TCOOP 2016: 94-Minute Victory for AntonKrasch in Hyper-Turbo Event #43 ($215 NL Omaha 8, 6-Max)

Switzerland's AntonKrasch won a TCOOP event in only 94 minutes in a hyper-turbo event. Where else can you turn $215 into $25K in 94 minutes or, less time it takes to watch Rounders?

6-Max Hyper-Turbos are efficiently thrilling. The money bubble in TCOOP Event #43 burst in an under an hour, the final table was set in 80 minutes, and a champion declared in less than fourteen minutes. It total... 94 minutes from start to finish. Oh, did I forget to mention this was a split-pot game?

As the kids would say today... "Hyper-Turbos, bruh."

If you bought into the event and started watching the movie Rounders at the same time, the money bubble would have burst 49 minutes in, or just before the scene when Mike McD (Matt Damon) and Worm (Ed Norton) take a road trip to Atlantic City, where "the sand turns to gold." And this tournament would have ended in the middle of the infamous scene when Matt Damon plays Johnny Chan heads-up in a pot.

2016 TCOOP Event #43 $215 NL Omaha Hi/Lo, 6-Max was a Hyper-Turbo format with 3-minute levels. This no-limit O8 hyper-event attracted 641 runners. They created a prize pool worth $135,122.80. The top 84 places paid out with $24,998.15 set aside for the champ.

A pair of Team Online secured themselves a cash. At the money bubble, Team Online nkeyno from Japan was in the Top 25 and Team Online talonchick was 69th overall. Canada's talonchick would bust in 71st place and earn $391.85.

At the first break, nkeyno was 22/48. By the next break... um... there was no "next" break. The tournament reached a climax in 94 minutes and nkeyno had fizzled out in 38th place. nkeyno lost the majority of his stack in a three-way pot in which he lost boat over boat. A couple of hands later, nkeyno was knocked out in 38th place in a 3-way pot with A♠K♥8♥2♦ and lost to R_Caiaffa's A♦J♦5♥3♣. Team Online nkeyno won $621.56.

With 12 remaining on the final two tables, Czech Republic's filfedra sat a top the big stack with 850K and was seeking  a second career COOP title.

Action went hand-for-hand with seven remaining. filfedra was closing in on 1M and mabelstark was the shorty with under 90K. However, Pikiniki ™ ran into SHIPP ITT's A♠A♣T♠4♥ and Pikiniki ™ bubbled off the final table in seventh place. The 6-Max final table was set.


TCOOP 2016 - Event #43 Final Table Chip Counts:
 Seat 1: SHIPP ITT (1,013,789)
Seat 2: OELoose (474,993)
Seat 3: duremar2001 (159,958)
Seat 4: mabelstark (161,336)
Seat 5: AntonKrasch (461,290)
Seat 6: filfedra (933,634)

The final table kicked off during Level 26 with blinds at 15K/30K and a 6K ante. Canada's SHIPP ITT held the lead with 1M and filfedra was right behind with 993K. Meanwhile, duremar2001 and mabelstark were both the shorties with 160K. SHIPP ITT had previously won a 2014 SCOOP bracelet and won the Sunday Million in 2010 on 10/10/10. Also, filfedra once won a 2011 SCOOP.

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JACOB'S LADDER: duremar2001 eliminated in 6th place

Action did not last a full orbit before a first bustout. Short-stacked duremar2001 open-shoved for 141,958 and OELoose called from the big blind.

OELoose: A♠6♥6♦2♦
duremar2001: A♦4♣3♠3♣

The board finished up T♦9♥7♥A♥K♥. Without a qualifying low hand, OELoose won the pot with a pair of Aces and a better kicker. duremar2001 became the first player to ecit the final table and won $4,053.68.

STUCK WITH YOU: mabelstark eliminated in 5th place; OELoose eliminated in 4th place

Three-way pot. Two players busted. SHIPP ITT opened to 82,994, OELoose re-raised all-in for 243,661, and super-short mabelstark called all-in for 58,336, and SHIPP ITT called.

SHIPP ITT: T♣3♠3♥2♠
OELoose: A♥K♥4♠2♦
mabelstark: A♦9♠7♣2♣

The board ran out 9♥9♦3♦6♣J♠. Without a qualifying low hand, SHIPP ITT won the main pot and side pot with a full house. The U.K.'s mabelstark made a final stand with trip nines buyt busted in fifth place, which paid out $6,756.14. Norway's OELoose never improved and was knocked out in fourth place, which paid out $9,458.59.

With three to go, SHIPP ITT led with almost 1.5M, followed by filfedra (934K) and AntonKrasch (784K).

FOREST FOR THE TREES: SHIPP ITT eliminated in 3rd place

SHIPP ITT's lead was short lived before AntonKrasch wrestled away the top spot. SHIPP ITT went from the penthouse to slumming it in the basement with the short stack.

SHIPP ITT bombed it all-in for 781,661 and AntonKrasch called.

AntonKrasch: Q♦Q♣4♥2♦
SHIPP ITT: A♠9♣4♠3♥

The borad ran out A♦K♥Q♠J♥J♣. AntonKrasch flopped a set of Queens and rivered a full house. Without a qualifying low, AntonKrasch won the pot and sent SHIPP ITT to the rail in third place. SHIPP ITT was dunzo in third, which paid out $13,850.08.

HEADS-UP: AntonKrasch (Switzerland) vs. filfedra (Czech Republic)
Seat 5: AntonKrasch (2,567,911)
Seat 6: filfedra (637,089)

With two to go, AntonKrasch held almost a 4-1 edge. Heads-up would only last 12 hands.

HIP TO BE SQUARE: filfedra eliminated in second place; AntonKrasch wins Event #43

On 12th hand of heads-up and the final hand... filfedra bombed it all-in for 547,089 and AntonKrasch called with Aces.

AntonKrasch: A♦A♥7♣2♠
filfedra: K♦T♦6♥3♥

The board ran out T♣7♠4♦J♥J♣. filfedra had flopped a gutshot draw, but whiffed on the river. Without a qualifying low... AntonKrasch won the pot with two pair -- Aces and Jacks. filfedra lost with a lower two pair -- Jacks and tens.

For a runner-up finish, Czech Republic's filfedra took home $18,646.94.

Congrats to AntonKrasch for winning Event #43. First place pay day was worth $24,998.15.

TCOOP-43 ($215 NL Omaha H/L, 6-Max, Hyper-Turbo) results
Entrants: 641
Total prize pool: $135,122.80
Places paid: 84

1. AntonKrasch (Switzerland) $24,998.15
2. filfedra (Czech Republic) $18,646.94
3. SHIPP ITT (Canada) $13,850.08
4. OELoose (Norway) $9,458.59
5. mabelstark (United Kingdom) $6,756.14
6. duremar2001 (Russia) $4,053.68

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Pauly McGuire is a freelance contributor to PokerStars Blog.

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