Battle of the Planets Results for September 2008

This month’s Battle of the Planets triple shootout concluded a little over four hours after it began. This is the freeroll tourney in which every player who finishes in the top 10 of any weekly Sit & Go Leader Board receives an entry and a shot at some of the $50,000 prize pool. There are eight different divisions (corresponding to the eight planets -- sorry, Pluto), segregating the SNGs by buy-ins. Thus players who play and do well in the lowest buy-in SNGs ($1.00-$2.99) have a shot at an entry, as do those who play in the highest stakes games ($300 and above). Read more about how the Battle of the Planets works here.

As mentioned at the outset, this month’s triple shootout only took a little over four hours. Round 1 took about an hour and 45 minutes to complete. Then Round 2 took about two hours.

The final table? That’s right, about 15 minutes or so. Allow me to explain.

A total of 445 players qualified for today’s event, and Round 1 began with all of them being seated at 81 tables, thus making the first table either five- or six-handed. Winners of those tables were all guaranteed $195 for their efforts. Player _maarten_436 was the first one through to Round 2, taking just a little over half an hour to take care of his five-handed table. Then cdbr3799 and barrybab333 moved on shortly afterwards as well.

The longest-lasting table of Round 1 was won by CJSaunders after a lengthy heads up battle with Triple X1. The chip lead went back and forth for awhile, until finally CJSaunders took the advantage and built up to a better than 3-to-1 chip advantage. At that point, Triple X1 shoved all in with 9c-Kh, and CJSaunders made the call with Qh-Td. A ten flopped, and Triple X1 couldn’t catch up. We were onto Round 2.

AHANDY was the first to secure a spot at the nine-handed final table, taking just under an hour to get down to heads up with jeffv8x_-_16 and knock him out to move on. A couple of minutes later, Akumila finished off azakas10 over on Table 9. Those two would get to wait about an hour before the rest of their competitors joined them at the final table. Once again, CJSaunders was the very last to make it through, winning his table just a few seconds after the eighth winner, Dijkstraight.

The players were all back to 1,500 chips. Here was the scene as the first hand of the final table was dealt.


As that first hand was being dealt, T. Cadet immediately proposed a nine-way chop of the remaining prize pool (almost $36,000). Several players agreed to the idea, but a couple of orbits would pass before support could be summoned. The tournament was paused after 18 hands, with most players still close to their starting stacks. Player shawnden had taken a couple of pots to take the early lead with 1,850, while Akumila had slipped to 1,250.

Most players seemed interested in a straight nine-way deal, which would result in each receiving $3,995.56. However, shawnden -- a supernova elite player -- preferred a chip chop. Otherwise, as he explained, “Ill take my chances at 12 gs... Im the favorite most likely against the field.”

Numbers for chopping up the prize pool according to the current chip stacks were provided, and Akumila -- sitting on the short stack -- wasn’t pleased. T. Cadet, who had made it through to today’s freeroll via the Mercury ($1.00-$2.99) division, immediately offered an extra hundred to Akumila, and that was deemed satisfactory.

A deal having been reached, the event had to be resumed so support could adjust the amounts afterwards. There had been some talk of leaving $500 on the table to play for, but no unanimity. Unlike other major tournaments at PokerStars, there’s no requirement to leave money on the table for the Battle of the Planets. So play resumed.

Wonder how a final table looks when there’s nothing left to play for? Click below.

That was the second hand after the deal had been struck, in which Akumila knocked out four opponents at once. He’d knock out another on the next hand. “I'm running goooood,” he typed facetiously.

It would take seven hands altogether before everyone had finally delivered all of their chips into Akumila’s stack.

Here is the order of finish, then, although it should be understood all nine spots were filled after a deal had been struck and there was no money left to play for. Note those payouts -- not too shabby a rate for four hours of work on a Sunday afternoon!

September Battle of the Planets results:
(amounts listed reflect nine-way chop)

1. Akumila - $3,558.80
2. CJSaunders - $4,027.76
3. giveitatri - $3,630.56
4. AHANDY - $3,802.32
5. Dijkstraight - $4,027.76
6. Kreuznagel - $4,253.20
7. low18is63 - $4,145.85
8. shawnden - $4,747.02
9. T. Cadet - $3,766.73

Martin Harris
@hardboiledpoker in Battle of the Planets