MicroMillions 7: gadoslav emerges triumphant in Event #39, $3.30 8-Game Mix

The fifth day of Micromillions 7 offered players a chance to test their all-around poker skills in the first mixed-game event of the series. The structure for Event #39 sported all five HORSE variants, Limit 2-7 Triple Draw, Pot-Limit Omaha, and No-Limit Hold'em, each played for five minutes at a time in rotation. With a buy-in of just $3.30, even those who normally stuck to other games could afford to get in on the action.

The modest required investment helped to attract a field of 4,062 players, good for a prize pool of $12,186 to be distributed among the top 510 finishers. The game was 40K/80K no-limit hold'em with 10K antes when the final table was reached at 4:09 p.m. ET, and these six players - half of them from Ukraine - had their eyes on the $1,891.47 top prize:

mm7-039 ft.jpg

Seat 1: Prince234 (1,486,092 in chips)
Seat 2: ekvilibryst (1,699,133 in chips)
Seat 3: sharb777 (1,210,698 in chips)
Seat 4: Sn4pC4ll! (2,479,256 in chips)
Seat 5: gadoslav (6,860,088 in chips)
Seat 6: SpectreXS (6,574,733 in chips)

Early domination by the big stacks

With only five minutes per round there isn't much time to take advantage of a particular game, so anybody who wanted to make a move had to go for it. Russia's sharb777 did just that on the third hand of the final table, opening under the gun for an all-in bet of 1.18M with 7♦ 7♥ in the hole. The chip leader, Ukrainian player gadoslav, successfully re-raised to isolate and showed A♣ K♣. The 2♥ K♥ 8♠ flop left sharb777 in need of a seven or runner-runner hearts, and the 4♦ took the latter away. The river brought the 2♦ and the field was down to five as sharb777 left in 6th place ($213.25).

Two hands later the game changed to 40K/80K pot-limit Omaha and gadoslav turned from the short stacks to Brazil's SpectreXS, the other significant stack at the table with 6.58M chips:

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That made gadoslav the first player to cross the 10M-chip mark. The Ukrainian player won 11 of the first 15 pots at the final table, and SpectreXS was the winner of the other four during that stretch, which saw PLO end and 200K/400K 2-7 Triple Draw come and go.

Hand #16 saw the game change to 200K/400K Limit Hold'em and finally brought more variety to the proceedings. Germany's Sn4pC4ll! opened in the cutoff with 9♥ 9♠ and called a third bet by gadoslav on the button to see the flop come 7♦ 8♣ 5♠. The German check-called a bet there and made a straight with the 6♦ on the turn. A check-raise there led to getting all 1.1M chips in the middle and showing the straight, which was ahead of gadoslav's 8♠ 8♦ for a set of eights. The T♦ on the river brought no full house, giving Sn4pC4ll! the 4.1M-chip pot.

Two hands later Prince234 joined the winners' parade when K♣ K♥ held against SpectreXS' K♦ J♥ for a much-needed double to 1.1M. Ukraine's ekvilibryst tried to pull off a similar feat on Hand #21 with Q♥ Q♠, but SpectreXS' K♥ 5♥ won out on the A♣ 7♥ 8♥ Kd] 6♥ board to knock ekvilibryst out in 5th place ($385.07).

That pot moved SpectreXS into the chip lead by a few big bets, but the Hand #23 saw a larger shift for the Brazilian before the hold'em round ended:

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As the game shifted to 250K/500K Limit Omaha Hi/Lo, the stacks looked like this:

mm7-039 ft 4-handed.jpg

Seat 1: Prince234 (1,053,051 in chips)
Seat 4: Sn4pC4ll! (3,218,512 in chips)
Seat 5: gadoslav (5,317,731 in chips)
Seat 6: SpectreXS (10,720,706 in chips)

SpectreXS moved even farther ahead during the O/8 round. First, on Hand #31, the Brazilian scooped a 5.1M-chip pot from gadoslav with 2♥ 4♦ 5♣ 8♣ for a seven-high straight and a 6-4 low on the T♥ 6♦ A♥ 7♦ 3♣ board. Hand #32 then saw SpectreXS flop top two pair and outrun gadoslav's low draw for another 2.5M, good enough to top 14.7M chips. On Hand #33 SpectreXS took the field down by one player, raising with A♠ K♦ K♥ 7♥ in the small blind and getting Prince234 to commit all-in for 678K in the big blind with A♦ 3♦ 4♠ 8♣. The board fell 9♥ 7♣ T♠ 3♥ J♦, the kings scooped the pot, and Prince234 departed in 4th place ($645.85).

One Goliath and two Davids

After coming in with the chip lead, gadoslav was now playing back-to-the-wall poker with a stack worth less than two big bets. A scoop on the last hand of O/8 against SpectreXS was good for a double to 2.2M chips and kept the Ukrainian in the hunt as the game shifted to 250K/500K/50K Razz. gadoslav suggested a possible deal at this point but SpectreXS immediately declined, preferring to play out the tournament to see who would emerge victorious.

There were no river showdowns during the Razz round but gadoslav was able to make up ground anyway, chipping up to 5.3M. The 300K/600K/60K Stud round did see one showdown, with gadoslav getting things back closer to even at the top after hitting a pair of aces on fourth street and then catching a flush on the river to win the 5.7M-chip pot from SpectreXS. Then, just before the game changed over to 300K/600K/60K Stud Hi/Lo, gadoslav moved back into the chip lead with a win over SpectreXS.

The two big stacks continued to battle through the rest of Stud Hi/Lo while Sn4pC4ll! was content to fold away 60K per pot, waiting for a hand worth committing to. Hand #72, the first of 100K/200K/25K No-Limit Hold'em, presented that opportunity and Sn4pC4ll! took it, shoving for 928K on the button with 6♥ 6♠. SpectreXS called in the big blind with K♣ 3♣ and caught a straight draw on the 2♣ A♦ 4♥ flop. The draw came home with the 5♦ on the turn, leaving Sn4pC4ll! in need of one of the last three treys in the deck to make a higher straight and stay alive. But the 9♥ came instead and the German player retired in 3rd place ($1,011.43).

The final battle

The stacks were very close together as heads-up play began:

mm7-039 ft hu.jpg

Seat 5: gadoslav (10,555,462 in chips)
Seat 6: SpectreXS (9,754,538 in chips)

The next 12 hands went by in a flash, with none of the resulting pots worth more than about four big blinds, but gadoslav broke through on Hand #85. The Ukrainian raised the minimum on the button and bet 467K on the 4♥ 2♣ 9♣ flop, getting calls from SpectreXS both time, and then checked behind on the 8♣ turn. SpectreXS led for 714K on the 3♠ river but opted for a fold after gadoslav fired back with a raise to 2.1M, bringing the gap between the two players' stacks to more than 8M.

The shift to 100K/200K PLO didn't bring much change as gadoslav remained the aggressor, but SpectreXS did get some of the lost chips back on Hand #80 after flopping top two pair, checking behind after turning a full house, and extracting value with a raise on the river. The rest of the round went by uneventfully, as did the 500K/1M 2-7 Triple Draw round until Hand #96, when SpectreXS committed 2M chips before the first draw and the rest after taking two cards. gadoslav took one card on all three draws and showed down 8♦ 6♦ 5♥ 4♥ 2♥, but one card on the second draw and one card one the third produced 8♠ 5♣ 4♦ 3♠ 2♦ for SpectreXS to keep the Brazilian in the game with a 5.9M-chip pot.

gadoslav, undeterred, kept up the aggression through the rest of the Triple Draw round until SpectreXS was below 1M chips. Finally, on Hand #104, SpectreXS put all those chips in on the button and gadoslav made the call in the big blind. The Ukrainian took two cards on each draw to end up with a ragged J♦ 9♠ 8♠ 5♥ 3♦. But SpectreXS, who drew three cards on the first draw but only one on each of the last two draws, showed 8♥ 7♥ 7♣ 6♠ 5♦ for a pair of sevens, making jack-low the winner and bringing the tournament to an end.

SpectreXS, whose main game is no-limit hold'em, took home $1,377.01 for second place, six times more than the Brazilian's previous best score. The $1,891.47 win was also a career high for gadoslav, who also mostly focuses on no-limit hold'em tournaments. Congratulations to both players for making the most of their run through this mixed-game tournament.

MicroMillions-039: $3.30 8-Game
Entrants: 4,062
Prize pool: $12,186
Places paid: 510

1. gadoslav (Ukraine) $1,891.47
2. SpectreXS (Brazil) $1,377.01
3. Sn4pc4ll! (Germany) $1,011.43
4. Prince234 (Ukraine) $645.85
5. ekvilibryst (Ukraine) $385.07
6. sharb777 (Russia) $213.25

Jason Kirk is a freelance contributor to PokerStars Blog.

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