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NAPT Mohegan Sun: Day 1, levels 3 & 4 updates (150-300)

napt-thumb.jpg4.15pm: Level over
Yes it really is. Join us in 15 minutes for the thrills and spills of what we're calling level five.

4.10pm: Thinking out loud
Action had stopped on Daniel Negreanu's table as the Team PokerStars Pro was deep in a hand and facing a tough decision. There was 5,400 in front of the dealer and the flop was out: 8♣9♥2♣. Steven Bordonaro was all in for a total of what looked like 4,625 and then Negreanu said: "I should have counted his chips before I bet 1,500."

"If you have jack ten, that's crazy," Negreanu added. Then he went through a familiar talking-out-loud routine as he pondered his options. "What do you have?" Negreanu said. A flush draw? King ten?"

Bordonaro was silent. "It's an interesting math thing," Negreanu said. "I'm getting two-to-one."

Negreanu folded and Bordanaro said: "I would show you but I can't." So no one was any the wiser despite what then continued as a guessing game. "So what did you have?" came the question of Negreanu, and he wouldn't tell either.

I walked away with the discussion still ensuing. I think that was the right option.

4:05pm: And the final number is...
The NAPT Mohegan Sun census has finished and the final number of players is...716. Now, to work our way down to one.

3.45pm: Holy grail
The Holy Grail of poker reporting has been located: a full player list, with seat numbers and everything. We still don't know, however, how many players are here as there are a few unattended stacks still floating around from no shows and their like. That information will be with us shortly.

One player who will not be winning NAPT Mohegan Sun is Pat Pezzin. He's out. The newly minted member of Team PokerStars Canada didn't have a great debut and was last seen being consoled by his new team mate and friend Greg De Bora.


Pat Pezzin, standing, and Greg De Bora

3:33pm: Markysals set-up
Mark "markysals" Salinaro has just managed to double through Craig Gray. Salinaro came in for a raise to 525 with pocket queens. Brandon Cantu called, and Gray re-raised to 2,500 from the big blind. Salinaro called and Cantu folded. The flop came queen-high and Gray led for 3,500. Salinaro only called. A five fell on the turn and Gray checked. Salinaro bet 7,600. Gray moved all-in and Salinaro snap-called with his top set. He held against Gray's aces and is now up to 65,000.

3:30pm: Game, set, Bax
Cliff "JohnnyBax" Josephy just called a raise and re-raise with pocket threes. The flop fell 9-8-3. He check-raised all-in for 32,000 and got it in against pocket aces. His set held and he's now up to 67,000.

NAPT Mohegan Sun S1_$5KMainEvent_Day1_JoeGiron_IJ70492.jpg

3:26pm: Deeb having a bit of a day

Maybe the "disguise" was a bad idea. First of all, it didn't fool anyone. And then there's the guff he's getting from his friends.

"Who the **** do you think you are?" teased one player. "You thought dressing like that wouldn't attract attention?"

Deeb's day was already trending downward. Only a short time ago, he called Lars Bonding's all-in five-bet, only to find his A-T dominated by Bonding's A-J. Bonding doubled to 38,000 and Deeb is presently on 16,300.

Then there was the time he lost off the clock during his table change. Deeb's first seat was in the poker room, which is several hundred yards away from the main tournament area. Three tables, including Deeb's, were selected to break from the poker room to the main room and the players were asked to bag up, rather than rack their chips for the journey over. There was just the matter of finding someone to escort the players over there. There was a bit of a wait. A few got restless and began voicing their displeasure. And when they finally arrived in the main room, several (including Deeb) were given cards for seats that were already occupied. So Deeb got another card. And THAT seat was occupied. Clearly frustrated, he asked the floor for another card. The third card was the charm and Deeb finally settled into Table 43, a full fifteen minutes after his journey began.

3:25pm: And now a word from our players
As you hopefull know by now, many of our Team PokerStars Pro friends take the time to write for the PokerStars Blog. As it happens, two of our authors are sitting right beside each other today. They have also recently submitted blog posts for us.

Barry Greenstein continues to keep us up to date with his poker tournament record for the year in My Year in Tournaments.

Meanwhile, Victor Ramdin fills us in on what he's been up to. Check out all the charity work this guy does in New Kid on the Block. And then hear all about his table draw at the Mohegan Sun:


3.20pm: Dwan the Canuck
About three-quarters of the way through level three and Tom Dwan has arrived. No sooner was durrrr seated than he was handed a Canada hockey jersey and baseball cap that he duly donned with a chuckle of resignation. That's clearly the penalty for some lost bet or other.


3:17pm: Level up
Players are now working with 150-300 blinds.

3pm: Regular raiser
It's fairly obvious that Jason Mercier has been raising a lot of pots. This Holmes-ian deduction came about after a recent visit to the table where Mercier flicked a single purple chip (worth 500) into the pot pre-flop and the dealers said: "Four seventy five?" with the intonation of a barber saying: "The usual, sir?" Mercier nodded and two other players called on the button and big blind.

The flop came T♥K♣4♥ and Mercier bet 900. The button called, but then the action slowed to a halt on a turn and river of T♠2♥. Mercier showed A♠J♣ and ended up chopping it against another A♣J♥.

2.45pm: Outer limits
The big tournament board is showing 721 entrants, and registration is officially closed. However we're still trying to establish the precise number of players, because that number is a running total, and about 20 players have already bust. That means our official field is at least 721 players strong - not at all bad for the first NAPT event in these parts. In fact, it's damn good. We'll be back with more customary precision later.

However that pans out, this much is true: The main tournament room in the Mohegan Sun is absolutely chock-a-block. So much so that the poker room, miles over the other side of the casino, also has about 10 tournament tables in it. It's the perfect place for someone like the "retired" Shaun Deeb to hide out, incognito, beneath a pork-pie hat, shades and curly hair.



Poker Room at Mohegan Sun

2.40pm: Is fifth pair good?
James Carroll has about 85,000 already - and we can expect big movements in one direction or another if he keeps up the style of play so far witnessed. Moments ago, Carroll moved all in facing one opponent and with the following five cards exposed: 6♦A♦J♥T♠9♦. There was about 35,000 in the pot already and Carroll had his foe covered.

Eventually she let it go, saving her 30,000-odd stack. Carroll showed 5♠6♠ for bottom pair and breathed a sigh of relief as he started stacking.

2:27pm: Champion in the house
With the beginning of level three, we're continuing to find new faces in the crowd. One of those faces is very familiar...none other than Tom Marchese, winner of NAPT Venetian event.


Tom Marchese on day one at Mohegan Sun

2:17pm: Back from break
The players are taking their seats again after a quick break. Here are some selected chip counts.

Bill Chen: 24,000
Paul Wasiacka: 34,000
Daniel Negreanu: 39,625
Christian Harder: 38,000
Jonathan Little: 30,000
Cliff Jospehy: 26,000


PokerStars Blog reporting team at the Mohegan Sun: Change100, Howard Swains and Brad Willis.

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