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MicroMillions III: Raistj tenaciously triumphs in triple turbo Event #41

With four tables remaining, Raistj rocketed to the top of the leader board and became the first player to pass the 100 million mark. After securing the chip lead, Raistj never looked back and smoked the rest of the field, culminating with a stunning heads-up battle in which Raistj knocked out v_myaso in the only hand they played. Israel's Raistj became the master of the Triple Turbo domain en route to a MicroMillions III title.

Event #41 $1R (3x-Turbo) attracted 27,333 runners, who added 136,647 re-buys and 14,886 add-ons, which boosted the prize pool to $162,768.06. The top 3,600 were paid out prize money with $15,481.25 set aside to the eventual champion.

Team PokerStars Pro Marcin "Goral" Horecki has been a fixture in these events, busted out in 6,955th place. PokerStars Team Online Pessagno also participated in this event, but finished in 9,854th. Both players failed to advance to the money.

With ten to go, action was hand-for-hand. Only two players held stacks larger than 100 million: Raistj (184 million) and RuiNF (112 million). The final table bubble lasted a couple of levels before it burst when short-stacked kiss750106 made a final stand. Raistj tried to pick him off with Q♣J♣, but was behind kiss750106's A♠8♥. A Queen on the flop sealed the deal and Raistj won the pot, meanwhile Hungary's kiss750106 bubbled off the final table in tenth place.


Event #41 Final Table Chip Counts:
Seat 1: Raistj (212,449,746)
Seat 2: lalabaer (111,054,912)
Seat 3: v_myaso (93,949,301)
Seat 4: DAMC_CSR (90,409,429)
Seat 5: chapo00 (42,417,908)
Seat 6: Toby Work (147,347,055)
Seat 7: Afterpub (80,249,615)
Seat 8: RuiNF (86,554,050)
Seat 9: solarispoker (74,087,984)

The final table commenced in Level 65 with blinds at 2.75M/5.5M and a 550K ante. Raistj held onto a comfortable lead with over 200 million. The short stack was chapo00 with 40 million.

DAMC_CSR eliminated in 9th place

It took two full levels before someone became the first player to bust off the final table. DAMC_CSR began the final nine as one of the bigger stacks, but had incurred a couple of big hits and slipped to the back of the pack. DAMC_CSR opened to 21 million, chapo00 min-raised to 42 million, and DAMC_CSR called all-in for 17,191,521. DAMC_CSR was dominated with K♣J♣ against chapo00's A♥J♦. The board ran out 7♠7♥5♣9♠3♦ and chapo00 won the pot with Ace-high. For a ninth-place performance, DAMC_CSR collected $813.84.

solarispoker eliminated in 8th place

RuiNF went into bully mode and raised to 44,410,046. Short-stacked solarispoker called 33,087,984 and took A♦7♦ into battle against RuiNF's Q♥J♠. The flop was 9♥8♥6♠ and RuiNF picked up a gutshot, but solarispoker also picked up an open-ended straight draw. The turn was the Q♠ and RuiNF seized the lead with a pair of Queens. The river was the J♦ and solarispoker whiffed on a straight draw. RuiNF won the pot with two pair. For an eighth-place finish, solarispoker earned $1,383.52.

lalabaer eliminated in 7th place

We had a three-way all-in, but when the dust settled, only one player was sent packing. Germany's lalabaer open-shoved for 26,811,222 and Toby Work re-raised all-in for 28,447,055 and is all-in. RuiNF called from the big blind.

lalabaer: J♠J♣
Toby Work: A♦K♥
RuiNF: T♣7♦

Toby Work held Big Slick, but lalabaer was ahead with pocket Jacks. The flop was K♦T♦2♠ and Toby Work improved to a pair of Kings. The A♥ fell on the turn and Toby Work picked up two pair. The river was the 2♦, which did not help anyone. Toby Work won the main pot and doubled through RuiNF. Meanwhile, lalabaer busted out in seventh place, which paid out $2,034.60.

With six to go, Raistj retained the lead with 283 million and RuiNF was the short stack with approximately 86 million.

chapo00 eliminated in 6th place

Shorty chapo00 swiftly moved all-in for 60,052,724 and Afterpub insta-called from the big blind for 42,052,724. chapo00 held A♠8♣, which was ahead of Afterpub's J♣9♦. The flop was 9♥8♠2♦ and Afterpub took the lead with a pair of nines. The turn was the 7♣ and the river was the 5♥. Afterpub won the pot and chapo00 hit the road in sixth place, which paid out $2,929.82.

RuiNF eliminated in 5th place; Toby Work eliminated in 4th place

Two for the price of one? You betcha. Ace-King versus Ace-King? We got that too. Here's a hand that sent ripples through the cosmos... Raistj min-raised to 36 million, Toby Work shoved all-in over the top for 95,591,518, and RuiNF called all-in for 7,464,876.

Raistj: A♠K♥
Toby Work: A♦K♣
RuiNF: K♦5♠

The board ran out 9♥6♥2♠J♥A♥. Raistj caught running hearts for a four-flush and won the pot with an Ace-high flush. RuiNF started the hand with the fewest amount of chips and thereby busted out in fifth place, which paid out $4,394.73. Toby Work was knocked out in fourth place and earned $5,859.65.

Check out the hand in the snazzy replayer:

RSS readers must click through to view replay

Afterpub eliminated in 3rd place

It did not last three-handed for too long... a mere ten hands... before we saw our next causalty. Afterpub made a move with A♦3♠ and bombed it all in for 227,331,960. Raistj made the call with 7♥7♦. The board ran out J♠8♠6♣5♦2♦ and Raistj's pocket sevens held up. Afterpub exited in third place and took home $7,324.56.

HEADS-UP: Raistj (Israel) vs. v_myaso (Russia)
Seat 1: Raistj (692,622,796)
Seat 3: v_myaso (245,897,204)

When heads-up began, Raistj held a sizable advantage. The concept of a deal was floated.

Raistj said, "mysao wanna look at numbers?"
v_myaso said, "yes i think"

However, the final two never got a chance to hammer out a deal.

v_myaso eliminated in 2nd place; Raistj wins MicroMillions III Event #41

One hand. That's how long (or short) a heads-up battle lasted. Raistj took a swing and delivered a fatal blow with a single punch. Raistj shoved 690,522,796 and v_myaso called all-in. Raistj actually led with K♠4♥ against v_myaso's Q♠J♥.

The board ran out T♦5♥2♦7♣A♦. Neither player improved their hand. Raistj won the hand with Ace-high with a King-kicker and knocked out v_myaso in second place. Russia's v_myaso earned $11,289.59 for a runner-up performance.

Congrats to Israel's Raistj for winning Event #41. First place prize money was $15,481.25, which was a monstrous payout for a $1R turbo-ment!

Check out the final hand here:

RSS readers must click through to view replay

MicroMillions III Event #41 $1R (3x-Turbo) - Final Table Results:
Entrants: 27,333
Re-buys: 136,647
Add-ons: 14,886
Prize Pool: $162,768.06
Payouts: 3,600

1. Raistj (Israel) - $15,481.25
2. v_myaso (Russia) - $11,289.59
3. Afterpub (Germany) - $7,324.56
4. Toby Work (Denmark) - $5,859.65
5. RuiNF (Portugal) - $4,394.73
6. chapo00 (Belgium) - $2,929.82
7. lalabaer (Germany) - $2,034.60
8. solarispoker (Bulgaria) - $1,383.52
9. DAMC_CSR (Portugal) - $813.84

Visit the MicroMillions home page for information on the remaining schedule of events and to view the leader board.

Pauly McGuire is a freelance contributor to the PokerStars Blog.

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