Sunday Warm-Up Mmm Mmm Good for mmmbillski

This week's Sunday Warm-Up saw 3,899 runners log on, thereby ensuring the $750,000 guarantee would be safely met. A total of 585 places paid for today's event, with the prize pool ultimately topping off at $779,900. Leaving aside any final table deal-making, the player finishing in first place stood to earn a handsome $101,374 for his or her efforts.

Player sasodiits was the fastest out of the gate, claiming the chip lead after the first hour and continuing to hang around the top of the leaderboard for much of the afternoon before ultimately hitting the rail in 96th place. The leader after the second hour was amarillion. amarillion would also make a deep run today, sitting in second place after four hours, and in 15th after six hours before ultimately busting in 42nd.

Other early chip leaders would also fall by the wayside as the day wore on. jumps13, who led after three hours of play, finished in 180th. After five hours 9ballor8 had the lead, but would be bounced in 53rd. And philivey6922 (who led during the fourth hour) lasted for a while but ultimately went out in 31st.

After six hours of play we were down to 49, and hidalgo18 had emerged from the pack to claim the chip lead with over 1.8 million. An hour later and hidalgo18 was still in first with 18 to go, his stack having ballooned to 5.9 million. At the time, mortens22 was his nearest competitor with 4.32 million. hidalgo18's stack would shrink, however, as we reached the final ten. Finally, near the end of Level 31, player Mi||a.TiMe knocked out TurboToad in 10th, and we had our final nine. Here was the scene:


Seat 1: mmmbillski (7,904,813 in chips)
Seat 2: yokerface (1,846,960 in chips)
Seat 3: D1rtyR1v3r (5,252,272 in chips)
Seat 4: riddup (2,525,008 in chips)
Seat 5: mortens22 (6,216,701 in chips)
Seat 6: DenyoDeluxXe (2,724,503 in chips)
Seat 7: suckedoutagn (5,429,773 in chips)
Seat 8: Mi||a.TiMe (5,705,289 in chips)
Seat 9: hidalgo18 (1,384,681 in chips)

The table's short stack, hidalgo18, would be the first to go. On the sixth hand of the final table, hidalgo18 open-shoved his last 1.03 million from middle position with Kd-Qc, and yokerface -- also on the short side with just 1.43 million -- called from the button with Tc-Ad. The flop came 2d-Qs-6s, giving hidalgo18 top pair. But the turn was the Ah, giving the lead back to yokerface. The river was the 4s, and hidalgo18 was out in 9th.

Just three hands later, yokerface raised 3x to 600,000 from middle position, and the table folded around to DenyoDeluxXe who pushed all in from the small blind for a total of 2.73 million. Too bad for DenyoDeluxXe -- suckedoutagn was waiting in the big blind with pocket rockets, and therefore promptly reraised all in for 5.18 million. yokerface judiciously stepped aside, and DenyoDeluxXe was left hoping for a miracle with his 8s-8h. None came, as the board ran 4c-Td-Kd-Jd-9d, and DenyoDeluxXe was out in 8th.

The next two eliminations came quickly as well. First yokerface pushed all in for 1.89 million with Jh-Qh and was called by riddup who held Ad-Qd. The board brought no jack (and a superfluous ace), and yokerface was out in 7th. Then, on the very next hand, mmmbillski made a small preflop raise to 512,505, mortens22 called from the small blind, and suckedoutagn also called from the BB. The flop came 6s-Ah-Ts, and when the blinds checked to mmmbillski he bet 845,500 -- about half the pot. mortens22 then check-raised all in for a total of 5.86 million. suckedoutagn folded, and mmmbillski made the call.

mortens22: Qd-As
mmmbillski: Td-Th

mortens22 had flopped top pair, but mmmbillski had him in bad shape with his set of tens. The turn was the Kh and the river the 5h, and mortens22 was gone. Just 15 hands played at the final table, and we were down to five players.

When the players reached the eight-hour break, mmmbillski had assumed the chip lead with a little more than 16 million, followed by suckedoutagn with 7.04 million, Mi||a.TiMe with 5.97 million, D1rtyR1v3r with 5.61 million, and riddup with 4.25 million.

suckedoutagn would soon take the chip lead after claiming a big 12 million-plus chip pot off of mmmbillski. That hand had begun quietly with suckedoutagn calling from the big blind mmmbillski's modest preflop raise from middle position. Both checked the very hammery flop of 7h-2s-2c. The 8h came on the turn, and suckedoutagn check-called mmmbillski's bet of 860,000. The river brought the 8s. suckedoutagn checked, mmmbillski bet 1.45 million, then suckedoutagn surprisingly pushed allin for 4.53 million. mmmbillski thought a while, then called showing Qc-2d for deuces full of eights. Alas, suckedoutagn had Ad-8d for the better boat, and had thus taken the lead.

Thus began a long sequence of preflop jockeying, with chips moving in relatively small increments back and forth across the virtual baize. mmmbillski retook the chip lead during this stretch, pushing up around 16 million, while riddup was nursing the short stack with less than 2 million. riddup was probably very glad to see 3rd and 4th place players D1rtyR1v3r (5.01 million) and Mi||a.TiMe (4.00 million) soon get involved in a huge pot. Mi||a.TiMe open-raised to 885,700 from the button, then D1rtyR1v3r pushed all in from the big blind. Mi||a.TiMe thought a while, then called with 7s-7c, well behind D1rtyR1v3r's Qh-Qc. The board came 9h-Th-3h-5s-8d, and it was rail time for Mi||a.TiMe.

With just four left, riddup gleefully pushed all in on the next hand, and in fact managed to double up when his Ac-Ts held up against mmmbillski's 9d-8d. riddup's joy would last a little while longer, until he pushed all in for 2.63 million with pocket queens and was called by D1rtyR1v3r who held pocket tens. A ten flopped, prompting riddup to type "noooooo" in the chat box. No queen came to save him, and D1rtyR1v3r responded with a "gg...ul" as riddup hit the rail in 4th.

mmmbillski still had the chip lead with 15.84 million as three-handed play commenced, with D1rtyR1v3r next with 12.87 million and suckedoutagn in third with 10.26 million. After nine more hands, the tournament was paused for the players to discuss a chop. By that point, D1rtyR1v3r had moved out ahead (16.77 million), followed by mmmbillski (12.39 million), and suckedoutagn (9.81 million).

As the tournament host explained, any deal would require the trio to leave at least $10,000 on the table. Payouts according to current chip counts were shared with the players, but both D1rtyR1v3r and mmmbillski wanted more than was being offered to them. suckedoutagn wasn't going to give up any of his proposed share, so the tourney was resumed.

Over the next 20 hands, D1rtyR1v3r pushed out to a commanding lead, moving past the 23 million mark. Then mmmbillski shoved all in for 6.8 million with Kd-4d, D1rtyR1v3r called with As-4c, a king flopped, no ace came, and D1rtyR1v3r had fallen back to the pack. Six hands later, D1rtyR1v3r lost another big all in confrontation with suckedoutagn, this time unfortunately running his pocket jacks up against suckedoutagn's As-Ad.

Just like that, D1rtyR1v3r was the short stack with less than 5 million, and soon thereafter would shove all in himself with Jd-6d. His bad fortune continued, as mmmbillski was waiting for him with pocket queens. The board brought no jack, six, or even a single diamond, and D1rtyR1v3r's dizzying swoon ended with him finishing the tournament in third.

At that point mmmbillski and suckedoutagain had almost exactly the same-sized stacks (each with right at 19.5 million) and so quickly decided to chop the remaining prize money evenly and play for the remaining $10,000.

mmmbillski pushed out to a lead during the first dozen hands of heads up, and when the pair reached the nine-hour break he held a 23.2 million-15.7 million advantage. After 50 total hands of heads up, mmmbillski still had the same lead. suckedoutagain soon made a move, taking a couple of medium-sized pots to take a small lead by Hand No. 60 of heads up. Soon thereafter came a huge hand in which suckedoutagn pushed all in with Ad-7d on a on a flop of Qs-As-Kh, only to get called by mmmbillski who held Kd-Ac. mmmbillski's two pair held up, giving him the 37.7-million chip pot. suckedoutagn was down to just 1.22 million.

suckedoutagn survived a sequence of all ins, though, and by Hand No. 80 of heads up had built back up to 11 million of the nearly 40 million chips in play. Then came Hand No. 85.

With the blinds 400,000/800,000 (Level 38), suckedoutagn called from the small blind/button and mmmbillski checked his option. The flop came Jd-Ks-Qd. mmmbillski checked, suckedoutagn pushed all in for his last 10.2 million, and mmmbillski called.

mmmbillski: 9d-Th
suckedoutagn: Qc-6s

mmmbillski had flopped the straight, while suckedoutagn had just a pair of queens. The turn was the 3s and the river the Kd, and mmmbillski took the extra 10 grand reserved for the winner. Congratulations to mmmbillski, as well as to everyone who cashed!

Sunday Warm-up Results: 12-14-08

1. mmmbillski $90,788*
2. suckedoutagn $80,788*
3. D1rtyR1v3r $46,788.00
4. riddup $38,990.00
5. Mi||a.TiMe $31,192.00
6. mortens22 $23,394.00
7. yokerface $15,596.00
8. DenyoDeluxXe $9,747.50
9. hidalgo18 $6,706.28

*amounts reflect two-way chop