Battle of the Planets Check-Up

We’ve now had four weeks of Battle of the Planets competition, so it seems like a good time to re-cap on some of the big performers from the weekly leader boards. So here’s a summary of the action so far:

The Big Winners

As you might expect, the biggest individual money winners in the Battle of the Planets promotion can be found in the high buy-in divisions. The top ten earners all come from Saturn ($100-$299.99) and Jupiter ($300+) divisions.

woosewoo $4500 (Jupiter)
Bonsy $3650 (Saturn & Jupiter)
messier111 $3250 (Saturn & Jupiter)
tinytim3434 $3250 (Jupiter)
amlove $3125 (Jupiter)
BIGMICKG $3000 (Jupiter)
poker_in_pb $3000 (Saturn & Jupiter)
DCJ311 $2250 (Saturn & Jupiter)
DDBeast $2250 (Jupiter)
bluffp $2050 (Saturn & Jupiter)

The leader, ‘woosewoo’, has been remarkably consistent in the Jupiter Division claiming seven top-ten places of the eight possible so far. Three of those finishes were in the top 2 places, including a first place on the High Orbit Leader Board.

Biggest Return on Investment

The high buy-in divisions may have the biggest winners, but when it comes to return on investment, the lower buy-in divisions reign supreme.

From the Mercury Division ($1-$2.99), ‘AKTexaspoker’ has managed to turn his $1 Sit & Go entries into $295 in prize money, courtesy of three top-ten finishes (one at Low Orbit, two at High Orbit).

In the Venus Division ($5-$9.99) the star performer has been ‘gcDanno’, who has clocked up two second place finishes and a first place and has picked up $1,220 in Battle of the Planets prize money.

Big Weeks

In the first four weeks of play, we have seen two players achieve the remarkable feat of winning the Low Orbit and High Orbit Leader Boards for a division in the same week.

Week 3 saw ‘Bonsy’ take down both boards of the Saturn Division. His scores of 480 (Low Orbit) and 1,611 (High Orbit) were good for $2,400.

Also in week 3, ‘BIGMICKG’ put up scores good enough for both top spots in the Jupiter Division. He earned $1500 apiece for his totals of 423 (Low Orbit) and 1,281 (High Orbit).

Big Scores

The top Low Orbit score posted so far was a monstrous 701. The score was set in Week 1 in the Venus Division by ‘shopskin8’. This huge total was achieved through a strict regime of regular (i.e. non-turbo) 18-man tournaments.

He remains the only player to post a score of 700 or higher. There are eleven players who have registered scores in excess of 600 points in a single week. In the last week, ‘jlewis10748’ became the first player to break the 600 barrier in a division over $20, when he scored 609 in the Uranus Division ($50-$99.99).

The High Orbit record is held by the master of Mercury ‘AKTexasholdem’ with a phenomenal 2001 points. This total was achieved in 6-max Sit & Go tournaments.

Only two others have passed the 1900-point mark in the opening four weeks. They are ‘Coole Rick’ (1944 in Mars) and ‘dobieatwar’ (1989 in Mercury). Eight players have exceeded 1800 points in a High Orbit week.

Be sure to keep coming back to the PokerStars blog. We’ll be keeping you up to date with all of the latest winners and record-breakers in the Battle of the Planets.