WCOOP 2016: Finland's mahmuttt88 is the fixed-limit big dog in Event #45 ($320 FL Hold'em)

Let's kick it old school. Break out the tracksuits and dust off your Adidas. It's time to hop into the Wayback Machine and play fixed-limit hold'em. Depending on your age, limit hold'em might have been the first game you played online, in a casino, or with friends in a kitchen home game. It's the equivalent of learning how to ride a bicycle with training wheels.

Limit is a game where you'll find neophytes and skilled assassins. Some of the biggest cash games in the world are incorporate some sort of limit hold'em into their mixed games. But limit hold'em tournaments have evolved into a dignified niche event for true aficionados compared to the insanely popular no-limit variants.


The final table was dominated by Finland, with 33% of the final six hailing from Finland. Although E. Aequitas bailed in fourth place, mahmuttt88 made Finland proud by taking down WCOOP Event #45. mahmuttt88 won the old-school fixed limit event for a sweet score worth a little more than $19K.

2016 WCOOP Event #45 $320 6-Max Limit Hold'em attracted 289 runners. There was a rare overlay for this year's WCOOP and the $100K guarantee kicked in. The top 35 places paid out with first place getting $19,087.64 out of the prize pool.

Day 1 ended with 36 players surviving the cut. Canada's cmu92 bagged up the most chips with 267K. Day 2 began on the money bubble with 36 remaining. Jackal69 was the one left out of the party after busting out on the bubble unceremoniously in 36th place.

With 12 remaining on the final two tables, a pair of Russians were vying for the top spot -- Admiral19792 and perumov. Colombia's Mayu 'marroca5' Roca was the shorty with 12 to go. He'd meet his fate in that spot. Roca busted in 12th place. He narrowly missed a final table. Roca final tabled the EPT10 Monte Carlo Grand Finale in 2014. He is also a 2-time COOP champ with victories in both WCOOP and SCOOP. Alas, he'll have to wait another day to win his second WCOOP.

With seven left in the hunt and action hand-fo-hand on the final table bubble, mahmutt88 was the top dog closing in on 1M. Russia's perunov was the shorties with under 25K. Fresh_oO_D took out Perumov when he rivered a seven-high straight with A♣6♦. pernov bubbled off the final table in seventh place.


WCOOP Event #45 - Final Table Chip Counts:
Seat 1: Pandakey (139,131)
Seat 2: Krazy90 (63,885)
Seat 3: Admiral19793 (427,579)
Seat 4: Fresh_oO_D (397,026)
Seat 5: mahmuttt88 (971,087)
Seat 6: E. Aequitas (891,292)

The final table commenced during Level 31 with betting limits at 10K/20K. A pair of Finnish players led the way with mahmuttt88 in first and E. Aequitas in second. Poland's Krazy90 was the short stack with 64K.

Germany's Jens 'Fresh_oO_D' Lakemeier won a SCOOP event in Razz earlier this year. Russia's Admiral19793 final tabled a 2016 SCOOP and Finland's mahmuttt88 was a runner-up in a 2015 SCOOP. Both got close, but they were seeking their first-ever COOP.

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PETER PIPER: Krazy90 eliminated in 6th place

The shortie was the first to go. mahmuttt88 min-raised to 20,000 and Krazy90 called from the big blind. The flop was Q♥9♣9♠. Krazy90 checked, mahmuttt88 fired out 10,000, Krazy90 check-raised to 20,000, and mahmuttt88 called. The turn was the T♠. Krazy90 moved all-in for 18,885 and mahmuttt88 called.

Krazy90: A♣7♣
mahmuttt88: Q♦9♦

mahmuttt88 flopped a full house and Krazy90 was drawing dead. Poland's Krazy90 was the first player to bust at the final table. Sixth place paid out $3,585.07.

IT'S TRICKY: Pandakey eliminated in 5th place

The final table went from six to four rather quickly. Betting was capped preflop. Three-way with mahmuttt88, E. Aequitas, and Pandakey. The flop was A♦8♦7♠. E. Aequitas and Pandakey both checked. mahmuttt88 bet 12,000, E. Aequitas folded, and Pandakey called. Heads-up. The turn was the A♥. Pandakey check-called a 24,000 bet from mahmuttt88. The Q♣ fell on the river. Pandakey checked, mahmuttt88 bet 24,000, Pandakey called all-in for 12,131.

mahmuttt88: A♠K♣
Pandakey: 6♥6♦

Pandakey's pocket sixes lost a flip against Big Slick. mahmuttt88 won the pot with trip Aces. Pandakey from Belarus was knocked out in fifth place, which paid out $5,008.97.

MY ADIDAS: E. Aequitas eliminated in 4th place

Four-handed played out for nearly two levels before someone bowed out. Battle of the blinds. E. Aequitas opened to 32,000 and Admiral19793 called. The flop was K♠9♦7♠. E. Aequitas bet 16000 and Admiral19793 called. The turn was the 8♥. E. Aequitas fired out 32,000. Admiral19793 raised to 64,000, E. Aequitas three-bet to 96,000, Admiral19793 capped it at 128,000, and E. Aequitas called all-in for 24,792.

E. Aequitas: K♥K♦
Admiral19793: T♠6♥

E. Aequitas flopped a set of Kings, but Admiral19793 only flopped a gutshot draw. Admiral19793 got there on the turn to seize the lead. The river was the Q♥. Admiral19793 won the pot with a ten-high straight and snapped off pocket cowboys. Finland's E. Aequitas busted in fourth place, which paid out $6,998.41.

With three remaining, Admiral19793 led with 1.7M, followed by Fresh_oO_D's 1M and mahmuttt88's 202K short stack.


Jens 'Fresh_oO_D' Lakemeier = third place

YOU BE ILLIN': Fresh_oO_D eliminated in 3rd place

After a full level of inaction, we saw fireworks. At the start of Level 36, Short-stacked Fresh_oO_D opened to 40,000, mahmuttt88 and Admiral19793 called. The flop was J♣T♠8♣. mahmuttt88 fired out 20,000, Admiral19793 called, and Fresh_oO_D called all-in for 11,846. The turn was the 6♦. mahmuttt88 bet 40,000 and Admiral19793 called. The river was the J♠. mahmuttt88 fired out 40,000 and Admiral19793 folded. At showdown,

mahmuttt88: Q♦9♠
Fresh_oO_D: T♥8♥

mahmuttt88 flopped the joint to win the main pot and the side pot. Fresh_oO_D flopped two pair, but could not come from behind to stave off elimination. For a third-place finish, Jens 'Fresh_oO_D' Lakemeier took home $9,778.00.

HEADS-UP: Admiral19793 (Russia) vs. mahmuttt88 (Finland)
Seat 3: Admiral19793 (1,209,871)
Seat 5: mahmuttt88 (1,680,129)

Finland vs. Russia for the title! mahmuttt88 held a slight lead.

mahmuttt88 got off to a hot start and attempted to pull away, but Admiral19783 wouldn't give up so easy. Twenty-five minutes into heads-up, Admiral19793 seized the lead during a rush in which he won 10 out of 11 pots. mahmuttt88 launched a counterattack and took a 3-1 lead once heads-up reached the 60-minute mark. After dragging a 640K pot with a flush, mahmuttt88 had Admirdal19793 on the ropes and was desperately trying to knock out the Russian.

WALK THIS WAY: Admiral19793 eliminated in 2nd place; mahmuttt888 wins Event #45

Going into the final hand, Admiral19793 trailed 2.5M to 424K. Admiral19793 opened with a raise to 64,000, mahmuttt88 bumped it up to 96,000, and Admiral19793 called. The flop was 7♥5♥2♥. mahmuttt88 bet 32,000 and Admiral19793 called. The turn was the K♠. mahmuttt88 fired out 64,000, Admiral19793 raised to 128,000, mahmuttt88 three-bet to 192,000, Admiral19793 capped it at 256,000, and mahmuttt88 called. The T♠ fell on the river. mahmuttt88 bet 64,000, Admiral19793 called all-in for 39,484. At showdown...

mahmuttt88: A♥9♥
Admiral19793: K♥9♠

Admiral19793 turned a pair of Kings, but lost to mahmuttt88's flopped nut flush. Admiral19793 headed to the virtual rail in second place. Mahmuttt88 won the pot and the tournament.

For a runner-up finish, Russia's Admiral19793 earned $13,661.60.

Congrats to Finland's mahmuttt88 for shipping Event #45, which paid out $19,087.64.


WCOOP-45 ($320 FL Hold'em [6-Max]) results
Total entries: 289
Prize pool: $100,000
Places paid: 35

1. mahmuttt88 (Finland) $19,087.64
2. Admiral19793 (Russia) $13,661.60
3. Jens 'Fresh_oO_D' Lakemeier (Germany) $9,778.00
4. E. Aequitas (Finland) $6,998.41
5. Pandakey (Belarus) $5,008.97
6. Krazy90 (Poland) $3,585.07

Visit the WCOOP home page for all things WCOOP including a schedule of remaining events and find out who is on the leader board.

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