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Learning from the Best: Vanessa Rousso

In my quest to become a better poker player, I have been studying female Team PokerStars Pros and their playing styles to see what I can learn from them. Recently, Vanessa Rousso has captured my interest; with success in so many areas of her life, I think there is a lot to learn from her. Rousso is quirky and fun, not to mention a talented poker player. I also admire her for her work in the women's poker community, running and teaching boot camps specifically catered to women poker players....more

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Great holiday gifts for your favorite poker player

Vanessa Rousso - blue glasses.jpg

Holiday festivals at this time of year are as varied as the countries and cultures that celebrate them. In some cultures, it's all about traditional foods and rituals; in others, the focus of the celebration is totally on the sacraments of religion. In the United States, celebrations often resemble one...more

Spice chili scores delicious win in December 15 Women's Sunday

With the holidays in full swing, there's no better time than to log on to PokerStars and take part in the amazing December in effect. The December Festival has so much to offer players, many of whom took part in the special Sunday Storm today that offered a $1 million...more

Think back 10 years with Vanessa Selbst

Vanessa Selbst PCA 3.jpg

The tenth season of the European Poker Tour is underway as the EPT Prague begins in the Czech Republic. Poker players from around the world gather for the festival of tournaments, and we couldn't help but think of the EPT 10 celebration. This video helped: Ten years ago, PokerStars Women...more

Before they wore the PokerStars Red Spade...

Kids - Pro G.jpg

Long, long ago, there was a time when members of Team PokerStars were not even aware of poker. They didn't know how to hold their cards or rank hands, much less play a high/low split game. It's hard to believe but true. However, this was a time before PokerStars existed....more

Gracastle garners Women's Sunday win

WS FT 12.08.13.JPG

It's the second Sunday in December, and there are only a few more chances to win your way to the 2014 PokerStars Caribbean Adventure! There are multiple chances to get in every week through satellites, and the $215 Weekly Final still has a few more $3,300 PS Women Live prize...more

Jealousy in poker: An honest look at the green monster

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Jealousy used to be my least favorite emotion because of its vicious circularity. I'd feel bad because I want something a friend has and then I felt extra bad that I felt that way in the first place. I've always been way more jealous about achievements than personal relationships. When...more

Getting the royal flush at the PCA

Atlantis approach.jpg

Since my first visit to the PCA as a player in the Main Event, I've been lucky enough to attend three more times--once more as a player in the Ladies Event and twice as a blogger. Even though all four trips have been exciting, I have to say that being...more

Fatima de Melo: Second place at UKIPT was a winner

Fatima de Melo - UKIPT final.jpg

"In poker, you can still win while losing," Fatima told us after her second place finish at the UKIPT Isle of Man Main Event. "All in all, I felt like a winner, just not THE winner." That, ladies and gentlemen, is the sentiment of a person who is a winning...more

Giving thanks for poker, wine, and you

Rafa Nadal home game.jpg

Since Thanksgiving will be celebrated next Thursday here in the United States, I've been considering some of the many things I'm thankful for. It's a rather good idea I think to stop and count our blessings near the end of every year, and Thanksgiving is an official holiday designed to...more

UKIPT report: When good hands go bad

Ann-Marie - UKIPT.jpg

Being a local girl living a stone's throw from the venue hosting the first ever PokerStars Isle of Man UKIPT and harbouring a newly discovered passion for Texas Hold'em, I was, to say the least, excited! As I also have aspirations of entering the 2014 Barcelona EPT Main Event, deciding...more

PS Women offers Sunday satellite surprises for PCA


November 24 is the date. Set your calendars on your computers and mobile devices, or write it on a paper calendar if you have one of those. There are multiple chances to win free PCA satellite tickets, and that's not something you'll want to miss! We've mentioned the PCA a...more

Glorious Win for glorydiamond in November 17 Women's Sunday

WS FT 11.17.13.JPG

It was certainly a busy Sunday on PokerStars. In addition to the massive numbers of tournaments running as usual, the MicroMillions 6 series was underway with various micro-limit buy-in options for players. The PS Women Live satellites for the Women's Event at the upcoming 2014 PokerStars Caribbean Adventure were also...more

Anatomy of a Hot Win

Katie Dozier - Hot55 win.jpg

As I scrolled through the PokerStars lobby last Saturday, I picked out all the MTTs I would play in addition to my couple hundred MTT SNGs. A sexy red tournament I don't normally play caught my attention: The Hot $55. As I hovered over the registration button, I remembered the...more

Dianasvensk: Fashion designer to poker pro

Diana Svensk - playing poker.jpg

The Swedish fashion designer Diana "dianasvensk" Svensk, 25, is one of the regulars in the Women's Sunday tournaments. Even though she's only been playing poker for a little bit over a year, she's already managed to qualify for Ladies Events live, among them EPT Barcelona. She finished 65th in the...more

Better Body for Better Poker: Set SMART goals!

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It's often been said that poker players should set goals in order to better their play, reach milestones, and climb to the next level. The same goes for fitness. And the two are inextricably intertwined. In order to play your best poker game and achieve maximum focus, endurance, and motivation,...more

MicroMillions 6 offers mega poker opportunities

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It can be easy to believe that a small bankroll means fewer opportunities for a poker player. PokerStars does its best to disprove that notion with satellites and qualifiers, and nothing has done more for micro-stakes players than the MicroMillions online poker tournament series. When it began in early 2012,...more

10 reasons why PCA is the best

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I was lucky enough to visit the PokerStars Caribbean Adventure last year, and I realised why so many people see this as their poker paradise. I was working there for four days, which meant no poker and not much time for tourist things, but even on a short busy visit,...more

Staying healthy on the poker road

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Always end up eating crap on the plane, crap in the mini bar and crap at the tournament? Late nights, junk food, boozing and screen time leaving you feeling run down, lethargic, hungover and susceptible to coughs and colds? Let´s face it, ladies, being on the road can often suck...more

Trymean77 tried and won November 3 Women's Sunday

WS FT 11.03.13.JPG

Today was a big one for the Women's Sunday, as the prize pool jumped well over $13K with a larger field than usual. It was a nice way to welcome in the month of November! Don't forget that there are many ways to win your seat to the Women's Sunday...more

Female intuition works in favor of Natalie Hof, newest Friend of PokerStars

Natalie Hof 1.jpg

It can be said that Natalie Hof followed her instincts - her female intuition, if you will - from her first experiences with poker all the way to her current and newly-appointed status as Friend of PokerStars. During her time attending university in Osnabruck, Germany, Natalie focused her studies on...more