PokerStars $700,000 Guaranteed Reults 6/26/05

As I'm out in Vegas for the World Series of Poker, I'm a bit busy with the record-setting event. Nonetheless, here are your results from this month's $700,000 Guaranteed Sunday tournament. Be sure to check out the rest of this blog for all your PokerStars WSOP news.

Note: Lee Jones asked me to pass along his apology for his typo during the deal at the end of the game. While he typed the correct number the first time, he had a bit of what he called a "senior moment" when re-typing the figures. No harm no foul.

PokerStars Sunday $700,000 Guaranteed results
(Results reflect three-way deal)

1. pepe11 (Stockholm, Sweden) $144,735
2. AndersFriden (Austin, TX) $86,410
3. dangdokodang (California) $85,955
4. 10 S N E 1 (Indian Wells, CA) $45,500
5. Barolo (Uster) $37,100
6. V V Patten (Billerica, MA) $30,100
7. siraxle (Regina, Canada) $23,100
8. ckhook (Pittsville, WI) $16,100
9. markhawko (Cumbria, GB) $10,100