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Learning from the Best: Vanessa Rousso

In my quest to become a better poker player, I have been studying female Team PokerStars Pros and their playing styles to see what I can learn from them. Recently, Vanessa Rousso has captured my interest; with success in so many areas of her life, I think there is a lot to learn from her. Rousso is quirky and fun, not to mention a talented poker player. I also admire her for her work in the women's poker community, running and teaching boot camps specifically catered to women poker players....more

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Quantic0 conquers September 22 Women's Sunday

WS FT 09.22.13.JPG

At PokerStars Women, we tend to focus our attention on the Women's Sunday every weekend because of the exciting action in the $55 buy-in event. And it certainly deserves our eyes on the Internet poker screens. Other events did as well. The 2013 WCOOP was in its third weekend of...more

Women of the World: Diana Nyad inspires women to "never ever give up"

Diana Nyad 1.jpg

Try to imagine 53 hours with no sleep. If you're like me, it's quite a challenge because I've never gone much beyond the 24-hour mark. I remember a few all-nighters during college when I barely managed to get through my morning classes before going back to my room to crash...more

PokerStars Women Quiz - We have a winner!


Over 1,000 women entered the PokerStars Women quiz; the competition was offered via PokerStars Women's Facebook page and challenged players to answer five poker questions for a score based on accuracy and speedy answering. The 100 highest scores were placed in a giant hat (or computer equivalent), and a random...more

Pretty ladies, ugly cards at EPT Barcelona Women's Event

Camille Van Brabander - EPT Barcelona.jpg

My second time at an EPT event in Barcelona was a lot of fun. I played the €300+€30 Women's Event. I was a bit stressed at the beginning, but of course, I had my big sister, Charlotte Van Brabander, to look after me. She played, too, but registered later because...more

The curse of the bubble

Sad Bubble.jpg

In every poker player's career, there comes that inevitable moment when they bubble. On the final table of any tournament, the fear of bubbling haunts players with all the venom of a gypsy curse. It literally separates the winners from the losers and can be career-changing. Recently, I fell victim...more

Psycho1407 wins crazy September 15 Women's Sunday

WS FT 09.15.13.JPG

The tables on PokerStars this Sunday were packed. It was the most crowded poker room on the planet, but luckily, everyone got a seat. The 2013 World Championship of Online Poker (WCOOP) was in full swing with events galore and millions of dollars up for grabs. Of course, the women...more

Katie's Anatomy of a Sunday Grind: September 8

Katie Dozier - Septemeber8results.png

Soon after blogging about maintaining balance in life while playing poker for a living, the scales tipped in an unfavorable direction for me. The Internet issues I've written about in this column before came back with a vengeance one Thursday in August, during which disconnections cost me about $1.5K in...more

Hana Soljan talks EPT Barcelona victory and sponsorship

Hana Soljan - EPT Barcelona.jpg

There are many things about life that make 28-year-old Hana Soljan smile. From the memories of her father's love of card games and chess to the online poker site patch that she now wears, she glows when talking about poker. Many poker fans will recognize this photo from the recent...more

Vanessa Rousso gives as well as she gets

Vanessa Rousso - WPT win.jpg

There are poker players who play all the big events, and dazzle photographers and fans with their million dollar smiles and their million dollar paychecks to match. There are other players who focus on earning money for charities and do their part in helping change the world for the better....more

Vanessa Selbst performs ultimate double-range merge

Selbst wedding - light.jpg

It's not easy to find the right poker metaphor for what Team PokerStars Pro Vanessa Selbst did last month, but double-range merge seems to work. She got married! Vanessa Selbst met Miranda in December of 2009. "I was in my second year of law school at Yale," recalled Vanessa, "and...more

We are watching the women of WCOOP!

2013 WCOOP Event 1 FT.jpg

Don't call us the NSA, but we are watching you. We're tracking the women of PokerStars, waiting patiently to see who will become the Woman of the Series during the 2013 World Championship of Online Poker. The action started on Sunday, September 8, with three events. And the numbers for...more

PS Women: Rose Genest on friendships, travel, and poker

Rose Genest with Rousso.jpg

Rose Genest's (screen name rcgs59) love affair with poker began 37 years ago when she watched from the sidelines as "a bunch of old men" played poker in her aunt's bar in Niagara Falls. The game of choice for that group was Stud, so she watched and learned, and when...more

Play the EPT London Women's Event? There's an app for that.

EPT London.jpg

The European Poker Tour is still raging on in Barcelona, and the next stop is London. Players will begin to descend on the poker festival on October 2, with the special £300 + £30 NLHE Women's Event scheduled for Saturday, October 5. You need to know this because you could...more

From novice to final table in six months

Ann-Marie - table 2.jpg

When I first began to play poker, it was with a whole other agenda in mind. But over the last six months, my interest in poker has developed from a passing curiosity into a borderline obsession. Recently, I have been exploring various ways of playing, but I find that I...more

AAnyaLucKK combines skill and luck for Women's Sunday victory

WS FT 09.01.13.JPG

The first day of September brings much excitement, especially with the 2013 World Championship of Online Poker just around the corner. By this time next weekend, WCOOP players will be involved in big pots and looking at massive prize pools. There is $40 million guaranteed over the course of the...more

Mixing health and fitness with online poker

Playing online poker can be a grind. It's often difficult for players to find time to eat healthy or exercise when sitting in front of a computer. Five-minute breaks in tournaments don't allow much time for cooking healthy meals, and multi-tabling at the gym can be quite a challenge. It...more

Planning for WCOOP with drkamikaze1

Kami Chisholm 2.jpg

A first place finish at the PokerStars Caribbean Adventure in January of 2010 in the Limit Hold'em 6-Handed event started the year off right for Kami Chisholm when she cashed for $10,080. Another first in June of the same year at the Venetian Deep Stack Extravaganza in the HORSE event...more

Vanessa Selbst takes her fitness routine on the road

Vanessa Selbst - stacking chips.jpg

No matter where in the world Vanessa Selbst travels for poker tournaments, she seems to find a place to exercise. In particular, she finds basketball or tennis courts and tries to get in a few games during her stay. She's not the only one. Many poker players decide to join...more

On the move with talonchick for WCOOP

Adrienne Rowsome sickest setup.jpg

Adrienne Rowsome, or "talonchick" as she's known online, is a pro at juggling lots of tournaments at one time as a member of Team PokerStars Online. Adrienne is an Omaha specialist, who was grinding out wins at local casinos years before it became popular online, so she seemed like the...more

PokerStars Women, step your way to 2013 WCOOP

PCA photo.jpg

Unless you've been away from the Internet for a month or two, you probably know that the 2013 World Championship of Online Poker is about two weeks away. WCOOP is the largest online poker tournament series in the world, and players are trying their best to win their seats in...more