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Learning from the Best: Vanessa Rousso

In my quest to become a better poker player, I have been studying female Team PokerStars Pros and their playing styles to see what I can learn from them. Recently, Vanessa Rousso has captured my interest; with success in so many areas of her life, I think there is a lot to learn from her. Rousso is quirky and fun, not to mention a talented poker player. I also admire her for her work in the women's poker community, running and teaching boot camps specifically catered to women poker players....more

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Knowing when to play that hand with PSO

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Your favorite hand is J-10 and you love to play it every time it comes your way, but you end up folding it more often than you would like after a big raise. (I always tell people my favorite hand is A-A, and they shake their head and call me...more

Women's Sunday win in the bag for Bags&Shoes

WS FT 08.18.13.JPG

It's the middle of August, which means the online poker world of PokerStars is heating up with opportunities galore. With the new European Poker Tour season on the horizon, women have special opportunities to qualify PokerStars Women Live prize packages for Women's Events all over Europe. Win a seat for...more

Face-to-face poker versus playing online

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It's 10:30 p.m. the night before a deadline, and I am still staring at a blank page. Why is this, you may ask? Not very professional, you may think. But I am afraid to say that I have recently become hooked on playing online poker. I got into poker by...more

Vanessa Selbst: "It's all about winning" in 2013 WCOOP

Let's just acknowledge that Vanessa Selbst is a good poker player. I doubt anyone would disagree with this statement. Her live tournament poker results are impressive, to say the least. She has nearly $7.4 million in lifetime earnings, for a career that began with her first cash in mid-2006. Those...more

Boeree: "Incredible atmosphere" at PokerStars Women's Events

It is easy for us to say that a PokerStars Women's Event at any of the European Poker Tour stops will be fun. We hear it from the players and the staff regarding past events. And those who win satellites and turn their small investment into a lucrative poker win...more

Managing motherhood and poker passion

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Here's an understatement: Online poker is convenient. Everyone who plays on PokerStars knows that the options are endless for players: tournaments and cash games available at all times of the day or night, games for every bankroll level (including free play and freerolls), and tips/advice accessible when a player is...more

Planning for the EPT season with Fatima

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When it comes to making plans for the upcoming EPT season, we knew that PokerStars SportStar Fatima Moreira De Melo would have the answers. Fatima has already racked up major wins in the competitive sports world of field hockey, where she won Olympic gold and bronze medals. Her recent endeavors...more

Listening and learning lessons from the ladies

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On the break at a small ladies tournament at an unnamed casino, I put on my "please don't talk to me" short-stack face and devoured many varieties of macaroons while eavesdropping on my fellow competitors. "The people in this tournament," a woman in her 20s in ripped jeans said, "have...more

The Sundae Million - Ice cream style

Sundae Million.jpg

As it's the holiday season, I decided to invent a poker recipe for sunny days. Here's how to make a Pokerstars Ice Cream Sundae Million: PokerStars Sundae Million Ingredients Ice cream of various flavours, perhaps chocolate, strawberry and vanilla Jelly (optional) Fruit Whipped cream Wafer biscuits Sprinkles and sweets 125g...more

First win for evjersen in first Women's Sunday of August

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For quite a while, we've been telling you how easy it is to play your favorite poker games on PokerStars Mobile. There have been a number of promotions running during "Poker Anywhere" that awarded cash and prizes. PokerStars Women had our own competition in the form of the PS Women...more

Making Progress: Casual poker interest reaches new heights

Ann-Marie - League 1.jpg

Recently, I have being blogging about our Women's Poker League I set up after falling in love with Texas Hold'em poker. The purpose was to get more women interested in poker and dispel the myth that it's a man's game. That first night of my Women's Poker League, I planted...more

Women of the World: Honesty and resilience key to Hillary Clinton's success

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Editor's Note: PokerStars Women provides an arena that allows women to comfortably enter the world of poker, a game traditionally dominated and influenced by men. Through the last few decades, women have become a force in the game, but it hasn't always been easy. This series - "Women of the...more

Mobile Mystery competition: Nothing scary, just fun and free!

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Many poker players are familiar with the members of Team PokerStars Pro. They see their photos on blog posts, social media mentions, and live at various tournaments. So we have a true test for Team Pro fans. The only hint we'll give is that this is probably a female Team...more

Peponaki81 of Greece wins last Women's Sunday in July

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What an exciting weekend! The MicroMillions 5 Main Event was on tap today. For only $22 players could get in on the $1 million guarantee, and there were a total of 59,213 players who actually registered! That created a $1,184,260 prize pool. Simply incredible. Meanwhile, the PokerStars Mobile competitions are...more

Hard work and good luck a winning hand for Linda Johnson

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Linda Johnson leads the kind of life that many of us involved in the poker world can only dream of. Not only is she the proud owner of a World Series of Poker bracelet ($1,500 Seven-Card Razz in 1997), she is also a member of both the Poker Hall of...more

Win a Women's Event prize package, choose your city!

Irina - EPT 2013 Monte Carlo Ladies Winner.jpeg

Players talk, and PokerStars Women Live listens. The women of PokerStars wanted more options when it came to playing women's events around the world. With so many exciting stops on the European Poker Tour each year, women wanted the opportunity to play the live tournaments in the city of their...more

How Dana Castaneda and Loni Harwood made poker history in Las Vegas

Dana Castaneda - WSOP 1.jpg

In most live poker tournaments with open registration, women tend to make up between three to five percent of the fields on average. Math is hard, but the odds on one of them winning those events are slim. So when a woman plows through a tough tournament field and ends...more

Kristen Bicknell: From Supernova Elite to WSOP Ladies Event champion

Kristen Bicknell - WSOP win.jpg

Most online poker players know her as krissyb24 on PokerStars. She is no stranger to the tables there, as she has more than a few years of experience and several years in a row of achieving Supernova Elite status. Kristen Bicknell is a professional poker player. Some call her a...more

Second Women's Sunday title for Cosita Rica, fifth place for talonchick

WS FT 07.21.13.JPG

The tables at PokerStars were very busy this weekend, especially with MicroMillions 5 in full swing. Action started on July 18 and continues through July 28 with a total of 100 tournaments, all with micro buy-ins. If you're playing, let us know how you're doing on Twitter and Facebook! Even...more

Confessions of an Open Face nit : OFCP at the WSOP

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A beautiful Russian, all blonde curls and icy stare, is going to fantasy land for the third time in an hour. The other Russian at the table, normally cheery, is despondent, while the young tournament grinder is hysterical. He was playing well earlier, but now he's shouting nonsense as he...more