them.

MicroMillions III Event #24 $1R NL (3x-Turbo) attracted 28,366 runners, who added 145,225 re-buys and 15,753 add-ons. The top 3,600 players got a cut of the $172,303.04 prize pool, with $16,385.72 originally set aside to the champion. Levels were only five minutes in length for this turbo format with unlimited re-buys during the first ninety minutes.

PokerStars Team Online Naoya "nkeyno" Kihara, who has been a fixture in the MicroMillions III, failed to make the money and he could only muster up a 7,397th place finish. Team PokerStars Pro Martin "AABenjaminAA" Hruby (4,509) just missed the money when he busted out in 4,509th place.

Four members of Team PokerStars Pro or PokerStars Team Online advanced to the money in Event #23. PokerStars Team Online Kevin "Wizard of Ahhs" Thurman cashed in 3,580th place. Team PokerStars Pro Ana Marquez busted when she was ambushed by pocket Jacks. She cashed in 2,311th place. PokerStars Team Online Mickey "mement_mori" Petersen's A♠J♥ lost to Pokerface964's Q♥Q♦. He cashed in 1,385th place. Shortstacked Team PokerStars Pro Marcin "Goral" Horecki was knocked out place when he ran into RyderRock's K♦K♠, yet Marcin cashed in 893rd place.

With 13 remaining, Nervosu119 cracked TushCan#1's A♣A♠ with A♦9♠ and rocketed to the top of the leader board with over 205 million in chips.

When ten players were left, action was hand-for-hand on the final two tables. Short-stacked smoldan made a valiant final stand with A♣Q♥ against mirromel's A♦8♦. Although smoldan flopped a Queen and improved to a pair of Queens, mirromel picked up a nut flush diamond re-draw. The turn was another diamond, which promptly filled in mirromel's flush draw. Israel's smoldan busted out in tenth place and bubble off the final table.


Event #24 - Final Table Chip Counts:
Seat 1: mirromel (146,287,330)
Seat 2: Daniel Karo (108,881,572)
Seat 3: RIDJDTK (55,400,859)
Seat 4: maximus77709 (89,193,046)
Seat 5: Polenda (194,480,177)
Seat 6: DIR02 (51,393,154)
Seat 7: Nervosu119 (226,496,398)
Seat 8: bigman299357 (76,243,552)
Seat 9: kyke2 (44,986,912)

The final table commenced during Level 67 with blinds at 3.5M/7M and a 700K ante. Nervosu119 held the lead with 226 million.

DIR02 eliminated in 9th place

It only took six hands before someone became the first casualty at the final table. Short-stacked DIR02 open-shoved for 43,693,154, and bigman299357 re-raised all-in for 61,543,552 in an attempt to isolate against the shorty. Everyone else folded. Heads-up. DIR02 was in trouble with A♣Q♠ against bigman299357's J♣J♦. The board ran out 8♥5♣5♦2♠K♣ and bigman299357's pocket Jacks held up. Romania's DIR02 was knocked out in ninth place, which paid $861.51.

Nervosu119 coughed up the chip lead a couple of hands later when Polenda dragged a 189 million pot with A♣A♦. Polenda seized the lead with over 300 million.

RIDJDTK eliminated in 8th place

Russia's RIDJDTK busted out in a multi-way pot. RIDJDTK open-shoved from the cut off for 19,200,859. On the button, maximus77709 insta-re-shoved for 68,406,134. Nervosu119, in the big blind, had both players covered and he called with Big Slick.

Nervosu119: A♥K♠
maximus77709: T♥T♠

Although maximus77709 was ahead with tens, both of his opponents held at least one over card. The board ran out 5♠4♣4♦Q♦2♣. Short-stacked RIDJDTK failed to improve and he busted out in eighth place, which paid out $1,464.57. The main pot and side pot was won by maximus77709 when his pocket tens held up. After losing that hand, Nervosu119 slipped to under 68 million, while maximus77709's stack improved to approximately 167 million.

kyke2 eliminated in 7th place

With seven to go, kyke2 got into hot water... kyke2 min-raised to 20 million, Daniel Karo bumped it up to 40 million, and kyke2 called. The flop was 9♦8♦5♥ and both players bombed it all-in. Daniel Karo led with A♠J♦ against kyke2's Q♣J♥, although kyke2 picked up a gutshot straight draw. The turn was the 5♠ and the river was the 6♦. Neither card helped kyke2. Daniel Karo faded a gutshot and won the hand with Ace-high. Finland's kyke2 was knocked out in seventh place, which paid $2,153.78.

bigman299357 eliminated in 6th place

On the next hand... Nervosu119 shoved for 85,616,440, and bigman299357 called all-in for 69,936,706. Nervosu119 got his hand caught in the cookie jar with T♦5♦ against bigman299357's J♣J♥. However, the board ran out K♦Q♦Q♥K♣8♦ and Nervosu119 rivered a diamond flush. A stunned bigman299357 busted out in sixth place and he collected $3,101.45. After dragging that pot, Nervosu119 chipped up to 171 million, yet still trailed Polenda's big stack worth 283 million.

maximus77709 eliminated in 5th place

We saw a third elimination in four hands when Nervosu119 open-shoved for 169,553,146, and maximus77709 called all-in for 133,113,127. Although maximus77709 took 9♦9♣ into battle against Nervosu119's Q♦9♥, he was a little apprehensive because of the magical run good Nervosu119 was receiving from the poker gods. Alas, the flop was K♦Q♥2♦ and Nervosu119 took the lead with a pair of Queens. Only the case nine in the deck could help maximus77709, but he failed to suck out his one-outer. The turn was the A♣, and the river was the 5♥. Nervosu119 won another pot and Germany's maximus77709 hit the road in fifth place, which paid $4,652.18.


Nervosu119 was back on top with 322 million, while mirromel was the shorty with 150 million. With the blinds escalating every five minutes in this turbo event, and four to go, the action was paused to discuss a chop. After several minutes of deliberation, the final four agreed upon these numbers: Nervosu119 locked up $10,784.06, Polenda secured $10,550.19, Daniel Karo got an even $10,000, and mirromel's cut was $8,458.93. That left $2,500 on the table, which would be awarded to the champion.

mirromel eliminated in 4th place

Once a deal was in place, the rapid-fire bustouts continued. The next player to bow out was mirromel, who moved all-in for 216,774,660 with 2♣2♥. Daniel Karo snap-called with K♣K♠. The board ran out 9♦7♠6♦J♠4♠ and mirromel's deuces were no good. Daniel Karo's pocket Cowboys held up and he won the pot. Germany's mirromel took home $8,458.93 for a fourth-place finish.

Nervosu119 eliminated in 3rd place

Sometimes your luck just runs out. Nervosu119 had a remarkable run the entire tournament and caught a lot of cards, but he finally met his fate in third place. The Romanian's stack had incurred a sizable loss and slipped to a shade over 100 million before he hit the road. Daniel Karo opened with a min-raise to 24 million, Nervosu119 shoved over the top for 103,078,943 and Daniel Karo called. Daniel Karo was ahead with A♠J♣ against Nervosu119's K♥3♥. The flop was J♥T♥2♣ and Dainel Karo improved to a pair of Jacks, but Nervosu119 picked up a heart flush draw. The turn was the 7♦ and the river was the 9♠. Daniel Karo faded a heart and won the pot. Nervosu119 whiffed on a big draw and busted out. By terms of the deal, Nervosu119 earned $10,784.06 for third place.

HEADS-UP: Daniel Karo (Russia) vs. Polenda (Brazil)
Seat 2: Daniel Karo (773,682,823)
Seat 5: Polenda (219,680,177)

Daniel Karo held the advantage once it got to heads-up. The final two would only play twelve hands. On the second hand, Polenda dragged a pot worth 472 million. Both of them bombed it all-in preflop and Daniel Karo led with Q♦Q♥ against Polenda's A♣7♣. However, Polenda flopped an Ace and turned a flush to win the pot. Although Daniel Karo was still ahead, his lead slipped... 521 million to 472 million.

Daniel Karo eliminated in 2nd place; Polenda wins MicroMillions Event #23

On the 12th hand of heads-up, Daniel Karo opened with a raise to 30 million, Polenda jammed for 551,860,354, and Daniel Karo called all-in for 408,502,646. Daniel Karo made a final stand with A♣J♠ against Polenda's K♦Q♠. The flop was T♥T♦8♥ and Daniel Karo was still ahead with Ace-high. The K♣ spiked on the turn and Polenda took the lead. The river was the 9♥ and Daniel Karo failed to improve.

For a gutsy runner-up performance, Russia's Daniel Karo earned $10,000. Meanwhile, there's going to be a party tonight in Brazil after Polenda won MicroMillions III Event #23 and collected $13,050.19 for first place. Congrats, pollos!

Check out the final hand in the replayer:

RSS readers must click through to view replayer

MicroMillions III - Event #23 $1R NL 3x-Turbo - Final Table Results:
Entrants: 28,366
Re-buys: 145,225
Add-ons: 15,753
Prize Pool: $172,303.04
Payouts: 3,600

1. Polenda (Brazil) - $13,050.19 **
2. Daniel Karo (Russia)- $10,000.00 **
3. Nervosu119 (Romania) - $10,784.06 **
4. mirromel (Germany) - $8,458.93 **
5. maximus77709 (Germany) - $4,652.18
6. bigman299357 (United Kingdom) - $3,101.45
7. kyke2 (Finland) - $2,153.78
8. RIDJDTK (Russia) - $1,464.57
9. DIR02 (Romania) - $861.51

** Denotes a deal was reached among the final four players

Visit the MicroMillions home page for information on the remaining schedule of events and to view the leader board.

Pauly McGuire is a freelance contributor to the PokerStars Blog.

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