124poker wins Sunday Warm-Up in grueling heads-up battle

warmup 11.02.08.jpgThe Sunday Warm-Up blew through the $750,000 guarantee this week, with a field of 4,004 building a prize pool of over $800,000! After eight and a half grueling hours of poker, the final nine competitors settled in to fight for the big money. DeuceBuster spent most of his time at the final two tables building a big stack, and he came into the final table as the only player over the 10 million mark, but with online superstar BodogAri in the field, no chip lead could be considered safe.

The final table looked like this when the final nine were assembled -

Seat 1: 124poker (4,337,442 in chips)
Seat 2: sumoen (3,907,302 in chips)
Seat 3: GIGI LUCA (1,842,163 in chips)
Seat 4: BodogAri (4,398,541 in chips)
Seat 5: Barbarossa_7 (5,211,900 in chips)
Seat 6: TJGROW8 (4,734,132 in chips)
Seat 7: Climax100 (852,082 in chips)
Seat 8: hyggebuks26 (3,083,994 in chips)
Seat 9: DeuceBuster (11,672,444 in chips)

Climax100 did a great job of navigating his short stack to the final table, but the power of DeuceBuster’s big stack was too much for him to overcome. Just a few hands into the final table, Climax100 moved the last of his chips in with pocket jacks, and DeuceBuster called with Ah-4s. The flop ended all the suspense, as the board came down 9c-As-6h-5c-4h, making two pair for DeuceBuster and sending Climax100 home in 9th place ($6,886.88).

TJGROW8 was the next to fall when he ran into a big-time cooler. Barbarossa_7 limped from early position, and TJGROW8 moved all in. Action folded around to Barbarossa_7, and he insta-called with pocket Aces. TJGROW8 tabled pocket Queens, and when the board ran out 4d-8d-10s-Kc-Kd, Barbarossa_7’s aces held up to bounce TJGROW8 in 8th place ($10,010.00).

Chip leader DeuceBuster continued to wield his big stack like a club, raising from the cutoff with 7h-8h. GIGI LUCA woke up in the big blind with As-Kh and moved all in over the top. Getting nearly 5:1 on his money, DeuceBuster made the call, then made a full house on a board of 9h-10d-10s-8d-10c to send GIGI LUCA packing in 7th place ($16,016).

BodogAri found himself crippled when his turned set of Aces was cracked by 124poker’s rivered flush, and got all his chips in preflop on the very next hand holding Qc-8d. DeuceBuster made the call with 10d-7c, and hit the 10c on the flop to leave BodogAri drawing thin. He picked up no help on the 10c-6c-9d-Ks-Kc board, and Ari was busted in 6th place, good for $24,024.

Hyggebuks26 rode a brief rollercoaster after he doubled through Barbarossa_7 to take the chip lead, but found himself crippled a few hands later when DeuceBuster flopped a full house and doubled through him, leaving hyggebuks26 all in on his big blind next hand. He found the last of his chips involuntarily committed with 10h-6s against sumoen’s Ah-9d. Sumoen hit an ace on the flop as the board ran out As-7s-Qc-Qd-Jc, and hyggebuks26 was done in 5th place ($32,032).

Barbarossa_7 found himself the short stack after hyggebuks26’s elimination, and he picked up pocket nines almost immediately after play shifted to four-handed. Barbarossa_7 moved all in and found one caller in 124poker, who tabled Ad-Jh. The board was looking good for Barbarossa_7 to double up as it ran out 2d-6h-10c-4c, but the Ac on the river washed away Barbarossa_7’s hopes for a win this week. He picked up $40,048 for his 4th-place finish.

Before the seat vacated by Barbarossa_7 was even cold, sumoen was headed to the rail courtesy of DeuceBuster. All the money went in on the 9c-Ks-Jd flop, with sumoen holding Js-10h for the gutshot and a pair, but DeuceBuster was ahead with Kh-Jh for top two pair. The 8d on the turn gave sumoen additional outs, but the 2c on the river wasn’t one of them and sumoen was finished in 3rd place ($48,049). DeuceBuster took more than a 2:1 chip lead into heads-up play, but 124poker made a battle out of it with a key double up to stay in the running.

After a monumental heads-up battle that lasted nearly an hour, 124poker finally took the lead for the last time. The final hand kicked off with 124poker holding more than a 2:1 chip lead over DeuceBuster, and raising preflop. DeuceBuster moved all in over the top with Ac-Jh, and 124poker made the call with As-3s. The flop was a dagger for DeuceBuster as it came down Qc-3h-Qd, leaving DeuceBuster looking for a jack to stay alive. The turn and river came down Kd-2s, and in an instant it was over, as DeuceBuster collected $72,072 for his 2nd-place finish. 124poker picked up a whopping $104,104 for his win, with no deal at the final table. Congrats to all our money finishers and especially 124poker for his come-from-behind victory!