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barry_greenstein_pokerstarsblog_post.jpg Barry Greenstein, on the move for the best games

Traveling for the best games

One of the things that I haven't done recently as much as I should have is travel to play in good games. When I was younger and single, if there was a good poker situation I found out where it was and went there, because I was free to travel. I just hopped on a plane, had some contacts, and got in the game. The last few years I've played primarily in LA and Vegas. As a result I missed the boat on some good games in other places. What...more

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WSOP 2012: Year of the Nice Guy?


It was almost official. This was almost Year of the Nice Guy at the World Series of Poker. Last night in the $2,500 Razz event, Team PokerStars Pro Barry Greenstein was just a few places away from winning his fourth gold bracelet. It would've been his second Razz title. Moreover,...more

Outplayed by a chess master, beat up by Ramdin, and still running well


I spent the last month playing poker pretty close to where I live in the Los Angeles area. First there was the month-long tournament at the Commerce and I can't remember doing much of anything in the tournaments. I played the Chinese Poker Tournament and came in third out of...more

My Year in Tournaments (Summer) by Barry Greenstiein


Barry Greenstein is giving us a monthly peek into his books and being honest about how his tournament year is going.For more check out: January, February, and March. by Barry Greenstein Events 18-41: The WSOP 2010 Buy-ins: $186,000 Airfare: 400 Room and Board: $9,000 Cashout: $51,000 2010 Cumulative Profit -$422,400...more

My Year in Tournaments (March) by Barry Greenstein


Barry Greenstein is giving us a monthly peek into his books and being honest about how his tournament year is going.For more check out: January and February by Barry Greenstein I won my first two matches (against Vanessa Rousso and Sammy Farha) in the NBC heads up. Most of the...more

My Year in Tournaments (February) by Barry Greenstein


Barry Greenstein is giving us a monthly peek into his books and being honest about how his tournament year is going. Read: January's update. by Barry Greenstein There were no airfare or hotel room costs for me in LA since I live there. I wasted good starts in the NAPT...more

My Year in Tournaments (January) by Barry Greenstein


I have a really nice job. It's part of my job to wear a PokerStars patch whenever I play in a live tournament. To give you an idea of how many events PokerStars is sponsoring, I heard that they are planning to introduce their tenth poker tour, the JPT, on...more

WSOP Main Event: Heads up to a champion, Joe Cada

2009 WSOP Main Event Heads Up_IE2_3096-IMPDI_web.jpg

This hour began shortly after a 20-minute break, and Darvin Moon seemed by far the more refreshed. He was the aggressor in all of the early pots and took most of them down, regularly making reraises of about five million, which was consistently too rich for Cada. The Team...more

Team PokerStars Pros up for Poker Hall of Fame


The poker world is set to bestow one of its highest honors to a veteran of the game, and three members of Team PokerStars Pro have been nominated for the spot. Members of the Poker Hall of Fame voting committee are preparing to decide which of the nine nominees should...more

2008 World Series: A silent masterclass

How do you define a top poker pro? What are the skills you need? Of course, most commentators will differ on the nitty gritty, happily spending hours discussing the multiple facets of the all-round player, placing their emphasis on the various skills in the multiple variations, adjusting their opinions based...more

2008 World Series: Dropping down with Barry Greenstein

Just a few hours ago, Barry Greenstein was sitting at one of the most elite poker tables in the world, and certainly the most important of the day. Piles of money sat just feet away. As the tournament director read Greenstein's resume over the PA system, the crowd erupted in...more

2008 World Series: A chat with Barry Greenstein

When most people win a World Series bracelet, the post-game schedule is pretty clear. It starts with photos and interviews, continues to a bar, and then ends with a great night's sleep. Team PokerStars Pro Barry Greenstein is not most people. It's not been twelve hours since Greenstein won his...more

2008 World Series: Barry Greenstein wins Razz bracelet

Team PokerStars Pro Barry Greenstein has once again proven he can make the worst hand with the best of them. It's only been a few days since Greenstein took third place in the 2008 No-Limit 2-7 Draw event. Tonight, he didn't settle for third or even second. He proved he...more

Vectile masters the Barry Greenstein Masterclass


It's quite a proposition for any player with 60,000 Frequent Player Points to spend them all on a single table HORSE tournament. It's something else entirely to do it at the table with one of the best poker players in the world. As PokerStars player vectile sat down for the...more

Watch Barry Greenstein's Masterclass today

Team PokerStars Pro Barry Greenstein is known worldwide as one of the best all-around players in poker. Pick a game from hold'em to stud, Greenstein can play it and play it better than just about anybody you know. Greenstein is more than just a player. He can teach as well....more

Barry Greenstein wins Stars of Poker

It was an event at which money could not buy a seat for just anybody. Invitation-only was the phrase of the day. No doubt, anybody here would've taken a seat in a shot. The prize pool for the single table tournament was a whopping $100,000. First place would get half...more

Barry Greenstein joins Team PokerStars

There are many ways to define a poker champion. You can look at the number of tournaments he has won. You can look at the amount of money he has earned in his career. You can look at the number of World Series of Poker bracelets he has to his...more

BREAKING NEWS: Barry Greenstein hits PokerStars Radio

The Robin Hood of poker is at it again. Poker pro Barry Greenstein will host PokerStars Radio tonight for the final table of WCOOP Event #7. Click here to listen when the tournament gets down to the final table.As it happens, Greenstein is actually playing in Event #7 today under...more