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MicroMillions III: Sweet win for sweetlips6 in Event #25 ($3.30 NLHE Ante Up)

Formula One racing is one of the most popular sports in the world. But what is it about cars racing round and round a track that is so appealing, even to casual fans? Surely we don't love cars that much? Some "revheads" might, but to the rest of us, we just want to see a spectacular crash! Sure, that's a little twisted when you think about it, but it's so true.

Well for poker spectators, the equivalent of that car crash, is the dreaded bad beat. We have no consideration for the safety of those wielding the cards, or the pain they are about to endure. We just want to see an horrific suck, re-suck, or a devastating one-outer that shatters an innocent player's dreams in an instant.

It's the drama-fuelled poker entertainment that we love and we had it all, and more, today with Canadian sweetlips6 somehow emerging from the wreckage with the MicroMillions III title and $3,305.70 in prize money.

Already we're up to Event #25 and a quarter of the way through the MicroMillions III series. Today saw a strong field of 6,520 players hit the PokerStars tables for the $3.30 No Limit Holdem Ante Up event. The prize pool of $19,560 almost doubled the advertised guarantee.

The Ante Up event offers players a unique challenge, with no blinds to defend but a tasty pool of antes to fight for each and every hand. Experience with the structure, knowing how much to raise preflop, and understanding when to start shoving a short stack are all crucial to success in this event.

We scoured the lobby and sadly there were no Team PokerStars Pros to be found in today's field. But even more upsetting was the tournament of 09May92 from Russia who toiled for hours, only to fall on the money bubble in 856th place, painfully close to the $5.28 min-cash.

After eight and a half hours it was irache 87 from Portugal who ran 6♠6♥ into the J♣J♥ of palyyyyy to fall in 10th place as the final table was set.


Final Table Lineup
Seat 1: Pokerman9765 (2,082,456 in chips)
Seat 2: palyyyyy (3,431,632 in chips)
Seat 3: silvinho007 (1,688,234 in chips)
Seat 4: stefanoy (5,701,448 in chips)
Seat 5: ktouas28 (5,138,127 in chips)
Seat 6: Spoli4tor (721,745 in chips)
Seat 7: cashiscrane (6,755,284 in chips)
Seat 8: Ricardo Fogo (1,711,084 in chips)
Seat 9: sweetlips6 (5,369,990 in chips)

With the antes starting at 50,000 per hand, one orbit would cost players a hefty 450,000 chips. The short-stacked Spoli4tor wasn't going to wait around to be anted out, moving all in over the top of an open raise from ktouas28. Spoli4tor held A♦9♣ and was delighted to see ktouas28 call with a dominated A♠8♥ but wasn't so pleased to see the board run out 8♠6♠T♥3♦5♥. A pair of eights sent the pot to ktouas28 as Spoli4tor was first out in 9th place for $152.56.

If Spoli4tor's elimination was disappointing, then Pokerman9765 would be absolutely seething after the following hand went down:

RSS readers click through to see replay

Both players had flopped trips with Pokerman9765's kicker in control, but a brutal king on the turn gave cashiscrane the monster pot and sent Pokerman9765 to the rail in 8th place for $244.50.

The brutality continued as Ricardo Fogo found a fortunate double up with J♠4♠ catching a lucky jack on the river to better ktouas28's 8♠8♦. But Ricardo Fogo couldn't find a repeat when shoving preflop with A♦T♥. sweetlips6 woke up with A♠K♣ and made the call with "Big Slick" holding through the 2♦A♥J♥5♦Q♠ board. 7th place was worth $430.32 for Ricardo Fogo.

We then saw the biggest pot of the tournament to date, when palyyyyy and stefanoy collided on a 5♦A♥K♦. The cards went flying and when the cards were on their backs, it was easy to see why. stefanoy tabled A♣5♥ for two pair but palyyyyy had flopped a set with 5♣5♠. The 9♥ turn and 9♣ river saw palyyyyy double into the chip lead.

It was a blow that ultimately stefanoy was unable to recover from. stefanoy moved all in with J♠T♥ as ktouas28 called with 6♦6♥. The board ran out 6♠8♠Q♥4♣T♣ and despite stefanoy pairing on the river, it wasn't enough as ktouas28 had flopped a set to take it down. stefanoy would have to be content with $625.92 for 6th place.

silvinho007 couldn't survive much longer and was the next to go. silvinho007 moved all in preflop with J♣9♥ as ktouas28 made the call with A♠8♣. The board of 6♦A♦5♦2♣8♥ delivered two pair for ktouas28 as silvinho007 was out in 5th place for $821.52 in prize money.

ktouas28 was into the chip lead, but a failed river bluff with nine-high into sweetlips6's pocket aces saw it even up at the top, before more brutality saw cashiscrane take down a monster pot:

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After calling the flop with a gutshot straight draw, cashiscrane spiked the perfect turn card as both players made a straight.

But the pain for palyyyyy didn't end there as moments later the poker Gods struck again in the most painful way of them all:

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Another awful turn card for palyyyyy to make two pair as the one-outer eight-ball gave cashiscrane a set and the pot. An unlucky palyyyyy hit the rail in 4th place for $1,098.29 in prize money.

cashiscrane was into the chip lead but that didn't last long as the two chip leaders collided. As was the trend on this final table, it was another horrific bad beat as the two went to war on a flop of 6♣8♥J♣. sweetlips6 bet, cashiscrane raised and sweetlips6 moved all in, but cashiscrane wasn't going anywhere, making the call with 8♦8♣ for yet another set. sweetlips6 tabled an ambitious T♥7♥ for just a gutshot straight draw and would need a miracle. The Q♣ turn changed nothing, but BANG the 9♥ appeared like a dagger through the heart of cashiscrane.

cashiscrane was crippled and eliminated moments later holding A♠T♠ against ktouas28 4♦2♥ when ktouas28 flopped a straight to end the rollercoaster ride of cashiscrane in 3rd place for $1,584.36 in prize money.

Heads-up chip counts
Seat 5: ktouas28 (9,831,208 in chips)
Seat 9: sweetlips6 (22,768,792 in chips)

sweetlips6 held a healthy lead but ktouas28 was able to pull some back in an interesting hand that saw ktouas28 min-check-raise the flop and then again on the turn, before overbet shoving the river on a board of 9♠5♠4♥2♠7♥. sweetlips6 thought about making the call but smelt a rat and open-folded 4♠2♥ for two pair.

Right or wrong, it didn't matter, as soon sweetlips6 was able to seal the deal. Again, it was a rather dramatic hand, with ktouas28 raising the flop before the two got their chips in on the turn on the board of J♥5♠6♠9♦. ktouas28 showed 9♠6♥ for two pair but sweetlips6 had made the straight holding 7♦8♥. ktouas28 would need to see a nine or six on the river to stay alive, but the J♣ wasn't it. ktouas28 took home $2,249.40 for 2nd place as sweetlips6 takes the MicroMillions III title to Canada along with $3,305.70 in prize money.

MicroMillions III Event #25 Results

Entrants: 6,520
Prize pool: $19,560
Places paid: 855

1st sweetlips6 (Canada) - $3,305.70
2nd ktouas28 (Greece) - $2,249.40
3rd cashiscrane (Canada) - $1,584.36
4th palyyyyy (Argentina) - $1,098.29
5th silvinho007 (Brazil) - $821.52
6th stefanoy (Romania) - $625.92
7th Ricardo Fogo (Brazil) - $430.32
8th Pokerman9765 (Canada) - $244.50
9th Spoli4tor (Germany) - $152.56

For more details about the MicroMillions III schedule and leader board, head to the MicroMillions home page.

Heath "TassieDevil" Chick is a Freelance Contributor for the PokerStars Blog.

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