MicroMillion 7: Jorge pieles earns straightforward win in Event #36 ($11 NL Hold'em)

There was something of a meat-and-two-veg, or vanilla feel to this final, an ordinary affair conjuring up the usual toing-and-froing until one player got the better of the rest and took the title. Like most finals of this type, as a spectator you look back at the end of it feeling satisfied at having enjoyed the whole thing, which was a lot of fun, but with nothing all that memorable having taken place. But then there are 100 MicroMillions 7 events. They can't all be epic.

Event #36 followed this well-trod path; a blueprint which produced a capable winner from a group of capable contenders, each of whom could, on another day, have found themselves bequeathed the $7,023.74 first prize. Today that went to Colombian jorge pieles after a contest lasting just 35 minutes.

E36 final table.jpg

The final of event 36

Here's how they lined up.

Seat 1. Mihey79 (Russia) 382,508
Seat 2. Jorge pieles (Colombia) 3,446,085
Seat 3. hAhA-u-LOSER (United Kingdom) 3,661,898
Seat 4. HroBi26 (Netherlands) 1,419,869
Seat 5. FOUMALIN 125 (New Caledonia) 2,982,082
Seat 6. GhRibeiro (Brazil) 5,372,681
Seat 7. UPAY4DINNER (Ireland) 957,410
Seat 8. Jabbour2009 (Australia) 2,869,147
Seat 9. Viktor2222u (Ukraine) 918,320

Things got off to a breezy start. On the very first hand of the final Mihey79 shoved for 365,000 - fewer than three big blinds - with ace-four off-suit. hAhA-u-LOSER found pocket fives and raised behind him to isolate. Mihey79 got a four on the flop but nothing more.

Two minutes later FOUMALIN 125 overtook chip leader GhRibeiro with a pair of kings against GhRibeiro's ace-queen. Two minutes after that Jabbour2009 departed in eighth place when his cut-off shove with 1.1 million, holding ten-eight off, was thwarted; hAhA-u-LOSER having the last laugh with ace-deuce, moving up to 5.5 million. Viktor2222u quickly followed when his pair of sevens was undone by the ace-queen of HroBi26, who found another queen on the flop. Then, calm was restored.

With the big blind at 160,000 the short stacks began to get moving, shoving many times but without reply.

UPAY4DINNER did this again and again but was ignored. GhRibeiro also tried, with similar results. Then UPAY4DINNER had another crack, winning blinds to restore his stack to something more respectable before sending hAhA-u-LOSER out with a fortuitous ace-jack against hAhA-u-LOSER's ace-queen. The jack on the flop taking UPAY4DINNER to 6.3 million. That was now just 200,000 behind chip leader jorge pieles.

Jorge pieles was proving a convincing chip leader, keen to press home his advantage whenever he could. He soon almost doubled his stack by dismissing FOUMALIN 125 in fifth place with some well-aimed aces. FOUMALIN 125 had found pocket sevens but the aces held, leaving jorge pieles sitting behind a stack of more than 11 million.

The chip leader then suggested a deal, but it was declined by GhRibeiro who insisted they wait until they were three-handed.

If HroBi26 didn't feel victimised already he did now. He was the short stack, and with the big blind increasing he had but a handful of them left. Finally he found a hand he could have some faith in, queen-jack of hearts. It seemed good when jorge pieles called with jack-eight. But HroBi26 was fresh out of luck. Both a jack and an eight ended HroBi26's day on the flop.

Jorge pieles - 15.2 million
GhRibeiro - 2.2 million
UPAY4DINNER - 4.9 million

Play paused and they talked numbers. But, with the figures made known jorge pieles was not happy with his share and demanded more (he was due $6,673 but wanted $7,000, only $23 less than that paid to the winner). GhRibeiro said no, preferring instead to take his chances. And so they played on.

Jorge pieles shoved immediately by way of expressing his advantage, albeit with no takers. Not so a hand later when GhRibeiro moved in with eight-nine of clubs. jorge pieles called with ace-deuce off-suit. An ace immediately arrived on the flop, leaving jorge pieles with an unsurmountable advantage. Play went heads up.

Jorge pieles - 17.4 million
UPAY4DINNER - 4.9 million

UPAY4DINNER had been something of a spectator for these latter stages. Now he was faced with the task of overcoming a more than a three-to-one disadvantage. Soon it was more than six-to-one and hope turned quickly faded. UPAY4DINNER shoved with jack-nine. jorge pieles called.

Jorge pieles got his extra prize money, as well as a shiny new title. It was perhaps less dramatic than other finals, but it was well earned nonetheless. Congratulations to him.

MicroMillions 7: Event #36 $11 NL Hold'em
Entrants: 4,472
Prize pool: $44,720
Places paid: 585

1. jorge pieles (Colombia) $7,023.74
2. UPAY4DINNER (Ireland) $5,232.24
3. GhRibeiro (Brazil) $3,689.40
4. HroBi26 (Netherlands) $2,571.40
5. FOUMALIN 125 (New Caledonia) $1,900.60
6. hAhA-u-L0SER (United Kingdom) $1,453.40
7. Viktor2222u (Ukraine) $1,006.20
8. jabbour2009 (Australia) $559.00
9. Mihey79 (Russia) $357.76

Stephen Bartley is a PokerStars Blog reporter.

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