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daniel_negreanu_player_of_the_decade.jpg Daniel Negreanu, player of the decade

Daniel Negreanu named 'poker player of the decade'

Global Poker Index declares Negreanu 'best poker player of the past decade' on live tournament circuit. Daniel Negreanu, a member of Team PokerStars Pro, has been recognised as the best poker player of the past decade by independent poker ranking service Global Poker Index (GPI). This recognition follows an outstanding performance by Negreanu in 2013, where he won a number of big poker tournaments and received numerous 'Player of the Year' awards. Daniel Negreanu is one of the world's most famous poker players, winning his first World Series of Poker...more

Vivian Im

EPT9 London: EPT champ Kent Lundmark wins event #14, claims £48,050


Kent Lundmark has been enjoying a good run in EPT side events of late. A small first place in a €440 bounty in Deauville and a FPS High Roller final table have been backed up by a chunky win here in London. Lundmark beat Chris Day heads-up to take the...more

Vivian Im: Writing her own Hold'em story

Vivian Im - Cebu win.jpg

As the APPT spotlight shines on Seoul, Vivian Im is doing everything within her power to nurture the game in her own backyard. In the past four years that poker has become a livelihood for Vivian, she has enjoyed consistently good online results, gained Supernova Elite status, and used that...more

Vivian Im leads the ladies in Macau


Ladies events can be a controversial topic in the poker community. Some established female players avoid playing them altogether, while others see great value in competing in a field where they believe they have an edge. In a game where none of the physical differences between the sexes bears a...more

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Villle Wahlbeck

EPT9 London: Ville Wahlbeck is the EPT £10,300 8-Game Champion


Ville Wahlbeck consolidated his place as one of the best mixed game players in the world today by winning the EPT £10,300 8-Game Championship for £76,720. The Team PokerStars Pro beat a stacked field that included some of the biggest names in the game to to claim the largest chunk...more

LOL, NH, WP, GB, TYM8, GG: What are these guys saying?


When I started playing online poker I was perplexed with all the acronyms that I encountered. People were writing these weird letter combinations in the chat box, and I had no idea what they meant. I didn't have much experience with online gaming, so most of the expressions were completely...more

Folding the winner


There's an old poker proverb saying you can't be a player unless you occasionally fold the winning hand. What it means is that only donks keep calling everyone down. Donks never fold the winning hand simply because donks never fold. Another poker proverb says that you can't make money by...more

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Viktor Blom

SCOOP 2012: Isildur1's "Eureka!" moment


Viktor Blom is not an easy man to track down. I've known this for a long time. The media stalked him as Isildur1 for months. When it came time to cop to his identity, I still had to walk halfway across an island and find him in the back of...more

SCOOP 2012: The Viktor "Isildur1" Blom chronicles


If Viktor "Isildur1" Blom were literally on fire, it wouldn't be as surprising as his 2012 Spring Championship of Online Poker performance. If he were running around with smoke pouring from his wonderfully messy Swedish hair, it wouldn't shock us as much as what's happened over the last couple of...more

SuperStar Showdown: Viktor "Isildur1" Blom wins $1 million match over Isaac Haxton


Try to absorb the raw numbers. It took 5,030 hands for Viktor "Isildur1" Blom to win half a million dollars cash from Isaac "philivey2694" Haxton. In total, they played for just about 12 hours over three days. Blom earned more than $40,000 an hour for his work. Blom is 21...more

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Victor Ramdin

This or That with Team PokerStars Pro Victor Ramdin


Victor Ramdin wears many hats. Not only is he a Team PokerStars Pro, he is a business owner, philanthropist and a family man. While he's been around the poker world for a while, it wasn't until 2006 that Ramdin made a name for himself by taking down the World Poker...more

Holiday hibernation


Happy holidays, everyone. It's kind of a quiet period for me poker-wise -- I'm "hibernating," you might say. I'm playing online some and am really looking forward to the PCA in January, but right now I have a few other things on my plate. People know I work a lot...more

Team Pro giving back: "I know Victor is going to take care of me."


Victor Ramdin takes two things with him wherever he goes. One is a PokerStars Team Pro patch. The other is a passion for charity. But long before Ramdin donned the Team Pro patch, he was looking for ways to help his home country, Guyana. Back in 1995, Ramdin joined a...more

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Vicky Coren

Team PokerStars Pro Victoria Coren to marry David Mitchell


It was 2005 when someone led me into an audio booth in a London television studio. I was due to sit down next to James Hartigan to provide some color commentary for the World Cup of Poker II. While I waited my turn, I stared at the back of a...more

VIP Club Mega Month keeps me in my seat during August

vicky_coren_vip club.jpg

I think some people scale down their poker playing in August. The big tournament circuit goes quiet: it's the gap between the end of the World Series and the start of the EPT. The card room at the casino is quieter, which makes me wonder whether the regulars are off...more

Vicky Coren, the Royal wedding and cucumber sandwiches


London-based Team PokerStars Pro Vicky Coren is a poker columnist for The Guardian and a commentator for The Observer. She is one of the biggest names on Britain's poker circuit and is also one of the highest-earning female players. Vicky, are you beside yourself over the Royal Wedding? What will...more

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Vanessa Selbst

Selbst talks Wall Street and women in poker on American TV

Vanessa Selbst 3.jpg

It's not hard to see why there is a close relationship between poker and the stock market. Many of today's best poker players come from the world of finance. While that is not the case with Vanessa Selbst, she is undoubtedly an expert on poker, as well as managing her...more

Vanessa Selbst performs ultimate double-range merge

Selbst wedding - light.jpg

It's not easy to find the right poker metaphor for what Team PokerStars Pro Vanessa Selbst did last month, but double-range merge seems to work. She got married! Vanessa Selbst met Miranda in December of 2009. "I was in my second year of law school at Yale," recalled Vanessa, "and...more

Vanessa Selbst takes her fitness routine on the road

Vanessa Selbst - stacking chips.jpg

No matter where in the world Vanessa Selbst travels for poker tournaments, she seems to find a place to exercise. In particular, she finds basketball or tennis courts and tries to get in a few games during her stay. She's not the only one. Many poker players decide to join...more

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Vanessa Rousso

Vanessa Rousso gives as well as she gets

Vanessa Rousso - WPT win.jpg

There are poker players who play all the big events, and dazzle photographers and fans with their million dollar smiles and their million dollar paychecks to match. There are other players who focus on earning money for charities and do their part in helping change the world for the better....more

Vanessa Rousso gets match fit


I think of poker as a mental sport. However, as tournaments take place over the course of a period of days, I've found that there is actually a strong correlation between physical well-being and my performance. In 2009, I posed for Sports Illustrated--training for several months leading up to the...more

Table talk and guilty pleasures with Vanessa Rousso

Vanessa Rousso - 1.jpg

Vanessa Rousso is one of the most recognizable and formidable players in the game today. Her blonde good looks and friendly smile make her a favorite both at the table and with fans. But that friendly persona disguises a steely intellect and a competitive spirit that can destroy you in...more

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Theo Jorgensen

The Penguin Prop Bet


Last week, I told you about my fight with Gus Hansen, a bet I could've escaped if I'd really wanted to. As I told you then, I'm always getting myself into prop bets, and some are impossible to out run. This is one of those. We were invited to a...more

How I ended up fighting Gus Hansen


Somehow I seem to be sucked in to different kinds of--more or less--insane bets. Okay, at times everything--or most of it--is well thought through. Other times I get sucked in. And then there's the times where it's just plain stupidity taking charge. The boxing bet with Gus Hansen back in...more

My advice for a good time in Copenghagen


I'll admit the weather could have been slightly better, but if by some miracle you manage to drag yourself away from the tables, Copenhagen still has a lot to offer. Culture wise, there was one guy interested in hearing where the best museums are, but since he got sick and...more

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Raymond Wu

PokerStars strategy: Raymond Wu on a roll


At the time of writing (9 November, 2012) Team PokerStars Pro Raymond Wu was going deep in the ACOP Main Event. Wu is top ten in chips with 38 players remaining and 22 spots paying. The winner will receive HKD $4,240,000 (approx $547,000) as well as a big shiny trophy....more

Zoom poker strategy and tips


With the rising popularity of the fun, fast-paced Zoom poker on PokerStars, players are now getting a handle on the ring format game where their opponents change every hand and it is time not just to adapt, but thrive. To help other players come out ahead, we approached Team PokerStars...more

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Pius Heinz

WSOP November Niner Pius Heinz joins Team PokerStars Pro


He'll be one of the youngest players at next week's World Series of Poker Main Event final table, and the first German to make it that far. Now Pius Heinz, 22, has the full support of the PokerStars family; he has joined Team PokerStars Pro. Heinz, who studied business psychology...more

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Peter Eastgate

Peter Eastgate's return, in his own words


In the middle of 2010, Peter Eastgate announced he was leaving the game that made him a world champion. He left Team PokerStars Pro, stopped playing poker, and auctioned his WSOP Main Event bracelet for charity. Now, after several months on hiatus, Eastgate is ready to return to the game....more

2009 PCA: Peter Eastgate wins...again


by Alex Villegas With great power comes great responsibility. With the WSOP main event bracelet comes 9.1 million dollars and the title of ambassador of poker. Aside from fame, glory, parties and public relation events, the World Champion is expected to do one thing: play poker. Today Peter Eastgate proved...more

2008 World Series: Peter Eastgate


18,375,000 At just 22-years-old, Peter Eastgate is the youngest member of the November Nine and has his sights set firmly on the record books as well as the $9 million first prize. Eastgate is the second player from Denmark to make the final table of the World Series Main Event...more

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Max Lykov

Sunday Warm-Up: Team PokerStars Pro Maxim Lykov claims title and $110K


On the final night of the MicroMillions 4 tournament series so not-so-micro action took place involving some not-so-micro stakes players. The $1 million guarantee Main Event gathered 68,081 players paying $22 a pop to take a shot at a top prize of $167,541.13. In tonight's $500,000 guarantee Sunday Warm-Up Team...more

Moored in Moscow


2012 has been a trying year for me. As you know, back in April when I turned in my documents to apply for a U.S. visa to come out for the World Series of Poker, the U.S. embassy lost my passport. Not only was I forced to skip the WSOP,...more

Team Pro Max Lykov takes Sunday 500


So, you might have thought the presidential elections in Russia were going to keep the people of that country too busy to play good poker. That is, you might have thought wrong. For the second week in a row, Russians trounced the Sunday majors. Not only did they pound on...more

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Martin Staszko

Tips and tricks for Zoom poker


It's been just a couple of weeks since PokerStars removed the beta tag from Zoom - the fast-paced ring game where your opponents change every hand - and Zoom's popularity continues to grow. We asked Team PokerStars Pro Martin Staszko for a few of his Zoom tips. Here is what...more

WSOP runner-up Martin Staszko joins Team PokerStars Pro


Nearly two years ago I was blogging live from EPT Deauville, reporting yet another bust-out of a player who I had never heard of. To be fair, this particular player had performed well that week, falling in 11th place, just shy of the final table, for $49,547. This was Martin...more

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Marcin Horecki

Marcin Horecki on final tables and wizards


Marcin Horecki yesterday final tabled the record-breaking Eureka Main Event where he finished 8th for €30,500. As Horecki says below, you'd take it at the beginning of the event but being that close and missing out is always a little tough. Still, it does mean that he's freerolling a whole...more

EPT9 Grand Final: Marcin Horecki books a micro win


Team PokerStars Pro Marcin Horecki has twice won the MicroMillions Player of the Series, which is a pretty incredible feat, but trying his hand at more variants pays out at bigger events. This might only be a €220 buy-in for a €1,552 win but it's not often the EPT holds...more

Tales of a go-kart champion


In my opinion, one of the greatest innovations on the EPT in recent seasons has been the EPT Concierge. It's a service that helps players set up non-poker activities and excursion while they're at EPT events - things like restaurants, golfing, and other fun, local activities - often for discounted...more

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Marcel Luske

Marcel Luske books five wins in five months


Five titles in five months, no problem for Team PokerStars Pro Marcel Luske, also known as the "Flying Dutchman". In fact, Luske's last five cashes have all been wins in PokerStars events. Luske's good fortune began back in December 2012 when he topped a field of 130 players to win...more

EPT9 Berlin: Unstoppable Luske wins another trophy


Marcel Luske is a machine, an unstoppable poker machine. Just a few hours after James Hartigan and Joe Stapleton were congratulating him on the EPTLive webcast about his last side event win, Luske was back at it winning another EPT trophy. Sure, it's another small event but Luske's mantelpiece must...more

EPT9 Berlin: Marcel Luske wins again, pockets €32,000 in €1k PLO


The resurgent Marcel Luske is continuing his fine run of form with yet another EPT side event win, his third of the season. Add that onto a recent Sunday Warm-Up win and you've got to ask yourself what Luske has done to change his game. It's a question we're going...more

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Luca Pagano

Poker is not a crime


In my last blog, I wrote about my involvement in the business and media side of the Italian poker industry. This time, I want to talk about my broader role as an ambassador for the game. Even though the "boom" was several years ago now, there are still a lot...more

The business of poker, beyond the felt


Ciao from Italy. I'm writing after another successful tournament series in San Remo. This was the sixth time the EPT has come to San Remo, and almost 800 players participated in the main event won by Ludovic Lacay. One reason why I'm always keen to see things go well in...more

Luca Pagano takes IPT San Remo


He's one of the nicest guys in poker, one of its greatest businessmen, and now the winner of the San Remo stop of his native Italian Poker Tour. Today, Team PokerStars Pro Luca Pagano took down the event in San Remo for €210,000. Though Pagano has been a professional poker...more

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Liv Boeree

Learning from the best: Liv Boeree

Liv Boeree - chips.jpg

To win a million Euros in an EPT Main Event is the stuff that dreams are made of. Most of us poker players can only fantasize about this kind of payoff. But for the Million Dollar Girl, Liv Boeree, this is all in a day's work. Boeree masks years of...more

Boeree: "Incredible atmosphere" at PokerStars Women's Events

Liv Boeree - chips.jpg

It is easy for us to say that a PokerStars Women's Event at any of the European Poker Tour stops will be fun. We hear it from the players and the staff regarding past events. And those who win satellites and turn their small investment into a lucrative poker win...more

Help Cancer Research UK with Liv Boeree this weekend

Liv Boeree running 2.jpg

Team PokerStars Pro Liv Boeree is a special case. When she heard about the Race for Life to raise money for Cancer Research UK, she immediately dedicated herself to a training regimen as she wanted to run her Race for Life. She's not only inspired, but she's quite physically fit...more

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Lex Veldhuis

PokerStars Strategy: Negreanu, Nanonoko, Veldhuis, Hellmuth and Laak open up

negreanu_big game.jpg

Have you ever watched one of those big televised hands and wondered what was going through the player's head? We had, so on The Big Game we made sure to ask. It's all well and good watching Phil Laak pull some crazy move or seeing Daniel Negreanu try to chirrup...more

Lex Veldhuis: Staying active during the grind


Team PokerStars Pro Lex Veldhuis is known for his prowess at the poker tables but did you know he's also become quite the tennis player? We chatted with Veldhuis about his passion for tennis, including a potential prop bet with poker pro Brandon Adams. How has your tennis fit in...more

TCOOP: I'm in!


I was very excited when I heard about TCOOP. Turbos are some of my favorite tournaments to play. There is a lot of action and decision-making involved. They also don't take all day, which I find very pleasant. The cool thing about a turbo tournament series is also that you...more

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Leo Margets

Getting to know Leo Margets

Leo Margets with cat 3.jpg

With her recent addition to the PokerStars Team Pro roster, Leo Margets has become a recognizable and formidable force for women in the game. Her 27th place finish at the 2009 WSOP Main Event brought media notoriety and a cash of $352,832. Her first place finishes at the Full Tilt...more

Leo Margets joins Team PokerStars Pro


There is a scene in Lethal Weapon 2 that played over and over in our minds at the 2009 World Series of Poker. Throughout the week of the Main Event, we watched a young Spanish woman climb through the ranks of the field. Each time she made it to another...more

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Leo Fernandez

I'm a good poker player. Can I become a pro?


This blog post is for you: good players with good results on the Internet and occasional live tournaments or online tournaments where you have performed well. You have good results and you play better than the others. Is that enough to try to go further? Can you become a professional?...more

How I won LAPT Panama


I arrived in Panama with a lot of expectations. Every time I'm about to play a tournament on the Latin American Poker Tour, I have faith. Don't ask me why, but this time I felt something special. Something big was about to happen. The first day found me sharing a...more

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Jonathan Duhamel

This or That with Jonathan Duhamel


The 2013 World Series of Poker is rapidly winding down, but there are still a few events remaining for Team PokerStars Pros to make their mark. Chad Brown and Nacho Barbero are two players who've talked about their Vegas experiences with the PokerStars Blog, and now Jonathan Duhamel, the 2010...more

Hanging with the hockey legends


Canadians are mad for their hockey. On the final night of EPT Deauville when everyone was out partying there was a dedicated crew* of Canucks crowded round a solitary laptop streaming the Montreal-Toronto game. Even when their team went down 2-0 then 3-0 they kept cheering, vocally led by Team...more

Phil Ivey's failure to recognise Jonathan Duhamel: fail or level?


Jonathan Duhamel. You may have heard of him. You know, he won the World Series of Poker Main Event for $8,944,310 and is second to only Daniel Negreanu on the Canadian all-time money list with more than $11m in live tournament winnings. Phil Ivey. You've probably heard of him, too....more

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Johnny Lodden

Making the last eight of THAT EPT Grand Final


This blog was written before Johnny Lodden left to play the WSOP Main Event. The WSOP is front and center for most poker players at the moment, and I'm looking forward to getting to Las Vegas to play as well. But I'm also still thinking a lot about the European...more

EPT9 Monaco: Johnny Lodden thinks chip lead at close of Day 2


The second day of play in a main event is always about crossing the gap between the safe pastures of the start of day one, to that tricky time on Day 3 when the money comes into view. Today would only ever be about eliminations. Nobody can win on a...more

PokerStars Strategy: Learn with Lodden


Does anyone know what Johnny Lodden thinks? No, probably not but it doesn't stop plenty of players having a go at guessing what's going on in his head. The game even has an officiated mention on Wikipedia (see, 'Lodden thinks'). If you watch this first session of Johnny playing the...more

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Joe Hachem

EPT London: Joe Hachem: "There's nothing like winning"


As you have probably heard once or twice before, the Team PokerStars Pro Joe Hachem won the World Series Main Event in 2005, the first Australian to do so and the last player to win it at Binion's Horseshoe in downtown Las Vegas. As you possibly haven't heard, because it's...more

Let us Prey with Joe Hachem


We've all been there - you're involved in a key hand playing on PokerStars and someone tries to interrupt just at the wrong time. You get a little grumpy, right? That's exactly what happened to Joe Hachem during his time as a motel operator and some guests arrived to check...more

PokerStars to host Australian bushfire fundraiser


The people of Australia need help. Thousands of families have been displaced by the February wildfires that killed more than 200 people. The charities have been overwhelmed by the need. More than 7,500 people were left homeless by the bushfires. As you might expect, Team PokerStars Pro Joe Hachem is...more

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Joe Cada

A Defense of Joe Cada


When you win the World Series of Poker Main Event, you are immediately slapped with two lofty unspoken expectations. The first is that you will serve as an ambassador for the game, and the second is you'll somehow show the world you're not just a one-hit wonder. With that in...more

Joe Cada makes second final table of the World Series


Former World Champion Joe Cada has started this year's WSOP in blistering form. The Team PokerStars Pro has made two final tables, both of which he finished fourth in for a combined $245,210 score. The most recent deep run came last night in Event #17: $1,500 No-Limit Hold'em for $161,642,...more

Canada, finally


After a long break from online poker, I'm finally getting back to the tables. I recently went up to Canada to look at some places so I can set up a second residence and get back on PokerStars. I haven't played online since Black Friday, and I'm really excited to...more

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Jason Mercier

Grim beat robs Jason Mercier of bracelet challenge


Jason Mercier yesterday looked set for a final table finish in WSOP 2013 Event #44: $3,000 No-Limit Hold'em and a chance at a third World Series bracelet, but a grim 4.55% outdraw for the chip lead knocked the Team PokerStars Pro out in 16th for $21,773. Jason Mercier playing at...more

Greatest Poker Hand: Who is that kid named Mercier?


If you listen closely, you can almost still hear the echo of people saying, "Who is this kid?" In the days before EPT San Remo's Season 4 main event in five years ago, there weren't a great many people who knew the name Jason Mercier. "Mercier?" poker people were heard...more

EPT9 Monaco: Jason Mercier back to mashing methods, win Open-Face Chinese for €48,000


Jason Mercier has broken an uncharacteristic tournament dry spell by winning the €2,150 Open-Face Chinese poker event here at the PokerStars and Monte-Carlo®Casino European Poker Tour Grand Final. The Team PokerStars Pro registered late into the event, dropping in by helicopter at the last second to play. That technique seemed...more

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Ivan Demidov

Custom built


I haven't been traveling much the last few months. Normally I play every EPT and every Russian Poker Series event, in addition to the WSOP and the PCA. I play a lot of tournaments. But the Russian Poker Series went on hiatus recently for various reasons, and there are fewer...more

PokerStars 10th Anniversary: Starting small


I smile when remembering how I started my career on PokerStars in 2005... with a bankroll of $50. The lowest SnG's at the time were $5, so I started from there. After big win days I went on to play a 'lottery', i.e. some tournament to play through the night....more

2008 World Series: Ivan Demidov


24,400,000 chips Ivan Demidov is the form player coming into the final table, having used his break from the World Series to play in, well, the World Series. Demidov returned to Europe after his heroics in Las Vegas and made the final table of the World Series Europe Main Event...more

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PokerStars 10th Anniversary Review: Isildur1, out of the shadows


He had lit up the online poker world by seemingly coming from nowhere to play the nosebleed stakes cash games, enduring wild swings along the way by winning or losing in the biggest pots poker had seen. But what was also remarkable was that Isildur1 was an enigma. Quite simply,...more

SuperStar Showdown: Hail the Viktor, Blom bests "urnotindangr" for $61K over 5K hands


For the fourth straight week, PokerStars' resident heads-up warrior Viktor "Isildur1" Blom was back in action for another SuperStar Showdown, this time to continue his two-round match with the formidable Scott "urnotindangr" Palmer. And after another efficient session lasting just over four-and-a-half hours, Viktor was the victor yet again, besting...more

SuperStar Showdown: Round one goes to "urnotindangr" with a $5,245 win over Blom


Of all the opponents he's faced in the SuperStar Showdown thus far, Viktor Blom has probably logged the most hours at the tables with the man who took him on today, nosebleed-stakes fixture Scott "urnotindangr" Palmer. Although the 20 year-old may not be a household name yet, he regularly trades...more

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Isaac Haxton

PokerStars unveils Haxton's Happy Hours

NEIL0077_PCA2013_Isaac_Haxton_Neil Stoddart.jpg

I don't know where you're sitting right now, but from my seat, it's starting to feel a little bit like half-past Cocktail O'Clock. I'm getting the sense that somewhere there is a Happy Hour with my name on a barstool. For everybody else, PokerStars and Isaac Haxton are lining up...more

Isaac Haxton joins Team PokerStars Online


Introducing the poker world to Isaac Haxton is a bit like introducing Hollywood to Johnny Depp. Haxton is as much of a veteran of the online poker community as anybody in the modern age. He's among the most feared competitors in both the live and online realms. There isn't a...more

Guess the next member of Team PokerStars Online, win cash (Updated!)


The Team PokerStars Online family is about to grow, but--at least for right now--we're not going to tell you who's coming to dinner. It's up to you to guess, and if you do, you could win a little bankroll of your own. Here's how it works. If you can guess...more

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Humberto Brenes

EPT9 Monaco, Day 2: Just how old is Humberto Brenes?


Do you know how old Humberto Brenes is? What would you say?'s Sarah Grant caught up with some of the field to see what they thought. Word to the wise, don't bet on guestimate games with Team PokerStars Pro Chad Brown. By use of this code snippet, I agree...more

Sharks are always hungry


Even after the World Series of Poker, I'm hungry for more poker. After the WSOP, I used to stay in the United States for WPTs, but now I have a more familiar feeding ground: Latin America. Only ten years ago, it was almost impossible to find a game of No-Limit...more

WSOP 2012: Brenes continues cashing streak


Team PokerStars Pro Humberto Brenes is on a roll. Some people would call it a streak. He calls it a career. Last night Brenes put up his first cash of the 2012 World Series of Poker with a 35th place cash in the $1,500 Limit Hold'em event. Though it was...more

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George Danzer

A taste for wine


My new apartment in Salzburg has come together so well. My girlfriend and I have finally finished with the decorating and she is very happy with it. I just assembled the last piece of furniture, our couch. I've also managed to entirely replenish my wine refrigerator. We decided to empty...more

Homebrew heaven


Over the last month I've been playing the high-stakes mixed games on PokerStars. After many months of not finding anyone playing above $50/$100 in the 2-7 section, the action came back all of a sudden. Games at the $500/$1,000 and $1,000/$2,000 level are coming together regularly and I'm happy I...more

WCOOP 2012: Event 33 Day 1 forecasting Summer of George?


The northern hemisphere's summer has but a week left to shine, and one Team PokerStars Pro seems intent on making it the Summer of George. George Danzer has already won one WCOOP bracelet so far this year. He's cashed in six other events. He's currently fourth on the 2012 Player...more

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Eugene Katachalov

EPT9 Berlin: Eugene Katchalov on never giving up


Eugene Katchalov is pretty good at this poker tournament stuff so we've heard. A career live tournament of $7,356,556 should be a pretty good indication of that. Our video blog team tapped him up at the break to find out how the Team Pro stays focussed when stuck in the...more

Hiking down the poker road


When you're a poker pro, you wind up spending lots of time on the road. It's almost unavoidable, especially if you're constantly seeking out the best games and the best tournaments. Three or four years ago I was playing poker, but not the way I am now. Back then New...more

WCOOP 2012: Wishing you all second places!


WCOOP holds a special place in my heart. Besides being the most important online poker tournament series of the year, it is also where I have won a bracelet. Now, just like some of the live poker tournaments that I have won, I find myself chasing that same incredible feeling....more

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Along for the ride, on a bike and in life


The WCOOP ended not too long ago. Some of you might have heard about a WCOOP prop bet I made with fellow PokerStars Team Pro Eugene Katchalov, and I thought I'd give a report on how that went. Eugene and I really wanted to come up with some sort of...more

PCA 2013: The making of a rock star named ElkY


There is an argument to be made that Bertrand "ElkY" Grospellier was a rockstar long before 2008. That argument goes something like, "In the world of Starcraft, people looked at ElkY like he was Elvis." That may be so, but I will contend until my dying day that I saw...more

ElkY chasing his third WCOOP title


Team PokerStars Pro Elky is something else. It's yet to be determined what that something else actually is though. Cyborg? Superhero? Manga made flesh? He's known by one name*, has scored $10,078,385 in live tournament winnings, has won the Triple Crown (has EPT, WSOP and WPT titles) and possesses two...more

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David Williams

Talk about magic...

david _williams_blog_post2.jpg

I wanted to give an update -- about me, but also about my daughter, Liliana, who is now about 20 months old. It's kind of challenging to write about, actually, because to be honest it is hard to put into words just how amazing it is to have Lili. Ever...more

WCOOP 2010: David Williams, ElkY among final 64 in Event #12, $215 Heads-up NLHE


Almost exactly one year ago, it took Eugene "MyRabbiFoo" Katchalov nearly 24 straight hours of poker to capture the WCOOP heads-up title. Katchalov won 11 consecutive matches during this feat of endurance and should probably have received a medal, a stiff drink, and a new puppy along with his his...more

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Darus Suharto

2008 World Series: Darus Suharto interview


It only cost him $80. Darus Suharto qualified on PokerStars for the World Series Main Event. His $80 win got him into a bigger qualifier and there he won his prize package to Las Vegas. Now, Suharto is one of the November Nine, the final table players of the 2008...more

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Dario Minieri

2008 World Series: Sweating vultures


The first couple of days of the $50,000 HORSE event were played out in some of the most spacious conditions ever seen at the World Series. Recognising the fact that players coughing up $50,000 for a single tournament deserve, and have paid for, their space, the 148 connoisseurs who anted...more

2008 World Series: Dario Minieri snags first bracelet


ESPN 360 commentator Nick Geber called him the "baby-faced assassin." PokerStars blogger Howard Swains dubbed him "Super Dario." Noted poker writer Paul McGuire called him "Scarf Boy." Now, Dario Minieri has a new title: World Series bracelet winner. Tonight, Team PokerStars Pro Dario Minieri won the $2,500 No-Limit Hold'em Six-Handed...more

Dario Minieri gets his Porsche


You might remember a post last year about Dario Minieri using his PokerStars Frequent Player Points to buy a new car. If you missed or it slipped your mind, here's the skinny.At the time, I wrote in "Dario Minieri Gets a New Ride":Less than a year after PokerStars introduced its...more

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Daniel Negreanu

The Bonus Cut: Daniel Negreanu explains...


Daniel Negreanu recently won the WSOP Player of the Year title in style after winning the WSOPE Main Event for €725,000. That win brought his live poker tournament winnings to an incredible $19,549,210. The guy knows how to play poker and if you want to understand how to think about...more

Daniel Negreanu wins 6th bracelet, WSOP Player of the Year


Hear ye, hear ye, near and far. Let it be declared that it is now official. October 24th is hereby Daniel Negreanu Day across the world. Around eight hours ago, he clinched the WSOP Player of the Year award for the second time. And now? The man known as Kid...more

Daniel Negreanu wins the WSOP Player of the Year race!


Team PokerStars Pro Daniel Negreanu today won the World Series of Poker Player of the Year title becoming the first person to win the accolade twice. Negreanu started the day behind Matt Ashton on the POY leader board but had calculated that a top eight finish would see him clear...more

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Dag Palovic

Poker in Pravets, Fifty Shades, and grinding the micros


I just returned home from Bulgaria where I won the Main Event at the Pravets Poker Masters. The tournament drew mostly French, Swiss, and Bulgarian players and was held at a beautiful spa and golf resort. I loved the property and enjoyed the spa nearly every day. The Main Event...more

The live poker pro taking on the online poker world


I am happy that WCOOP is coming. It's going be the largest series of online tournaments worldwide and there will be 62 chances to win the title. And 30,000,000USD guaranteed - which is a great figure! For me it is my first WCOOP where I'm going to play more events...more

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Christian de León

Why I skipped the Main Event


Those juicy cash games I was enjoying so much this spring unfortunately dried up. After a few more weeks of great action, a lot of the players moved on to Las Vegas for the World Series of Poker. I traveled there myself in the middle of June to play a...more

Too juicy to leave


The cash games in Mexico City have never been better and I've been putting in some crazy hours at the tables. Some sessions I've played for 14, 17, even 20 hours at a time. I'm exhausted, but these games are too juicy to miss. I still play online on Sundays,...more

Legal in Mexico


I got pretty sick and missed a lot of this year's World Series of Poker. Normally, this would upset a lot of player, but it really didn't bother me that much. I've been part of the most important poker scene in Latin America. Just recently, Mexico City legalized live poker....more

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Chris Moneymaker

Ten years later: How Chris Moneymaker changed my life


On May 23, 2003, I was a television news reporter. I played online poker on the side. I'd already fallen in love with the movie Rounders. I played local home games regularly. I'd been to Vegas the year before and cut my teeth at the Bellagio. Two weeks earlier, a...more

Chris Moneymaker a decade later


It's hard to believe that it has been ten years since Chris Moneymaker helped spark the poker boom by winning the 2003 World Series of Poker Main Event. The then 27-year-old baby-faced accountant from Tennessee sported a pair of Oakley Straightjackets sunglasses on his way to a $2.5-million payday and...more

Ten years of the Moneymaker Boom


I expect 2013 to be a busy year for me in a lot of ways, and I'm really looking forward to it. Of course, when I look forward to the new year one thought immediately springs to mind. Has it really been ten years? It's kind of crazy to think...more

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Chad Brown

This or That with Team PokerStars Pro Chad Brown (WSOP Edition)


Team PokerStars' Chad Brown, who plays on PokerStars under 'ChadBrownPRO', has a monkey on his back--despite having more than $3 million in lifetime tournament winnings, he's never won a World Series of Poker bracelet. That's something he hopes to change this summer in Las Vegas during the 2013 WSOP. Brown...more

About that time I got murdered on the way to making love


I've been a professional poker player for a while now, but as many know I pursued a couple of other passions before this one -- baseball and acting. In fact, at one point early on I had to make a choice between the two, and ended up forgoing a minor...more

Strategy tip: Playing live tourneys


When playing in a live tourney that has a good structure, this would be a strategy that I would apply: assuming that there are many amateurs in the field, I really like to play small ball. The reason for this is that I will be able to be in many...more

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Celina Lin

Celina Lin on marriage and Macau

Celina Lin - friends.jpg

Team PokerStars Pro Celina Lin has been making a name for herself on the Asian poker scene since 2004, after being introduced to the game for the first time at a local casino. Exuberant after her good showing there, Celina went on to online play where she built a bankroll...more

Celina Lin: Ambassador, Wife, Always-Focused Poker Player

Celina Lin 2-time champ.jpg

There was something a little different about Celina Lin as she took her seat at this year's Aussie Millions. Returning to the Crown Casino felt that kick-started her original passion for the game, Lin looked more focused than ever. Perhaps it was her newly-wed glow. Maybe it was being back...more

Top Three with Celina Lin


Team PokerStars Pro Celina Lin is such a regular in Macau that she now considers it her home. She started frequenting PokerStars Macau events in 2007 and has enjoyed a string of impressive results ever since. "I've been doing well there particularly in the Macau Poker Cup series which runs...more

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Bryan Huang

What happens in Macau... goes on the Blog!


The Asia Championship of Poker (ACOP) 2013 happened at the end of October and everyone I knew left the PokerStars Live Macau poker room at the City of Dreams Macau full of praise for the schedule, structure and the way the events were ran. The ACOP provided a full schedule...more

Shifting priorities


Before I got married, I had been living in Macau for about three and a half years. Since then, I am close to buying an apartment in Singapore & Hong Kong for my family. My days shuttling between Macau and the rest of the world are in the past. You...more

Our new home on the Cotai Strip: Pokerstars Macau


Pokerstars Macau recently announced its move to the newly renovated and revamped Grand Waldo Entertainment Complex. This place has its sweet memories for me, as I had finished third in the APPT Macau in 2008 which was my biggest live tournament success at the time. Returning there now provides a...more

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Boris Becker

Five years at the felt with Boris Becker


This November marks the fifth Anniversary of Boris Becker joining Team PokerStars SportStar. The tennis legend has brought the same intensity and will to win to the table that he had on the court, if not the same level of results (yet). Becker's live tournament winnings currently stand at an...more

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Barry Greenstein

Traveling for the best games


One of the things that I haven't done recently as much as I should have is travel to play in good games. When I was younger and single, if there was a good poker situation I found out where it was and went there, because I was free to travel....more

WSOP 2012: Year of the Nice Guy?


It was almost official. This was almost Year of the Nice Guy at the World Series of Poker. Last night in the $2,500 Razz event, Team PokerStars Pro Barry Greenstein was just a few places away from winning his fourth gold bracelet. It would've been his second Razz title. Moreover,...more

Outplayed by a chess master, beat up by Ramdin, and still running well


I spent the last month playing poker pretty close to where I live in the Los Angeles area. First there was the month-long tournament at the Commerce and I can't remember doing much of anything in the tournaments. I played the Chinese Poker Tournament and came in third out of...more

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Angel Guillen

The long and winding road


I'm writing this just after returning from LAPT Panama. In fact, I've been traveling a lot lately, including a trip to EPT Barcelona as well as another to a PokerStars gathering in Costa Rica where there was a staff tournament, a freeroll for all of the employees. I actually ended...more

Traveling and love


At the beginning of this year I decided I was going to travel more to play live tournaments, I´m really aiming to add some titles and big wins to my poker career. I've had some nice results along the way including a runner-up at LAPT Punta del Este back in...more

Planning my EPT Barcelona trip


The ninth season of the European Poker Tour is kicking off in Barcelona, and I'm really excited about it because is probably within the top five of my favorite cities in the world. The first place anyone must visit is La Rambla. This is my favorite street because there is...more

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Andre Akkari

Hail Corinthians!


With all the traveling that I do for poker, I don't usually get to take non-poker trips. But I've spent lots of time recently planning for a non-poker trip. My club soccer team, Corinthians, won the 2012 Copa Libertadores for the first time ever last July. They advanced to the...more

Preparing yourself for Brazil's Carnival!

Andre Akkari__2012 PCA_10K Main Event_Day 1B_Joe Giron_GIR5805.jpg

The LAPT and BPT Grand Finals will soon be upon us and this time we don't just have a poker main event tournament lined-up, but a big poker festival taking place during one of world most exciting festivities, the Carnival in Brazil! Whether you've earned your spot to the LAPT...more

WSOP 2011: Andre Akkari wins first gold bracelet, $675,117


I have missed few things that I really wanted to see during my career in poker. I've been fortunate enough to be around for most of the great moments, and those that I've missed have been unavoidable. Tonight, I'm suffering with a giant smile. I couldn't be in Las Vegas...more

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Ana Marquez

Cannes, San Remo, Madrid, and Malaga


My last few months have been so busy I've hardly had time to stop and take a breath. After playing WCOOPs every day for a month straight, I packed up and went straight to Cannes for the World Series of Poker-Europe with my boyfriend, Bryn Kenney. I ended up doing...more

Making the top ten with Ana Marquez


The air in the Amazon ballroom became noticeably thinner in January of 2011 as Ana Marquez continued her march toward the final table of the PCA Main Event. Onlookers at the Atlantis were holding their breath to see if she would be the first woman to make the final table....more

Winning the MicroMillions


The MicroMillions on PokerStars is a great new idea for any kind of poker player! It gives everyone a chance to play in a big tournament, and to experience a deep run in a major tournament is very fun, which is why it is great that they run so many...more

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Alex Kravchenko

My summer secret weapon


Another summer for me meant another summer in Vegas at the WSOP. I hate trading the nice summertime in Europe for the desert heat. I would far prefer that the WSOP would be in some other time of year. Even in May (like it was originally) would be better than...more

My private Baden


In late October I traveled to Baden, Austria for the 2012 Poker EM series. This year marked my 9th year in a row traveling to this fantastic spa town near Vienna. To be honest, I've never understood why this event isn't more popular. Baden is located about 25km south of...more

Get ready for SCOOP!


If you've been looking forward to another series of PokerStars SCOOP - the Spring Championship of Online Poker - then the good news is we've now got the schedule. As usual the list of SCOOP tournaments covers all the main poker formats, with small, medium and large buy-ins for each...more

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