Battle of the Planets awards first Triple Shootout winner

The stars of the Sit & Go community aligned for the inaugural Battle of the Planets $50,000 Triple Shootout on Sunday.

To gain entry to this prestigious tournament, a player had to finish in the top ten of one of the Battle of the Planets Leader Boards. That’s no easy feat when you consider the number of players competing for places.

With so much on the line, no additional incentives were needed to make a run for the finish. Nonetheless, there was one. With only two weeks of qualifiers in April’s Battle of the Planets, there were half as many participants as might normally be expected. So each player had only a handful of players between them and a share of the $50,000.

This past weekend, 220 worthy Sit & Go warriors took their seats. The last player standing could justifiably claim, if just for one month, to be the finest online single-table tournament player in the world.

The low number of players meant that this tournament would play out a little differently than a regular triple shootout. The players were split out over 81 tables for the first round of play, with only 2 or 3 players per table. It was a test of the competitors' ability in a short-handed format.

Once the 81 tables had each played to a winner, the remaining players were re-seated at nine nine-handed tables. Only the winner of each table would continue to the final and a shot at the big money. The rest would receive $195 and a place on the rail.

Once the final nine combatants were decided, it lined up like this:

AngryFish (Neptune Division)
BighandLeo (Mercury Division)
ienjoymoney (Saturn Division)
QofPoker86 (Saturn Division)
ryanghall (Saturn Division)
The Kapper (Neptune Division)
throwinphins (Saturn Division)
VR4Poker (Mercury Division)
woosewoo (Jupiter Division)

The nine players represented just four of the eight planet divisions. Saturn provided the bulk with four of the players. There were two each from Neptune and Mercury, and the final player had come from the biggest division--Jupiter.

The stage was set for the low stakes players to cause an upset, but it wasn’t to be. Bighandleo and VR4Poker, the Mercury contingent, managed 9th and 6th respectively.

Likewise, Jupiter and Neptune were swept aside by the torrent of talent representing the Saturn division, which accounted for four of the final five players.

When AngryFish was eliminated in 3rd place, it came down to ‘ryanghall’ and ‘throwinphins’ to decide who would be crowned champion.

After a deal was quickly agreed between the two players, they set about the fight for pride and glory. After short heads-up skirmish, it was ‘ryanghall’ who would claim them. The full final table results were as follows:

1. ryanghall $10,139*
2. throwinphins $9,360*
3. AngryFish $4,500
4. QofPoker86 $3,350
5. ienjoymoney $2,735
6. VR4Poker $2,200
7. The Kapper $1,700
8. woosewoo $1,200
9. BighandLeo $775

*Based on a two-way deal.

Brad Willis
@BradWillis in Battle of the Planets