WCOOP 2016: Denmark's jonaj10 wins final hand with pocket Aces in Event #41 ($1,575 NL Progressive KO Thursday Thrill SE)

Turtles all the way down. It was one of those wild and weird nights in the WCOOP Event #41. I blame the full harvest moon. Strange things are always afoot when the lunar cycles hit their peak. The final table bubble went on longer than anyone would have expected and although two players busted on the first hand of the final table, the action hit a major slowdown with three remaining. The final three slugged it out for nearly 2.5 hours before one of the short stacks cannibalized each other. After a tiring three-way, the final two -- jonaj10 (Denmark) and bossamtisch (Germany) -- decided to chop up the prize money. They played out for the bounties, the title, and 2% of the prize pool that had to be left on the table for any deal. When the dust finally settled after a quickie 13-hand heads-up bout, jonaj10 emerged the victor.

2016 WCOOP Event #41 $1,575 NL Progressive KO also doubled as the Thursday Thrill Special Edition. This event attracted 1,260 runners. The total prize pool was $1,890,000 with 50% devoted to bounties, so $945,000 went to the regular prize pool and $945,000 got set aside for the bounties pool. Only the top 143 places paid out with $147,704.87 set aside to the champion.

Only 122 players survived the cut on Day 1. Everyone's favorite Frenchie gamer, Team PokerStars Pro Elky, finished in the top 10 while streaming his run via Twitch. Also surviving the cut was Team Online's Randy 'nanonoko' Lew, who finished near the back of the pack and 100/122.

The action progressed swiftly on Day 2 with a flurry of bustouts from the get go. nananoko was among the early casualties on Day 2 when he busted in 73rd place.


Elky selfies after staying inside for three days playing WCOOP

With 50 to go, Elky struggled to stay afloat as one of the shortest stacks remaining. During Level 25, Elky found a spot to double up and shoved for 64,949 with A♣K♦. delpiero7777 accepted the challenge with pocket sevens. Big Slick never improved for Elky and he hit the virtual rail in 45th place. delpiero7777 collected a bounty worth $1,218.75 for knocking out Elky. In addition, delpiero7777's own bounty increased by the same amount.

With 36 remaining on the final three tables, Russia's Romzess II led with 1M and Faraz 'The-Toilet 0' Jaka was one of the shorties. Jaka eventually bowed out in 32nd place. At that point, Ship It2020 and SamRostan battled for the lead. With 18 to go on the final two tables, Ship It 2010 led with 1.6M and theNERDguy was the shorty with around 420K. With 13 remaining, bossamtisch and NoHayMiedo* were hovering around 2M near the top of the leader board.

Poland's dulek_jason, who chopped the Sunday Million twice, bubbled off the final table in tenth place. dulek_jason's A♥K♥ was run down by bossamtisch's K♠Q♠ after bossamtisch flopped a flush draw and got there on the turn.

WCOOP Event #41 - Final Table Chip Counts:
Seat 1: Ship It 2010 (1,211,778)
Seat 2: NoHayMiedo* (2,462,736)
Seat 3: Virgilik (727,569)
Seat 4: jonaj10 (1,704,643)
Seat 5: Adrijan_S (1,173,701)
Seat 6: Yattago (175,618)
Seat 7: Fear1sWisdom (444,933)
Seat 8: bossamtisch (3,558,788)
Seat 9: SamRostan (1,140,234)

The final table commenced during Level 39 with blinds at 13.5K/27K ad a 3,375 ante. Germany's bossamtisch led the way with 3.5M and the U.K.'s Fear1sWisdom was the short with 444K.

The biggest notable at the final table was a nosebleed reg Chun 'SamRostan' Lei Zhou, who is highstakes player who plays someone of the biggest action online and in real life in Macau. SamRostan missed a WCOOP title last weekend when he was the runner-up in the 10K High Roller.

Also at the final table was Francis 'NoHayMiedo' Cruz, who shipped a 2016 SCOOP and won over $1.1M online at PokerStars.

Rounding out the rest of the final table... Adrijan_S cashed in a bunch of SCOOPS and even went deep in a 2016 WCOOP 3-handed event... Jamie "Ship It 2010" O'Connor final tabled a SCOOP event earlier this year ... Virgilik cashed in 4 WCOOP events already this year... jonaj10 made a final table at the start of the 2016 WCOOP.

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TURTLES ALL THE WAY DOWN: Yattago eliminated in 9th place; Ship It 2010 eliminated in 8th place

First hand at the final table was a thermonuclear detonation. Two players busted on a single hand. Yattago shoved for 172,243, Ship It 2010 re-shoved for 1,208,403, NoHayMiedo* also bombed it all-in for 2,459,361. Three-way all-in.

Ship It 2010: A♠K♥
NoHayMiedo*: Q♣Q♠
Yattago: K♠J♥

The board ran out 9♣3♠2♦5♦T♣. NoHayMiedo*'s pocket Queens held up and even faded a Wheel draw on the river. NoHayMiedo* won the side pot and main pot and rocketed into the chip lead. NoHayMiedo* picked up two bounties: $1,0031.23 for busting Ship It 2010 and $2,601.56 for picking off Yattago. NoHayMiedo*'s own bounty jumped to $21,773.41.

Yattago was the first player to exit the final table. Ninth place paid out $12,308.71. Ship It 2010 was knocked out in eighth place, which paid out $16,792.27.

LONG WHITE LINE: Fear1sWisdom eliminated in 7th place

Shorty Fear1sWisdom open-shoved for 259,709 with J♣6♣ and bossamtisch called with 7♥6♦. The board finished up T♥9♦7♦3♥T♣. Fear1sWisdom never improved. bossamtisch hit the flop and won the pot with two pair. Fear1sWisdom was dunzo in seventh place, which paid out $22,908.97.

And the rich get richer... bossamtisch picked up $5,238.28 for knocking out Fear1sWisdom and their own bounty was bumped up to $35,745.06.

With six to go, NoHayMiedo*ed with 4.1M, followed by bossamtisch's 3.8M. Virgilik was the shorty with 717K.

THE PROMISE: Virgilik eliminated in 6th place

Virgilik opened to 58,455, jonaj10 raised to 171,111, Virgilik four-bet shoved for 835,274 with T♥T♣ and jonaj10 called with A♦K♦. Classic race. The board ran out 6♦3♠2♠A♣3♥. jonaj10 turned an Ace to win the pot with Aces up. Romania's Virgilik was dunzo in sixth place and took home $31,253.89.

jonaj10 earned $4,734.38 for Virgilik's bounty and their own bounty bumped up to $21,949.19.

A LITTLE WHITE LIGHT: Adrijan_S eliminated in 5th place

Three-way all in. jonaj10 opened to 69,600, Adrijan_S shoved for 651,931, bossamtisch bombed it all-in for 3,226,480, and jonaj10 called all-in for 2,470,947.

bossamtisch: A♣J♥
jonaj10: J♣J♦
Adrijan_S: 8♣8♥

The board finished up T♦T♣6♠Q♣2♠. jonaj10 won the main pot and side pot with two pair -- Jacks and tens. Adrijan_S's pocket eights were no good and did not stave off elimination. Adrijan_S busted in fifth place, which paid out $42,638.49.

jonaj10 earned a bounty worth $4,362.30 and their own bounty jumped to $26,311.49.

jonaj10 surged to the big stack (5.7M) with four to go. NoHayMiedo* was second with 5.2M. bossamtisch was the new shorty with 686K.

JUST LET GO: SamRostan eliminated in 4th place

SamRostan opened to 72,000, NoHayMiedo* raised to 195,000, and SamRostan called 123,000. The flop was A♠T♦3♣. SamRostan checked, NoHayMiedo* bet 144,000, SamRostan min-check-raised to 288,000, and NoHayMiedo* called. The turn was the 6♦. SamRostan shoved for 391,998 and NoHayMiedo* called. The both flopped and Ace, but SamRostan trailed with A♥7♥ against NoHayMiedo*' s A♦Q♣. The river was the 4♠. NoHayMiedo* dragged the pot with a better kicker. SamRostan busted in fourth place, which paid out $58,170.04.

NoHayMiedo* added another bounty to his collection worth $10,637.69 and their own bounty jumped to $32,411.09.

With three to go.... jonaj10 led with 6.3M, followed by NoHayMiedo* (5.3M), and bossamtisch was the shorty with 944K.

IT AIN'T ALL FLOWERS: NoHayMiedo* eliminated in 3rd place

Three handed hit a major lull. For over two hours, jonaj10 held a firm grip on the lead, but he failed to deliver knockouts on multiple occasions in which both bossamtisch and NoHayMiedo* were all-in for their tournament lives. Then we finally saw a bustout when two of the shorter stacks rumbled.

NoHayMiedo* min-raised to 120,000 and bossamtisch called. The flop was K♦Q♣7♠ and fireworks ensued. bossamtisch checked, NoHayMiedo* fired out 93,600, bossamtisch check-raised to 244,665, NoHayMiedo* shoved for 972,266, and bossamtisch called.

bossamtisch: J♣T♦
NoHayMiedo*: A♦6♥

NoHayMiedo* had nothing but air and ace high, but was ahead of bossamtisch, who only held jack-high and an open-ended straight draw. The turn was the 9♦ and the river was the 3♠. bossamtisch turned a straight to win the pot. bossamtisch picked up $16,205.55 for busting NoHayMiedo* and their own bounty jumped to $16,205.54. NoHayMiedo* was dunzo in third place, which paid out $79,359.21.

HEADS-UP: jonaj10 (Denmark) vs. bossamtisch (Germany)
Seat 4: jonaj10 (7,734,847)
Seat 8: bossamtisch (4,865,153)

After an elongated three-handed match, once it got heads-up the final two were willing to disucss a money chop.


With jonaj10 holding 7.9M to 4.6M they decided to discuss a deal. Any deal had to leave at least 2% of the prize pool on the table or $18,900. The numbers were floated: jonaj10 at $121,171.99 and bossamtisch at $115,889.64.

LIVING THE DREAM: bossamtisch eliminated in 2nd place; jonaj10 win Event #41

Heads-up only lasted 13 hands before we saw the final battle. And it was one heck of a cooler. Going into the 13th hand...jonaj10 led 7.5M to 5M.

bossamtisch instigated the raising war with a raise to 150,000, jonaj10 bumped it up to 499,999, bossamtisch four-bet to 1,124,665, jonaj10 five0bet to 6M, bossamtisch called all-in for 5,039,752.

jonaj10: A♦A♠
bossamtisch: T♣T♥

Mon Dieu! The board finished up Q♥J♠4♠4♦3♣ and Aces held up for jonaj10. bossamtisch couldn't pull off the upset and busted in second place. Germany's bossamtisch took home $115,899.64 for second place.

Congrats to jonaj10 for winning the tournament. jonaj10 earned a bounty worth a staggering $25,975.30 for knocking out bossamtisch. First place paid out $140,071.99. Denmark's jonaj10 won an additional $52,286.79 in bounties for this Prog-KO event.


WCOOP-41 ($1,575 NL Hold'em [Progressive KO (50%), Thursday Thrill SE]) results
Total entries: 1,260
Prize pool: $1,890,000 (Regular pool: $945,000; Bounty pool: $945,000)
Places paid: 143

1. jonaj10 (Denmark) $140,071.99* + $52,286.79 in bounties
2. bossamtisch (Germany) $115,889.64* + $51,950.60 in bounties
3. NoHayMiedo* (Dominican Republic) $79,359.21 + $32,411.09 in bounties
4. SamRostan (Macau) $58,170.04 + $21,275.37 in bounties
5. Adrijan_S (Montenegro) $42,638.49 + $8,724.50 in bounties
6. Virgilik (Romania) $31,253.89 + $9,468.75 in bounties
7. Fear1sWisdom (U.K.) $22,908.97 + $10,476.55 in bounties
8. Ship It 2010 (U.K.) $16,792.27 + $20,062.46 in bounties
9. Yattago (Brazil) $12,308.71 + $5,203.12 in bounties

* = Denotes a heads-up money chop

Head over to the WCOOP home page for a schedule of remaining events and find out who is in contention for Player of the Series.

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Pauly McGuire is the author of Lost Vegas and a freelance contributor to PokerStars.

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