PokerStars Sunday $700,000 Guaranteed Results

With WCOOP barely a memory, PokerStars got back to its big-money Sunday tournaments. Nearly 1600 people ponied up $530 and built a prize pool of nearly $800,000. Here's how the final table shook out.

PokerStars Sunday $700,000 Guaranteed Results

1. TheTakeover (New York, NY) $175,670.00
2. Foxman (Sweden) $103,805.00
3. koule11 (Praha, Czech Republic) $67,872.50
4. uhadmoney (Randers, Denmark) $50,305.50
5. finnemann (Lier, Norway) $40,723.50
6. Erwino (Judenburg, Austria) $31,940.00
7. Barny Rubul (Austin,TX) $23,955.00
8. slimshaggy (Cimarron, KS) $16,608.80
9. 75900 (Palm Beach, FL) $10,939.45

Congratulations to all the players.

You'll notice there is no report from the Sunday tournament this week. That's because The PokerStars Blog is packing up its stuff and moving to Europe for the next couple of weeks to join to the European Poker Tour in London and Austria. Beginning later this week, you'll start seeing all the news from the EPT right here.

Brad Willis
@BradWillis in PokerStars Sunday Tournaments