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NAPT Venetian: Day 5, Levels 27-29 (50,000-100,000-10,000)


6:08pm: Break!
Players are on a 15-minute break to celebrate the conclusion of Level 29. When we return, we'll be in a new post reflecting the level change. Find the new level right HERE.

6:03pm: Well, he's gotta lose this one!
Sam Stein just managed to get it all-in with David Paredes on a 8♠2♥7♣ board. Paredes held T♠T♣ to Stein's 8♣T♥. Of course, there was very little way Stein could get out of losing the pot. And, of course, the turn and river came J♦ and 9♣ for the chopped pot.

5:54pm: Yunus says "Yeah!"
Daniel Clemente opened with a raise on the button, and it folded to Yunus Jamal in the big blind who quickly announced he was all in for his stack of 2,120,000. Clemente sat for a minute looking in Jamal's direction, then went to work examining his stack as he contemplated what to do.

Finally after two more minutes passed, Clemente made the call. Cards on their backs...

Jamal A♥T♦
Clemente K♣Q♠

The flop came 6♦Q♣J♠, putting Clemente in front with queens. The turn was the 5♣, and Jamal was in dire straits. Then came the river card, to which Jamal and his fans responded "Yeah!" It was the A♠, worth a shout of joy, for sure. Jamal survives with the double up.

NAPT Venetian S1_$5KMainEvent_Final Table_JoeGiron_IJ78456.jpgIt's one of those moments that deserves contemplation...

NAPT Venetian S1_$5KMainEvent_Final Table_JoeGiron_IJ78482.jpgReaping the rewards of a double-up can be sweet.

5:49pm: Sam Stein will not lose
When you're running this good, you have to start thinking about destiny, fate, and whether you left the coffee pot on at home. It's become so rote for Stein, that the following hand was only mildly shocking.

On a flop of 2♣K♠K♣, Daniel Clemente bet 250,000 and Sam Stein called. On the turn 8♥, Clemente made it 475,000 and Stein called again. The river was a spooky K♦. Clemente checked this time and Stein bet 750,000. Clemente made the crying call, showing pocket deuces for the flopped set and rivered boat. Stein, meanwhile, showed J♦J♠, good for the better boat and another big pot.

Clemente, for his part, stood up and knocked his chair over. We're not saying he's the type of guy to kick a cat, but it's probably for the best that we left Mittens in the hotel room.

5:41pm: $25K Bounty Shootout final table 2 pm tomorrow
We just had an announcement that tomorrow's final table of the $25,000 Bounty Shootout, originally scheduled for 12 noon, has been rescheduled for 2:00pm (Pacific time).

Scott Seiver, Faraz Jaka, Hoyt Corkins, Joe Cassidy, Ashton Griffin, Peter Eastgate, and Brett Richey all won their tables yesterday, earning $75,000 for doing so as well as a number of $5,000 bounties along the way. Seiver was the biggest bounty hunter -- he eliminated all six of his opponents for an extra $30,000 payday.

Read all about yesterday's action here.

5:33pm: Thomas Fuller eliminated in 6th ($144,639)
Daniel Clemente opened with a raise to 240,000, and all folded.

The next hand, Clemente was at it again, raising to 250,000 from UTG. This time Thomas Fuller responded by reraising all-in and the table folded back around to Clemente who instantly called.

Clemente showed Q♥Q♠ and Fuller J♣J♠. The board ran out 3♥A♣7♥7♦6♦, disappointing Fuller's fans and sending him to the rail in sixth place.

NAPT Venetian S1_$5KMainEvent_Final Table_JoeGiron_IJ78448.jpg

5:02pm: "Miami" John Cernuto eliminated in 7th ($104,461)
Sam Stein opened with a raise to 220,000 from the button. Thomas Fuller folded quickly from the button, but John Cernuto in the small blind didn't look like he was in such a hurry. Peering out from underneath his orange hoodie in Stein's direction, he pushed out a reraise of 620,000 -- a little under half his remaining stack. Yunus Jamal folded the BB, and the action was back on Sam Stein.

Stein thought about a minute, then reraised enough to put Cernuto all in, and "Miami" John quickly called.

Cernuto A♣5♣
Stein J♥T♦

Cernuto removed his hood and sat upright while Stein stood up to see what the community cards would be. The flop came 9♣4♥A♥, putting Cernuto in good shape. The turn was the T♠, pairing Stein. "Fifty bucks for a ten!" cried a Stein fan from the crowd. "We have a bidding war now for the river card," said the announcer.

As the laughter died down, the river card fell -- J♦! "That's sick," said an amiable Cernuto with a wide grin. He shook hands with the remaining six players and exited the stage, $104,461 richer, but with dashed hopes of earning more.

NAPT Venetian S1_$5KMainEvent_Final Table_JoeGiron_IJ78391.jpgPatience does pay off! The flop was good...

NAPT Venetian S1_$5KMainEvent_Final Table_JoeGiron_IJ78397.jpgOnly needing to fade two cards...

NAPT Venetian S1_$5KMainEvent_Final Table_JoeGiron_IJ78410.jpgNoooo! That river card ended the drama with a 7th place finish.

4:48pm: Level 29 begins
And we're back! Players returned to the table for the beginning of Level 29 with blinds at 50,000/100,000 and a 10,000 ante.

Check out the chip count page for the latest numbers.

4:33pm: Level ends, chip counts to come
We've reached the end of a what was a fairly yawn-able Level 28. We're going to get a full chip count while the players are on break. We'll be back in about 15 minutes.

4:20pm: Marchese calls cautious Clemente
The table folded around to Tom Marchese in the small blind who took a look past the dealer to Dan Clemente in Seat 1. Clemente has been mostly folding today, having opened with a raise just once thus far and (unsurprisingly) getting no action. Marchese decided to raise to 195,000, and Clemente made the call.

The flop came 7♦T♦2♠. Marchese continued for 215,000 and after pausing a beat Clemente called. The turn was the K♦, and both checked. The river brought the K♠. Marchese checked, and this time Clemente bet 300,000. Marchese thought a moment, then made the call, showing just queen-high. Clemente had paired the seven with his hand, and so claimed the pot.

4:18pm: Faces in the crowd
Because the players apparently chose this level to sit out, let's take a look around the room. Among the people in the audience today:

  • William Reynolds, 2010 PCA High Roller winner (supporting Tom Marchese)
  • Paul Wasicka, 2006 WSOP Main Event runner-up (supporting Thomas Fuller)
  • Zak "Zakooza" Alameddine, NAPT Venetian celebrity charity tournament winner (supporting David Paredes)

  • 4:06pm: The power of the all-in raise Players have not been afraid to use the move today. Cernuto took down a pot with an all-in raise from under the gun. Marchese did the same a few hands later when he made an initial raise, then responded to Stein's reraise with an all-in move for his last 2,445,000 chips. Stein didn't take long to fold, and Marchese added to his stack.

    The action is slow at this final table, with many moves being carefully considered. But with the frequency of all-in plays, odds are that a few of them will be called.

    3:55pm: Analyzing the slow-down
    It's been half an hour after Eric Blair's departure and we haven't seen much big action since. If you're just tuning in, here's how we rate the players' aggression, with the number one spot being the most aggressive.

    1) Sam Stein
    2) Thomas Fuller
    3) Tom Marchese
    4) David Paredes
    5) Yunus Jamal
    6) Miami John Cernuto
    7) Daniel Clemente

    The prize money now is up to $104,461. The next spot is $144,639.

    NAPT Venetian S1_$5KMainEvent_Final Table_JoeGiron_IJ78147.jpg

    NAPT Venetian trophy

    3:34pm: Something to cheer about
    Thomas Fuller opened with a raise to 200,000 from middle position and claimed the blinds and antes, prompting a loud cheer from his boisterous cheering section. It has been a mostly sedate scene here thus far, aside from the applause to acknowledge the efforts of our eighth-place finisher, Eric Blair.

    There's a sizable crowd in attendance here in the Bellini Room, with more than a hundred sitting four deep around the stage on which sits the feature table. On the subsequent hands, Yunus Jamal and then Tom Marchese won the blinds and antes with preflop raises, and they, too, enjoyed relatively smaller rounds of applause as if to compete with Fuller's supporters. Expect the cheers to get louder as we trip up that payout schedule.

    3:33pm: Eric Blair - 8th place ($60,266.00)
    On the second hand after the first break of the afternoon, Marchese started the hand with a 175K raise. But Blair reraised all-in. Stein asked for a count and then went over the top all-in to isolate. Everyone else, included Marchese, folded out of the way.

    Blair's tournament life was on the line.
    Blair: 7♥7♦
    Stein: A♣K♦

    The board hit Stein right away with a 2♥6♠K♣ flop, leaving Blair with few outs. And the T♥ turn and 4♦ were not what he needed. Stein raked another pot, and Eric Blair was the first to leave the table, taking with him $60,266.00 for the 8th place finish.

    NAPT Venetian S1_$5KMainEvent_Final Table_JoeGiron_IJ78177.jpg

    Eric Blair, 8th place, $60,266

    3:19pm: Back in action
    The players are back and playing 40,000-80,000-10,000.

    3:04pm: Break time
    That brings us to the end of Level 27 and our first 15-minute break of the day.

    3:00pm: Just assume Stein won
    By now, we've discovered there is no need to really cover the details of a hand anymore. Just assume, Sam Stein opened a pot and then won it. However, if you are into this sort of thing, here's yet another hand in which Stein raked in chips. After opening to 140,000 and getting a call from Thomas Fuller, Stein checked a flop of K♦A♠A♣. Fuller checked behind and they saw the 6♦ on the turn. Now Stein bet 180,000. Once again, Fuller called. On the Q♣ river, Stein brought the wrecking ball...a 430,000 bet. This time Fuller quickly mucked.

    See, just assume Stein won.

    NAPT Venetian S1_$5KMainEvent_Final Table_JoeGiron_IJ78111.jpg

    Wrecking ball-like, Sam Stein builds lead

    2:51pm: Clemente doubles through Paredes
    Again, we started with three players going to the flop. Marchese started the action by opening for 140,000, Clemente called, and Paredes called from the big blind. The flop came 5♥8♥4♠, and Marchese led the betting with 195,000. Clemente raised it up to 550,000, and Paredes decided to check-reraise all-in. Marchese got out of the way, but Clemente called all-in for his last 1.08 million chips.

    Paredes: 8♣7♣ - top pair and straight draw
    Clemente A♦A♠ - over pair

    The 2♠ on the turn and 5♠ on the river ended the hand, and Clemente doubled up to stay alive.

    2:42pm: Stein, still a wrecking ball
    Yunus Jamal came in for a raise to 140,000 and got calls from David Paredes and Sam Stein. On a flop of Q♥7♣8♦, Stein checked, Jamal bet 280,000, Paredes folded, and Stein called in the small blind. Both players checked the 5♣ on the turn. When the river came the Q♣, Stein thought a bit before betting 360,000. Jamal thought longer, but eventually made the call. Stein's Q♠9♠ was good enough for the win.

    2:37pm: Marchese all-in induces much thought... and two folds
    It started with Stein, Paredes, and Marchese taking a look at a flop of T♠3♣3♦, and they all checked it. But when the 4♦ came on the turn, Stein bet 220,000, and both players called.

    The 2♥ on the river prompted a 430,000 bet from Stein, a raise to 1.3 million from Paredes, and an all-in move from Marchese for his total stack of 1.97 million. Stein folded, and Paredes finally did the same, but not without much thought and folding what he said was a 6-high straight.

    Marchese chipped up quite significantly early in the action.

    NAPT Venetian S1_$5KMainEvent_Final Table_JoeGiron_IJ78123.jpg

    David Paredes wonders, "Do I fold?"

    2:27pm: First pot to Cernuto
    The first hand of the day started with a preflop raise from Thomas Fuller to 140,000, but "Miami" John Cernuto popped it to 300,000. Everyone folded around, including Fuller, and short-stacked Cernuto took the first chips of the afternoon.

    2:23pm: Cards are in the air!
    The first hand of today's final table is being dealt. There are 39 minutes left in Level 27, where the blinds are 30,000-60,000 and the antes 5,000.

    2:11pm: Meet our final table players
    If you haven't yet met of our final table players, please see our NAPT Venetian final table player profiles.

    They have all found their seats and are now stacking their chips. Here's where they are and what they've got:

    Seat 1: Dan Clemente - 1,345,000
    Seat 2: Sam Stein - 6,145,000
    Seat 3: Thomas Fuller - 4,735,000
    Seat 4: "Miami" John Cernuto - 1,310,000
    Seat 5: Yunus Jamal - 3,940,000
    Seat 6: David Paredes - 4,700,000
    Seat 7: Tom Marchese - 2,370,000
    Seat 8: Eric Blair - 1,690,000

    NAPT Venetian S1_$5KMainEvent_Final Table_JoeGiron_IJ78092ft.jpg

    NAPT Venetian Main Event final table readying for action

    2:02pm: Final table awaits
    Looks as though we are still a while from starting today's final table of the NAPT Venetian Main Event. A sizable crowd has gathered here in the Bellini Room, and camera crews are readying to shoot all of the action. We'll be here chronicling it all, too -- back in a few!

    NAPT Venetian reporting comes courtesy of bloggers Brad Willis, Jennifer Newell, Martin Harris, and photographer Joe Giron.

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