Battle of the Planets Results 06-29-2008

454 Sit and Go champs lined up a few hours ago to break off the biggest piece of the Battle of the Planets promotion pie. A $50,000 Triple Shootout freeroll for those who qualified through their respective celestial body division for an additional payday on top of the weekly prizes they have already won. 81 players will take home at least $195.00 for winning the first leg of the triple shootout with a $12,500 prize going to first place.


Since this is a shootout, the final table will all players will start with the same chipstack regardless of bankroll or shoe size; here are your final nine:

Stainley88 (Kingston) – first winner of the second shootout leg and had to wait a fortnight for the remaining players
LinoeeR (Kearney)
highR (roma)
SWENS1AGAIN (Minneapolis)
Schroeder72 (Thomasville)
Domingo32 (Las Vegas)
Kenny05 (Philadephia)
2D!E4 (Fresno)
Rhcp2006 (San Jose)

Will the Philly Phanatic Kenny05 over take the final table? Or Man U’s fan rhcp2006 acquire enough money here to hop across the pond for a match? With the blinds and chip counts at their starting amounts of $10/$20 with $1,500 in chips the level playing field leaves no clear cut favorite. No blood was drawn for the first two blind levels, with the high chip to blinds ratio, only small pots are being pushed around.

With blinds at $25/$50 Stainley88 and LioneeR got into a pre-flop shoving match with Stainley88 going all-in on a four-bet leaving LioneeR a decision for his remaining 750 chips. After a pause and maybe a swig of beer, LioneeR made the call only to find his Jacks well behind Stainley88’s pair of ladies. After a board that that improved neither player, LioneeR will have an extra $775.00 to spend on a Barry Sanders throwback jersey for his ninth place finish. With the extra chips, Stainley88 has started to bully a bit pre and post flop as his chip lead was twice the amount of second place highR.

Another preflop raising war resulted in a man down. This time it was domingo32 raising from the button and 2D!E4 taking offense to the blind steal with a shove for his remaining 1175 chips. Unfortunately as the cards turned over 2D!E4’s A9o was looking up at domingo32’s big slick. The board ran out with no excitement or reasons to curse the poker gods and 2D!E4 will receive $1,200.00 for his efforts in eighth place.

Two hands later saw another button versus big blind battle as rhcp2006 raised over the top of the under the gun raise of Stainley88 and a call by schroeder72 on the button. Stainley88 found some cover and folded, while schroeder72 tried to squeeze rhcp2006 off his hand with a push. But, the Man U supporter found himself shooting for an empty net goal as his jacks were ahead of schroeder72’s pocket tens. The jack of clubs and full house on the turn elevated rhcp2006’s hand to unbeatable status and schroeder72 headed back to Thomasville with $1,700.00 extra with his seventh place finish.

With six left Stainley88 has not let off the gas, taking many chips preflop and extending his lead over rhcp2006 and with blinds at $75/$150 the smaller stacks are starting to feel the pinch and taking their battles preflop with shoves and positional re-raises. Over 40 hands have gone by with no eliminations as the short stacks continued to push their chips and hang on to their stacks while grabbing some much needed blinds.

Three way action preflop found SWENS1AGAIN and domingo32 all in against highR who left $285 behind while flipping AKo to SWENS1AGAIN’S pocket fours and dominating domingo32’s AJo. Not all hands are built to last, as a Jack appeared on the flop giving domingo32 the lead. But with three diamonds on a Jd 6c 2d Td board and highR holding the Ace of diamonds gave highR a little hope of knocking out two opponents. Instead the board paired the last Ten and crippled the hooded chipmunk. SWENS1AGAIN took home $2,200.00 for his efforts in sixth place.

highR managed to survive a three way pot while all-in against Stainley88 and domingo32 and with preflop aggression has found his stack creeping back into contention. Unfortunately for kenny05, he was also low in chips with just 6.5 big blinds and facing a button raise from the now sizable second place stack of domingo32. KQo must of looked huge in that spot hoping to pick off a bluff but instead kenny05 found himself slightly behind the suited A7 of domingo32. A wheel missing a spoke was laid out on the board, unfortunately for kenny05, domingo32 had the missing bike part and the Phillies fan left with $2,735.00 in fifth place.

Ah, the cruel mistress of the river can hurt anyone. With blinds at $100/$200 and facing a button raise with a short stack, rhcp2006 found A3s in the small blind and pushed into the resurgent stack of highR and his KQo. A jack with two fives on the flop looked great for rhcp2006 to get back into contention, seven on the turn looked even better, but the queen on the river gave rhcp2006 $3,350.00 in fourth place. Probably enough for a plane ticket from San Jose to the UK to watch his favorite football club.

highR continued his late night rally with a dominate all-in versus the chip leader Stainley88 and with the antes kicking in he has taken the lead from once bully of the table. Talks of a chop went no place as Stainley88 did not have chat on, or feels confident in taking out the two Italian speakers left at the table as pre flop raises and re-raises have the chips orbiting the PokerStars Tournament Table logo in the middle without any cards appearing there.

Domingo crippled Stainley88 getting all his chips in the middle with pocket Tens versus Stainley88’s A9. The flop gave Stainley88 a pair of nines which did not improve further and the chip count was flip-flopped with domingo32 now holding the driver’s seat. highR’s aggression was caught after a few preflop raises, as Stainley88 called one of highR’s pushes with two live cards, K5o, and found himself ahead of highR’s Q2s and knocked highR down to less then four big blinds after the board paired his king. With the shortened stack King-Jack offsuit looked to be good against big stack bullying from the button, but highR found himself staring down a very legitimate raising hand of red aces from domingo32. The board got a little exciting on the turn showing with three spades matching the King’s suit for highR. But despite pairing his jack on the river highR was out in third place leaving $4,500.00 to the good.

With a 5:1 chip deficit Stainley88 found his chat and asked for an even chop which domingo32 never responded to. Stainley88 proceeded to win a series of coin flips including a big one with an ace appearing on the turn after a preflop raising war put the tournament on the line for Stainley88 holding ATo versus the pocket sevens of domingo32. No trips on the river gave Stainley88 the 5:1 chip lead which he would not relinquish.

His K3o was ahead of domingo32’s JTo for the final 5800 preflop chip pot that would either dent Stainley88’s lead or give him the Battle of Planets championship (Orion’s?) belt. A pair of aces appeared on the turn helping neither player, and the nine of spades awarded $12,500.00 to Stainley88 for winning the monthly Battle of the Planets freeroll!

Domingo32’s hard fought second place finish netted him $7000.00 and perhaps a wider smile than the one found on his Cheshire Cat’s avatar. Congrats to our finalists and all participants in this freeroll; be sure to gear up for next month’s Battle of the Planets contest!

1. Stainley88 - $12,500.00
2. domingo32 - $7,000.00
3. highR - $4,500.00
4. rhcp2006 - $3,350.00
5. kenny05 - $2735.00
6. SWENS1AGAIN - $2,200.00
7. schroeder72 - $1,700.00
8. 2D!E4 - $1,200.00
9. LioneeR - $775.00

David Aydt
@PokerStars in Battle of the Planets