Battle of the Planets October: Don't Forget Paris, bparis Takes Top Prize

The October edition of the Battle of the Planets $50,000 Triple Shootout saw 426 SnG specialists drop by the special tournament tab on your PokerStars interface after qualifying for the event through the weekly points race in which additional prize pools of $3,000 for the Mercury division up to $10,000 for the high rolling Jupiter division. For those still unfamiliar with this lucrative monthly freeroll that is giving away over $3,000,000 a year for high volume SnG players, check out the Battle of the Planets promo page here.

da ItchY 84 knows all about the final table for the Battle of the Planets triple shootout, as he took third place in August (final table write up, follow the link) for a $4,500 score. He was waiting for some time, as was JCrosby for the remaining seven seats to fill up.

All 81 players who won the first leg of the triple shootout took home $195.00 while the final nine squared off for the $12,500.00 first prize. After V-X-DRAGON and BakonJarser finished up their heads up battle with BakonJarser coming out on top, here’s how the final table shaped-up this evening:


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Seat 1: slipperily
Seat 2: slidinshadow
Seat 3: SmartFAB
Seat 4: BakonJarser
Seat 5: bparis
Seat 6: Tysic
Seat 7: JCrosby
Seat 8: da ItchY 84
Seat 9: teamhonda1

Ouch! Just six hands into the final table with most of the players still sitting in front of their 1500 starting chips with blinds at 10/20, slidinshadow found himself severely crippled after getting tangled up with SmartFAB post flop. The hand started out with slidinshadow raising it up to 60 chips from UTG + 2 and SmartFAB making the flat call to his left and the blinds folded to see a flop of 2c-8d-9c. slidinshadow led out for 80, as SmartFAB raised it up to 220, slidinshadow wasn’t getting out of the way as he 3-bet to 1,360 leaving just 110 chips behind. SmartFAB raised all-in as slidinshadow had just 30 chips behind to see the bad news.

slidinshadow: Ad-As
SmartFAB: 9s-9h

Top set for SmartFAB as slidinshadow watched the Qd and Tc fall helplessly on the turn and river. Two hands later the scraps was eaten up da ItchY 84 and slidinshadow went back into the dark in ninth place picking up $775.00 in the process.

At the first break SmartFAB steadily gained chips since knocking out slidinshadow and held first place with 3,989 chips. Only teamhonda1 and slipperily had more then the starting 1,500 chip rack and five minutes after the break the blinds went up to 50/100 and short stacks da ItchY 84 and Tysic with under a thousand chips needed to dig out of the early hole. Shortly after the break SmartFAB got served a cooler as his pocket kings (Kh-Ks) got all-in preflop against bparis’ pocket aces (Ac-As) with the board showing nothing to change the advantage, SmartFAB handed over the temporary chip lead to bparis.

Play sped up significally after the blinds went up to 50/100 as the short stacks were shoving preflop to grab those 150 chips in the middle off the blinds. da ItchY 84 was sitting on the button facing a shove by JCrosby, calling meant his remaining stack of 565 from the small blind. Pocket jacks (Jd-Js) was his choice of weapon as JCrosby flipped up Ad-Qs for the race. The flop of Th-4c-Ac left the two-time Battle of Planets final tablist needing a king or jack on the turn or river. Neither came as the board ran out 3c and Qh to give JCrosby the 1,280 chip pot with top two pair and da ItchY 84 did not improve on his third place finish, but showed his poker chops by finishing eighth today for $1,200.

Tysic, while displaying the five stars of a Supernova player, sat on the short stack for quite some time managed one small double up, then pushed the very next hand for his remaining 357 chips on the button with blinds at 75/150. JCrosby made the call from the small blind with Ac-Jd. Tysic held As-4s and neither player improved on the board of Kh-5d-8c-Kd-2d. The Supernova did earn $1,700.00 for his time today while finishing in seventh place.

Which way is up? After slipping and sliding through the board slipperily found himself out in sixth place after a wild ride. UTG and only 330 chips to his name, he pushed as BakonJarser made the call in the cutoff but JCrosby in the small blind had other ideas as he over-shoved getting BakonJarser out of the way. slipperily’s Jc-5c was way behind the pocket queens of JCrosby (Qc-Qs)…

… that was until the flopped flush appeared. Kc-Tc-3c spelled jackpot for slipperily but the board paired on the turn Ks giving JCrosby some more outs to a boat along with the higher flush…

… that hit on the river Ac and slipperily slid home with $2,200.00 in sixth place.

Four hands later BakonJarser found himself on the short stack and open shoving on the button with Ah-2s with 1,150 chips remaining. But, the JCrosby's terminator-mode was on full throttle as he called with pocket sevens (7s-7h). No ace, no wheel, no more chips for BakonJarser as he earned $2,735.00 and fifth place on the board of Kc-9d-8h-4h-3s .

bparis got back into the picture after winning an all-in preflop race with big slick versis against JCrosby’s pocket queens. A few hands later he would use those chips as he defended his big blind against the small blind shove of SmartFAB. bparis turned over pocket threes while “The Brain” held Ks-9d. Inky’s partner could not find a pair on the board of Jc-8d-5c-6d-Tc and SmartFAB went back to his laboratory for world domination with an extra $3,350.00 in fourth place.

bparis crippled teamhonda1 on a preflop all-in by both players when bparis’ pocket fours found a set on the flop and teamhonda1’s Kh-Qd found an open ended straight draw on the turn of Td-3d-4h-Jc but no love on the river and teamhonda1 was left with 960 chips and forced to play the severe short stack with blinds at 125/250 ante 25. Undeterred, he managed two double ups, one off bparis and another off JCrosby as the chips began to slowly even out with bparis still holding out to the lead.

Seat 5: bparis (6635 in chips)
Seat 7: JCrosby (3123 in chips)
Seat 9: teamhonda1 (3742 in chips)

teamhonda1 eventually chipped up enough to overtake bparis’ chip lead by 167 chips as the two got it all-in preflop again. This time bparis’ pocket kings Kc-Kh would hold up against teamhonda1’s As-Qh on the board of 7c-Qc-3d-4c-Tc. The reliable car maker would triple up on the next hand but bparis would send the popular Civic home in third place on the next hand dominating teamhonda1’s Ks-9d with his Kh-Tc and the flopped pair of tens was plenty for the 1,092 chip pot. teamhonda1 earned $4,500.00 for the bronze medal.

Just two hands later, JCrosby faced over a 3:1 chip deficit and was facing a button raise from bparis for his remaining 2,784 chips. It was the right call as JCrosby’s Ad-3d was slightly ahead of bparis’ Jh-Kh but the 8h-9s-Ts flop gave bparis several more outs, one of which hit the turn as the Qc fell giving bparis the unbeatable nut straight and this month’s Battle of the Planets victory!

JCrosby earned $7,000.00 for his runner-up effort as the Battle of the Planets champ, bparis, took home the mother lode of $12,500.00 for first place. Congrats to all of our qualifiers and participants today. Be sure to start earning those seats for next month!

Battle of the Planets Results (10-26-08)

1. bparis $12,500.00
2. JCrosby $7,000.00
3. teamhonda1 $4,500.00
4. SmartFAB $3,350.00
5. BakonJarser $2,735.00
6. slipperily $2,200.00
7. Tysic $1,700.00
8. da ItchY 84 $1,200.00
9. slidinshadow $775.00

David Aydt
@PokerStars in Battle of the Planets