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SCOOP 2012: The Viktor "Isildur1" Blom chronicles

If Viktor "Isildur1" Blom were literally on fire, it wouldn't be as surprising as his 2012 Spring Championship of Online Poker performance. If he were running around with smoke pouring from his wonderfully messy Swedish hair, it wouldn't shock us as much as what's happened over the last couple of days. If he were to jump into the Thames to douse the flames shooting from his sleeves, we'd yawn and say, "Not nearly as awesome as how he performed in 2012. Now that was hot." Blom may not be literally...more

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SuperStar Showdown: Isildur1 vs KidPoker to be a reality


They've been dropping hints for a while. They've whipped the playful banter into a meringue. They've flirted with the idea for so long, people are starting to sing that "Viktor and Daniel sitting in a tree" song. It's time to--if you will--get it on. In news breaking this very moment,...more

SuperStar Showdown: Blom beats qualifier DodgyFish72 by one big blind


In the movies, the underdog wins, the guy gets the girl, and dreams come true despite overwhelming odds. Hollywood loves nothing more than a happy ending and it was only fitting that on Oscar Sunday, an online qualifier held his own against one of the world's best. Cast in the...more

Qualifier DodgyFish72 to face Isildur1


When Viktor "Isildur1" Blom is involved in a match of any sort, people usually start using phrases like "high stakes," "nosebleed," and "OMG." For once, Blom is going to be chilling out a little and giving a PokerStars qualifier a shot at the big time. Sunday at 3pm ET, Blom...more

SuperStar Showdown: Isildur1 improves to 3-1 with $111,750 win over Eugene "MyRabbiFoo" Katchalov


The idea of a rabbit's foot as a symbol of good luck has been around for centuries. They're carried on keychains, tucked inside coat pockets, and can be found capping cards in poker rooms around the globe. Eugene Katchalov decided to harness the legend of the rabbit's foot when...more

High-rolling Katchalov next up for Isildur1's SuperStar Showdown


There aren't many people in poker who command the type of respect Eugene Katchalov gets. The man wins WCOOP bracelets. He wins WPT titles. He wins stack of cash on top of stack of cash. It's not even been a full month since Katachalov won the $100,000 Super High Roller...more

SuperStar Showdown: Isildur1 scores a $51,196 win over Dan "w00ki3z" Cates


So often in the poker world, players are judged by their overall tournament winnings, the number of WSOP bracelets they've won, or how many times they've appeared on television. Even the late great Chip Reese, perhaps the great cash game titan of all time, decided in the last few years...more

Isildur1 and Daniel Cates have a date


If you didn't see this coming, you probably care more about "Dancing with the Stars" than you do online poker. PokerStars has just announced Viktor "Isildur1" Blom's next SuperStar Showdown opponent, none other than Daniel Cates. Whether you know Cates by his PokerStars screen name "'w00ki3z" or another name that...more

Finding Isildur1: Viktor Blom cops to his secret identity


It's a 20-minute walk to the farthest reaches of the Atlantis resort known as The Cove. It's literally the most distant point from the PCA tournament room. No place on Atlantis is as posh as this hideaway at the end of the island. One has to pass no fewer than...more

Love fest, reticence as Isildur1 counts Tony G.'s cash


Tony G., for better or worse, can eviscerate an opponent with his tongue. It's a circus trick that would have him in the freak tent if he weren't so busy being the ringmaster. Win or lose, The G. has a sharper needle than almost anybody in the game. So, it...more

SuperStar Showdown: Isildur1 sends Tony G on his bike, banks $44,280


War and Peace. Atlas Shrugged. The director's cut of Dances with Wolves. Although it's not even debatable whether or not a human being could plow through the first two of those tomes in eight hours and fifty-six minutes, one could easily watch the latter twice, credits and all, in the...more

Isildur1 to face Tony G. in next SuperStar Showdown


Well, this should be good. We'd been hearing for days about a SuperStar Showdown match in the offing just after the first of the year. We'd picked up some rumblings about who might be involved, and just minutes ago it was confirmed for us: Isildur1 will play the notorious Tony...more

A holiday message from the PokerStars Blog: Believe


On a cold December night, a man known as Isildur1 walked through the snow of his native (country name redacted) and stared into a starlit sky. He carried a small empty bag into a roadside tavern and sat beside the fire. Over a cup of mulled cider, he watched the...more

Fighting words: Isildur1 and Haxton discuss their Showdown


Isildur1 isn't pleased. It's not necessarily that he lost forty grand over the weekend. It's more about how he lost it and who he lost it to. In short, in the land of good sports, Isildur1 isn't running for mayor. "I want to play this guy again, because I didn't...more

SuperStar Showdown: Isaac "philivey2694" Haxton wins inaugural match and $41,701


They flocked to the rail by the thousands, everyone from tournament greats like Kevin "ImaLucSac" MacPhee and Chad "lilholdem954" Batista, to $1/2 no-limit grinders, to guys who probably earn a chat ban every few days. They came to see if history would repeat itself, if this Swedish wunderkind would once...more

Isaac Haxton to take on Isildur1 in SuperStar Showdown


When PokerStars revealed its signing of Isildur1 to the elite roster of Team Pros, the news came with the announcement that the biggest-rolled of PokerStars players would have a special opportunity to take their shot against the notoriously swingy online nose-bleeder. Isaac "philivey2694" Haxton is the first who stepped to...more

BREAKING: PokerStars signs Isildur1, launches SuperStar Showdown


Wow! I'm used to PokerStars making big announcements, but this one really made my eyes pop out on stalks... Isildur1, the most infamous name in online poker, has today signed up to Team PokerStars Pro. And to celebrate the hottest poker signing of the year, PokerStars is launching a cash...more

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