Mr. Shanish knocks out four in a row to capture Sunday Warm-Up Title!

Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for sunday-warmup-promo1.jpg The Sunday Warm-Up continued to blaze hotter and hotter as the weather got colder this November weekend, with a whopping $925,600 in the prize pool. 4,628 players bellied up to the virtual felt to take their shot at the massive payout, and the top 675 finishers got paid for their efforts. Of course, the big money was concentrated at the final table, so after a little less than nine hours of grueling poker, the nine survivors gathered 'round the final table.

warmup 11.29.jpg

Action was tentative to start off, with players avoiding any major confrontations in the first few hands, but as the blinds and antes grew, the short stacks had to take their shots to double up just to stay alive. Melano26 put his last few chips in the middle with A♠-8♠ and found a caller in CruSader1981. Big stack angevert then moved all in over the top to isolate, and CruSader1981 got out of the way. Angevert was ahead with J♦-J♠, and the flop of J♥-7♠-Q♣ left melano26 needing to catch runner-runner perfect to stay alive. The 2♥ on the turn meant that melano26 was drawing dead, and when the meaningless 6♠ rolled off on the river, melano26 was busted in 9th place ($7,404.80).

Floes came into the final table as the second-shortest stack, and it was just a few hands after melano26's elimination when floes open-shoved from the small blind with A♦-5♣. It was a good time for the move, with a bunch of dead blinds and antes in the pot, but Mr. Shanish woke up with A♣-J♣ in the big blind and made the easy call. Already a dominant favorite, Mr. Shanish took final control on the flop as it came down 9♦-3♥-J♥. Running nines on the turn and river gave Mr. Shanish a full house, and gave floes 8th place money to the tune of $11,750.00.

Bahneyyy lost most of his stack in a huge hand earlier at the final table, but held on for a few more orbits before he got it all in preflop with A♠-5♣ against CruSader1981's A♣-9♠. The board did nothing to help Bahneyyy, running out 8♣-J♣-2♥-3♣-9♥, and CruSader1981 picked up some much-needed chips as Bahneyyy busted in 7th place ($20,826).

CruSader1981 played his short stack well, but he eventually found a number of outs he couldn't fade when he went out in 6th place ($30,082) at the hands of angevert in this hand.

After a lengthy period of five-handed jousting, one misstep by cspdealer left him watching the game from the sidelines after busting in 5th place ($39,338). The aggressive Mr. Shanish opened for a raise from the button, and cspdealer re-raised from the big blind with K♦-J♠. Mr. Shanish moved all in over the top, and cspdealer called, only to find he was dominated by Mr. Shanish's A♠-J♣. The flop hit both players as it came down A♣-K♣-9♥, but Mr. Shanish's top pair was well ahead of cspdealer's middle pair. The Q♥ on the turn gave cspdealer few more outs to stay alive, but the Q♣ on the river ended his tournament.

After losing a big pot to double up the short-stacked $saxo$, Mr. Shanish came right back on the very next hand to bust rivermanl in 4th place ($52,296.40). Rivermanl moved all in preflop from the small blind on a steal with Q♠-5♠, but Mr. Shanish found J♣-J♥ in the big blind and made the easy call. The flop of T♣-7♥-7♣ helped neither player, but the 5♣ on the turn gave rivermanl a few more ways to survive. None of those ways included the T♦, so when that fell on the river, there were only three.

With the stacks exceptionally close, the final three survivors took a few moments to discuss a deal. With the stacks almost even, the players decided on an even chop of the remaining money, with $10,000 left in the middle for the eventual champion. That locked up $106,468.22 for each player, a pretty good day's work by almost any standard. With their six-figure payday in hand, the remaining three players settled in to duke it out for the last $10K.

It only took a few minutes of folding before a big confrontation brewed up between our three survivors. The ever-aggressive Mr. Shanish opened for a raise from the small blind with A♦-9♥, and $saxo$ moved all in over the top with 3♥-3♠. The race was on as the flop came down 7♥-8♠-Q♥, and $saxo$ had faded the overcards. The 2♥ gave both players a flush draw, and the 4♥ on the river gave Mr. Shanish the bigger flush to send $saxo$ home in 3rd place.

Heads up play lasted only three hands, and Mr. Shanish won all of them to secure his extra $10,000 and the Sunday Warm-Up title. The last hand went down like this -

When the dust cleared, Mr. Shanish's aggressive play had locked up the last $10K on the table and made a $116,468.22 payday for himself. Congratulations to Mr. Shanish and all our Sunday Warm-Up players!