WCOOP 2016: leoc00 locks up win in Sunday Warm-Up Event #52 ($215 NL Sunday Warm-Up SE)

Canada's leoc00 went into heads-up with a chip lead in excess of 100 million. It's not very often you can say that, yet in Event #52 the tumescent stack sizes at the final table reached nine-figures. But the most important number in this $2,100 buy-in event the first place payout worth a cool $222K. Germany's Uninc157 was trying to overcome a daunting 128M to 28M deficit against leoc00 to ship the mountain of cash. In the end, leoc00 held off the German assault to win Event #52, which also doubled as the Sunday Warm-Up Special Edition.

WCOOP Event #52 $215 NL (Sunday Warm-Up SE) event attracted 7,893 total entrants with 5,463 initial runners and 2,430 re-entries. They created a prize pool worth $1,578,600, which smashed the $1M Guarantee. The top 980 places paid out with $222,159 initially set aside to the champion.

Andre Akkari-Massage-1.jpg

39th place for Akkari

Day 1 ended with India's Keenyle in the lead with 1.6M. Brazil's Team PokerStars Pro Andre Akkari was still alive and finished up Day 1 at 56/347. Team PokerStars Online Grzegorz 'DaWarsaw' Mikielewicz from Poland was one of the shorties after he finished Day 1 at 321st overall, or near the back of the pack.

Early on Day 2, Grzegorz 'DaWarsaw' Mikielewicz bowed out in 247th place. Meanwhile, Andre Akkari was just getting warmed up for Day 2 of the Sunday Warm-Up. With 200 to go, Akkari was smack dead in the middle at 100/200 until he won a seven-figure pot worth 1M that thrust him into the Top 25. With 175 to go, Akkari dragged another monsterpotten worth 2.7M when he flopped a set of sixes against top two pair. That hand rocketed Akkari into third overall, but not far behind chip leader NANDO368 from Angola.

Akkari seized first place in a cooler. With 135 to go, he got it all in with A♦A♥ against PAW717's K♣K♥. Akkari flopped a set of Aces and proceeded to win a 1.7M pot. He was hovering in the Top 10 but the Aces vs. Kings win propelled him into the #1 spot with 3.2M. With 100 to go, Akkari's stack slipped a bit, but held onto a Top 10 spot as a pair of Brazilians, Stere0Love and KKremate, jockeyed for the top spot and KKremate holding steady with 5.2M.

With 66 to go, Akkari slipped to under 2M and hung out in the bottom quarter of the field. Akkari got as far as 39th place, when his run finally came to an abrupt end. Short-stacked, Akkari open-shoved for his last 1M with Q♠T♥. The Brazilian failed to double up against ekziter's A♠J♣ and he hit the road in 39th place, which paid out $2,909.20. At that point, fellow Brazilian Stere0Love battled CURTAINS126 for the lead as they pushed their stacks over the 10M mark.

With ten to go and the action hand-for-hand, leoc00 increased the big stack from 40M to over 50M. leoc00 picked off HNESNESNE5's short stack with A♠Q♠ vs. A♣7♠.


Sunday Warm-Up - Final Table Chip Counts:
Seat 1: Froglives (10,655,934)
Seat 2: Uninc157 (5,740,117)
Seat 3: Spider91_PL (11,598,198)
Seat 4: ekziter (11,118,270)
Seat 5: AndTheCircus (6,015,249)
Seat 6: pitaoufmg (9,295,938)
Seat 7: Stere0Love (32,532,007)
Seat 8: leoc00 (59,530,119)
Seat 9: Vitorbrasil (11,374,168)

The final table commenced during Level 48 with blinds at 250K/500K and a 62.5K ante. Canada's leoc00 led the way with nearly 60M. leoc00 final tabled the Sunday Million and also made the final table of a WCOOP back in 2014.

Notables at the final table included... Belarus' ekziter won a WCOOP in 2015 and shipped a SCOOP earlier this year... ekziter also won the Super Tuesday once... pitaoufmg final tabled a couple of WCOOP events, but never broke through to the winner's circle.

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ROADBULL: Vitorbrasil eliminated in 9th place

Super-shorty Vitorbrasil made a final stand in a three-way pot. ekziter opened to 1.2M, Stere0Love raised to 3,100,100, Vitorbrasil called all-in for 531,434, and ekziter called. The flop was K♣8♠8♦ and ekziter check-called a 1,650,650 bet from Stere0Love. The turn was the 8♣ and both players checked. The river was the J♥ and both players checked again. At showdown, both Stere0Love and Vitorbrasil mucked losing hands. ekziter won the pot with Q♣Q♦ for a full house -- eights over Queens. Brazil's Vitorbrasil became the first player to bust at the final table. Ninth place paid out $12,342.12.

RESOLVE: Froglives eliminated in 8th place

Froglives open-shoved for 7,905,934 and ekziter re-shoved for 15M and everyone else bailed. ekziter was racing with 8♠8♦ against Froglives' K♣T♣. The board finished up 5♥3♠2♥7♥2♣. Pocket eights held up for ekziter. Sweden's Froglives busted in eighth place and took home $17,713.15.

SWEET WILLY ROLLBAR: Stere0Love eliminated in 7th place

Short-stack vs. Big-stack. Stere0Love opened to 1.8M and leoc00 called. The flop was 9♣3♥2♦. Stere0Love bet 1.8M and leoc00 called. The turn was the 6♦. Stere0Love fired out 2,700,700, leoc00 shoved for 59,611,453, Stere0Love called all-in for 9,082,757.

Stere0Love: Q♦Q♠
leoc00: T♦7♦

Stere0Love's pocket Queens led, but was up against a gutshot draw and a flush draw. The river was the 9♦. Stere0Love's Queens were snapped off on the river. leoc00 rivered a diamond flush to win the pot. For a seventh-place performance, Stere0Love earned $25,421.77.

GOOSE FREIGHT TRAIN: ekziter eliminated in 6th place

Big-stacked bully leoc00 opened to 2M, ekziter bumped it up to 6.2M, leoc00 four-bet shoved for 76,988,072 with K♥Q♥, and ekziter called all-in for 1,537,060 with 9♠9♦. The board finished up Q♣4♦2♦T♠A♦. leoc00 took the lead on the flop with a pair of Queens and pocket nines were doomed for ekziter. Alas, ekziter from Belarus busted in sixth place, which paid out $36,484.91.

AT THE STAKE: AndTheCircus eliminated in 5th place

Five-handed went quick. AndTheCircus bombed it all-in for 9,994,158 with K♠T♥, and pitaoufmg called with A♠Q♠. The board finished up 9♦8♠8♣6♠5♦ and neither player improved. pitaoufmg won the pot with a Ace-high kicker. AndTheCircus busted in fifth place, which paid out $52,362.63.

Woth four to go, Spider91_PL had a slight lead with 48M to leoc00's 47.7M.

MAGIC PIG DETECTIVE: Spider91_PL eliminated in 4th place

Battle of the blinds. Uninc157 shoved for 25,994,056 and Spider91_PL called all-in for 3,232,234 with A♣8♠. Uninc157 was in trouble with T♠6♣. However, the board ran out J♥5♥2♣6♠3♦ and Uninc157 won the pot with a pair of sixes. Poland's Spider91_PL busted in fourth place, which paid out $75,150.35.

With three to go, leoc00 opened up a ginormous lead with 95M while both opponents held roughly 30M each.

SHEDEVIL: pitaoufmg eliminated in 3rd place

With pitaoufmg's exit, Brazil was denied its first WCOOP title of the year. Short-stacked pitaoufmg open-shoved for 13,661,151 from the small blind and leoc00 called. pitaoufmg trailed with J♣2♣ against leoc00's K♥8♠. The board finished up K♣T♦7♠A♥5♥ and leoc00 won the pot with a pair of Kings. Brazil's pitaoufmg was dunzo in third place and collected $107,855.00.

HEADS-UP: Uninc157 (Germany) vs. leoc00 (Canada)
Seat 2: Uninc157 (29,183,427)
Seat 8: leoc00 (128,676,573)

With two to go, leoc00 held a sizable edge over Uninc157. But blinds were 1M/2M with a 250K ante.

JUNE BUG: Uninc157 eliminated in 2nd place; leoc00 wins Event #52!

During the first half hour of heads-up, Uninc157 doibled up and trimmed the deficit from 4-1 to 2-1. But then something clicked and leoc00 launched a swift counter assault to get back to where they started with. At that point, leoc00 had Uninc157 on the ropes and was waiting to deliver the crushing blow.

leoc00 shoved for 134,752,446 and Uninc157 called all-in for 20,107,554. Uninc157 was in troubled with a dominated Q♠J♥ versus leoc00's K♥J♣. Uninc157 turned a straight draw, but never got there after the board finished up T♣7♠6♥9♠5♥. Neither player improved, but leoc00 won the pot with a King-high kicker.

Germany's Uninc157 busted in second place, but took home a decent score worth $154,791.99.

Congrats to Canada's leoc00 for winning the 2016 WCOOP Event #52 Sunday Warm-Up SE. First place paid out a staggering $222,159.66.


WCOOP-52 ($215 NL Hold'em [Sunday Warm-Up]) results
Total entries: 7,893 (5,463 entries; 2,430 re-entries)
Prize pool: $1,578,600
Places paid: 980

1. leoc00 (Canada) $222,159.66
2. Uninc157 (Germany) $154,791.99
3. pitaoufmg (Brazil) $107,855.00
4. Spider91_PL (Poland) $75,150.35
5. AndTheCircus (Germany) $52,362.63
6. ekziter (Belarus) $36,484.91
7. Stere0Love (Brazil) $25,421.77
8. Froglives (Sweden) $17,713.15
9. Vitorbrasil (Brazil) $12,342.12

Head over to the WCOOP home page for a schedule of remaining events and find out who has the best chance to win the Player of the Series.

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Pauly McGuire is the author of Lost Vegas and a freelance contributor to PokerStars.

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