MicroMillions 7: Praspras winswins after a come from behind victory in Event #14 ($3.30 + R NL Hold'em)

Sometimes what you get from a MicroMillions final table are some memorable moments, or a vignette that defines the conclusion. Other times you don't get anything and it plays out anonymously and with good riddance. But sometimes, such as in the case of Event #14, it serves up a decent display of poker, with a few surprises that, while not earth shattering, make it entertaining nonetheless.

The result today was a surprise win for Praspras. A surprise not for any lack of prowess, but because two bigger stacks had dominated for so long, until the action went three-handed and Praspras clawed his way back into contention. He did so, and then some, winning the title and a first prize of $11,730.14.

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The final table gets underway

Here's how they lined up.

Seat 1. Checker1980 (Austria) 28,182,146
Seat 2. Praspras (Denmark) 15,944,379
Seat 3. M-ster10 (Germany) 3,077,126
Seat 4. Tuzingo (Ukraine) 2,110,328
Seat 5. Lostre dosin (Greece) 9,772,529
Seat 6. Southrnctowl (Mexico) 65,807,522
Seat 7. Gianninks (Greece) 10,576,733
Seat 8. Deepincidurr (United Kingdom) 31,840,899
Seat 9. Kefoe077 (Germany) 6,965,838

Southrnctowl was the early leader, with twice as much as the next player Deepincidurr. He would remain so for much of the hour it took to play to a winner. But with the big blind at 800,000 things were less easy at the other end.

Tuzingo knew this and shoved first hand, losing with a pair of queens against Kefoe077's pair of aces. Eventual winner Praspras would shove next for 16 million without reply, while Checker1980 won a pot worth 29 million against Southrnctowl to feather his own nest.

Lostre dosin departed next, losing out to the ten-high turned straight of M-ster10 with a pair of sevens, as the big blind reached seven figures. He would be followed by Kefoe077 who, despite a double up through Checker1980, would be eliminated by the same opponent moments later when ace-jack was undone by Checker1980's pair of tens.

This put Checker1980 on par with chip leader Southrnctowl, each sitting with more than 45 million chips. But Southrnctowl pulled away when he sent Lostre dosin to the rail, who shoved with ten-nine only for Southrnctowl to find a pair of sixes - a pair that held up.

Three minutes later Deepincidurr joined him. Having arrived at the final second in chips Deepincidurr was unable to share the momentum the likes of Southrnctowl and Checker1980 enjoyed. Deepincidurr shoved with sixes but ran into Checker1980 with sevens. The result was a field down to four and Checker1980 with 78 million in his war chest.

It was to set up a big hand between the new leader Checker1980 and former leader Southrnctowl which levelled their stacks. In the best spirit of the game neither player flinched at taking on their most well-armed rival, the pursuit of the title forever forefront in their minds.

Meanwhile the others were jostling for what looked like third place, getting their chips in against each other. Gianninks, who had priorities prudence up to now, showed ace-queen of hearts while Praspras showed ace-eight off-suit, flopping a fortuitous second eight. That was good enough. Gianninks was out, Praspras was up to 35 million chips and play was now three-handed.

After Checker1980's proposal for a deal was nixed by Southrnctowl play continued, with the stacks looking like this.

Checker1980 - 75 million
Praspras - 33 million
Southrnctowl - 65 million

It looked like the usual format would prevail, the big stacks waiting until Praspras was left short and forced to move in with a sub-prime hand. That was true for the first ten minutes of three-handed play. But then Praspras got the hand he was looking for.

It effectively levelled the playing field.

Checker1980 - 62 million
Praspras - 57 million
Southrnctowl - 56 million

Fifteen minutes of stalemate followed. The stacks varied, with each taking a turn in front, sometimes by more than a couple of big blinds, but more likely by the smallest of margins. But such a state of affairs cannot last indefinitely. Many events can shake things up in such circumstances. Not least a pot worth 125 million.

Southrnctowl was suddenly left naked, but for a million or so chips which he set about valiantly turning into 12 million before the natural order of things caught up with him. He shoved with queen-deuce into Checker1980's king-nine, and left in third.

Checker1980 took 53 million into heads-up play, against Praspras's 130 million. But as before the chip leader was quickly pegged back to all square.

And so with stalemate back on the table they struck a deal, which put smiles on the player's faces. It also speeded things up. Stalemate evaporated. It was all over in two hands.

A great performance from Praspras who earns a first MicroMillions title. full results from Event #14 are below.

MicroMillions 7: Event #14 $3.30 NL Hold'em + R
Entrants: 10,356 (14,062 re-buys, 7,225 add ons)
Prize pool: $94,929.00
Places paid: 1,350

1. Praspras (Denmark) $11,730.14*
2. Checker1980 (Austria) $11,800.00*
3. southrnctowl (Mexico) $7,067.46
4. gianninks (Greece) $4,746.45
5. deepincidurr (United Kingdom) $3,797.16
6. lostre dosin (Greece) $2,847.87
7. kefoe077 (Germany) $1,898.58
8. M-ster10 (Germany) $1,044.21
9. tuzingo (Ukraine) $664.50

Stephen Bartley -is a PokerStars Blog reporter.

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