PokerStars Sunday tournament results (2-22-09)

Is this month nearly at its end?

With only 28 days to its name, February is one of those months where the big Last Sunday of the Month seems to come around a lot faster than normal.

And so, on just the 22nd day of the month, we saw the big end-of-month action, including the normal Sunday Million, Sunday Warm-Up, the Turbo Takedown, and the the Battle of the Planets Triple Shootout.

Biggest honors (and money) of the day went to cmyworth who banked more than $212,000 in the Sunday Million. When that much money is at stake, it's pretty common to see people cut deals at the final table. Apparently cmyworth decided to make good on his name and took first place outright. For a final table wrap-up, click: /en/blog/2009/02/february-22-sunday-million-worth.html"February 22 Sunday Million Worth $213,136 for cmyworth.

Nearly 4,500 players showed up for the PokerStars Sunday Warm-Up this weekend. WCOOP bracelet winner lrdvoldemort was looking for another six-figure win and got it to the tune of $113,971.20. For a complete wrap-up of the big game, see: lrdvoldemort vanquishes his foes in Sunday Warm-Up win.

If it's the last Sunday of the month, that means we have the 5,000-FPP PokerStars Turbo Takedown to enjoy. The final six players in that event decided to lock in their big wins early and cut a deal that gave all of them something to tell their friends about on Monday. In the end, out of 11,205 players, annanoplay took the top spot for a post-deal payout of $70,457.26.

Finally, after another tough months in the Battle of the Planets SNG fight, Kirua emerged with a $12,000 victory in the Triple Shootout freeroll. To see how he did it, check out: Kirua wins the February Battle of the Planets triple shootout.

For a complete list of how the final tables turned out, check out the 2-22-09 PokerStars Sunday tournament results page.