Aguskb takes down deal-free $135K in Sunday Warm-Up!

Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for sunday-warmup-promo1.jpg4,303 players ponied up the $215 entry fee into this week's Sunday Warm-Up, blowing through the guarantee and building a prize pool of $860,600. Even with such a large field, it only took a little over eight hours to reach the final table, and only 90 minutes for Aguskb to pull down the top prize of $135,010.00, with no deal cut. Aguskb bested Daddddymufff in a back and forth heads up battle that featured more lead changes than a NASCAR race before he finally put away his opponent to claim the top prize.

The balance of power at the final table started off a little lopsided, as Aguskb took a massive chip lead into the final nine. Aguskb came into the final table with more than 13 million in chips, with his nearest competitor sitting around 8 million. The action was tentative at first, as the players settled into full table action again. But before long the bets started to fly and the field started to thin.

warmup 7.26.09.jpg

The first bustout of the final table came in a soul-crushing hand. Jane Smith opened for a raise and blend84 moved all in over the top. Action folded back around to Jane Smith, who called with J♥-9♥. Blend84 tabled A♣-K♣, and promptly flopped top pair on a board of A♦-2♦-J♠. Jane Smith needed a jack or a nine to bust blend84, and the turn obliged by dropping the 9♦ onto the table. The river was the unhelpful 5♣, and blend84 was done in 9th place ($6,884.81).

Another gut-wrenching come from behind hand sent ILANI7 to the rail in 8th place ($10,757.51). The micro-stacked ILANI7 moved all in preflop with A♣-9♥, and UNCGuy made the call from the small blind withK♠-9♠. The flop came down gin for UNCGuy as he hit two pair on the J♣-K♣-9♦ board. ILANI7 had a backdoor flush draw, but the 4♥ on the turn left him drawing to just an ace. The 5♠ on the river was no good, and UNCGuy dunked ILANI7 in 8th place.

Just when you were starting to think that bad beats were the theme of the final table, that idea was reinforced by dippedydawg's bustout hand. Dippedydawg raised preflop with Q♦-Q♥, and HEMIpowerSW moved all in over the top with 7♦-7♥. Dominated not only by pips but also in suits, things weren't looking good for HEMIpowerSW. The all-heart flop of 3♥-J♥-K♥ didn't make anything any better, nor did the 5♠ on the turn. But the river delivered the 7♣, hitting one of HEMIpowerSW's two outs, and sending dippedydawg to the rail in 7th place ($19,363.51).

Finally, after three bustouts, the best hand preflop held up in an all in confrontation. Daddddymufff open-raised with 8♦-8♥ from the cutoff, and Wackworm moved all in over the top from the small blind. Everyone got out of the way, and Daddddymufff made the call. Wackworm had outs with the A♣-8♣, but none of them came on the J♣-2♠-T♦-J♦-5♦ board, and Wackworm was whacked in 6th place ($27,969.51).

UNCGuy found himself on the short stack and got the last of his chips in with A♦-2♣. HEMIpowerSW called with K♣-J♠, and it was a coin flip for UNCGuy's tournament life. UNCGuy held a slight lead after the Q♥-6♦-T♣ flop, but the K♦ on the turn moved the needle over to HEMIpowerSW's side. The river brought the 9♥; filling HEMIpowerSW's straight and sending UNCGuy home in 5th place ($36,575.51). Just moments later the field went from four to three as Aguskb took out Jane Smith in 4th place ($48,623.91) when his 9♠-9♥ held up against Jane Smith's A♠-J♠ on a board of T♠-5♥-3♣-2♣-3♥. Jane Smith lost the coin flip, but pocketed nearly $50K for a great tournament run!

The chip stacks were close in size to start three-handed play, and none of the three remaining players seemed in a hurry to commit their entire stack. They traded pots back and forth until the following hand leveled a knockout blow for HEMIpowerSW.

HEMIpowerSW picked up a respectable $70,999.51 for the day's work, and Daddddymufff took a 2:1 chip lead into heads up play. But as we know, it only takes one misstep for the momentum to swing, and Aguskb picked his spot and doubled through Daddddymufff to reclaim the chip lead. The back and forth of heads up continued for some time before this massive hand took place.

With a chip lead nearing 6:1, the final outcome was pretty well set. It was only a matter of time before Aguskb's chip lead proved too much for Daddddymufff. In the final hand, Daddddymufff open-shoved with 9♠-2♠. Aguskb called with K♣-Q♠, and hit a king on the 8♠-7♣-K♦ flop. The 9♣ on the turn gave Daddddymufff a little help, but the A♦ on the river couldn't save him. Daddddymufff picked up $100,259.91 for second place as Aguskb finished the final table where he started off - with all the chips. First place was good for a whopping $135,010.93 as Aguskb took down all comers in the Sunday Warm-Up!
Congratulations to Aguskb on his great victory, and congrats as well to all our final table players!