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MicroMillions III: Wantux wants it most in Event 39 ($3.30 Eight-Game)

Everybody wants "it", right? Whether "it" is the latest gadget, a sexy partner, or a MicroMillions III title, everybody wants it. Success, then, is often defined by who wants it most. In 2012 MicroMillions III Event 39, $3.30 Eight-Game, Wantux wanted it most - and got it all.

Eight-Game being what it is - among the most demanding of the mixed games -the Event 39 field was smaller than many other MicroMillions III events. There were 4,471 players, each of whose $3 combined to form a prize pool of $13,413 and a winner's payout of $2,048.54. Making it into the final 570 players of the field was worth a minimum of $5.36.

Team PokerStars Pro Marcin "Goral" Horecki isn't playing as many MicroMillions events this time around as he did earlier in the year, but we expected to see him in Event 39 and he didn't disappoint. Horecki managed a respectable 188th-place finish in Event 39, good for a payout of $10.05.

It was no final table, however. That honor went to these six players:

MM3 Event 39 final table.jpg

Seat 1: CormoranKR (862656 in chips)
Seat 2: ruggiero454 (3046610 in chips)
Seat 3: shipwish (10245424 in chips)
Seat 4: Murchessro (3127248 in chips)
Seat 5: Wantux (3292400 in chips)
Seat 6: ratamataxata (1780662 in chips)

Level 72: 40k-80k PLO
Average: 3.72 million

Wanted: dead or alive

Right off the bat, short stack CormoranKR was eliminated from the final table. On the first hand of play CormoranKR potted pre-flop to 280k and was called by shipwish. The rest of CormoranKR's chips went into the pot on a flop of 6♦A♦8♥. shipwish snap-called with 8♠8♣J♠T♥, a set of eights. CormoranKR showed down two pair, aces and sixes, A♣K♥6♣4♣. That hand improved to aces and kings with the K♠ turn, giving CormoranKR four outs overtake shipwish by improving to the best full house. The river Q♣ was not one of those outs. shipwish's tournament-leading chip stack got a little bigger; CormoranKR finished in 6th place.

The next game switch rolled the players back to limit 2-7 triple draw, with limits at 200k-400k. ruggiero454 managed a small double-up by making an 8-7 against shipwish's 9-7 but otherwise the level was devoid of much action. In the limit hold'em round, ruggiero454 tagged shipwish again by rivering a Broadway straight using the same card that gave shipwish two pair, aces and jacks.

Limit Hold'em didn't produce much action this time around. But a hand of 250k-500k Limit Omaha Hi/ lit Murchessro's fuse in the chat, even if it didn't eliminate Murchessro from the tournament:

RSS readers: click through to see replay

"I TUT IDIOT!" said Murchessro. Even if you don't speak Russian, you get the gist of it.

Murchessro doubled once before the game switched to 250k-500k Limit Razz. All those gains evaporated from Murchessro's stack when ruggiero454 made a 6-5 against Murchessro's 8-7. From there antes and bring-ins chipped away at Murchessro until the waters closed over Murchessro's head in 300k-600k Limit Stud Hi/Lo.

Murchessro started with buried queens on that final hand, but ratamataxata, the original 90k bring-in, called the 263k all-in with T♣8♣ / 3♦. Both players boards came ugly, yet somehow on the final two cards ratamataxata managed to make jacks and fives without a low. Murchessro didn't make a low either and never improved off of one pair of queens.

All he wants is everything

With four players remaining and limits up to 300k-600k, shipwish retained the chip lead (9.5 million). Wantux was in 2nd place (5.3 million) and ruggiero454 (3.8 million) and ratamataxata (3.6 million) were fighting over short-stack honors. Big swings promised to rule the rest of the final table.

Given all of the other games in the mix, it almost seemed criminal for ratamataxata to be eliminated in the 100k-200k NLHE round. But that's what happened when ratamataxata pushed the button for about 2 million and shipwish called from the big blind. shipwish was in the lead with A♠6♠. Just a bare ace would have been enough against ratamataxata's J♣T♠, but shipwish left no doubt by rivering the nut flush, 3♥2♠7♣3♠K♠. For finishing in 4th place, ratamataxata received $699.35.

There were about 22 million total chips represented by the stacks of the last three players. When the game switched to 500k-1MM Limit Triple Draw, the end of the tournament wasn't far off. A big 3-way pot started by shipwish on the button led to ruggiero454's 3rd-place elimination. Take a look:

RSS readers: click through to see replay

That left shipwish and Wantux to battle for the Event 39 title and the $2,048 up top. Wantux took the chip lead away from shipwish for the first time during the Limit Hold'em round. Relentless aggression and thin value-betting helped Wantux win a series of pots and open up a 19.3-million-to-3.0-million chip lead.

Down to 3 million, shipwish raised and capped the pre-flop action holding a pair of 6s. Wantux never shied away from the action, calling to a J♣K♠2♦ flop. Wantux led that flop, obliging shipwish to put shipwish's last 1 million into the pot. Wantux hadn't made anything yet with Q♠8♣, but the 8♥ immediately peeled off on the turn to give Wantux the better hand. When the river bricked out, shipwish was eliminated in 2nd place and Event 39 was over.

2012 MicroMillions III Event 39 $3.30 Eight-Game results:

1st: Wantux ($2,048.54)
2nd: shipwish ($1,475.43)
3rd: ruggiero454 ($1,073.04)
4th: ratamataxata ($699.35)
5th: Murchessro ($402.39)
6th: CormoranKR ($228.02)

We're approaching the halfway point of the 2012 MicroMillions III. But as they say, what's half done is just begun. If you haven't participated yet, it's definitely not too late. And if you have participated, there are plenty more events for you to consider. Get all the MicroMillions III information you could ever want - schedules, results, point standings and more - at the MicroMillions home page.

Dave Behr is a freelance contributor to the PokerStars Blog.

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