Houston Owns PokerStars $700,000 Guaranteed Event

I've seen people on go on rushes before. I've even seen a couple of people ride the same rush. Sunday night, however, it seemed like the entire city of Houston had been visited by the Rush Fairy. Three of the final table players hailed from the city. At one point, one of them said there were four, but I couldn't find the fourth. You look for yourself.

When the big event was down to the final table,it looked a little like this:

Click image for larger version

Houston's CASHRUS seemed to be the man to beat, but no one could do it. He won his races, he dominated his all-ins. The people who did not hail from Texas fell one by one until CASHRUS held nearly $2 million in chips. With five players remaining, the players figured, what with Houston owning and all, it was best to cut a deal. After working out the numbers, they left $10,000 or first place...which of course, is on its way to Houston at the moment.

PokerStars Sunday $700,000 Guaranteed Final Table Results
(reflects five-way deal that left $10,000 for first place)

1. CASHRUS (Houston, TX) $152,983
2. bloFISHmee (Houston, TX) $76,423
3. TheChevin (Stafford, United Kingdom) $59,186
4. bluemangroup (Houston, TX) $92,330
5. JOEYTHEB (Egg Harbor Twp. NJ) $76,395
6. kap10 (Louisville, KY) $33,320.00
7. confiteor (Roma, Italy) $24,990.00
8. Caleros (SC) $17,326.40
9. llghome (Phoenix, AZ) $11,412.10