June 12 Battle of the Planets update

After a one week break from Battle of the Planets updates, we have plenty to tell you about this week. Starting from the smallest buy-in division and working our way up, this is how the last two weeks have played out:


If we were to save the best to last, then the Mercury report would belong at the bottom of this article. But it’s the division for the lowest buy-ins ($1-$2.99), so here goes.

Last week the Low Orbit saw two players break the 600 point barrier; one of whom did so by enough to set a new record for the division. ‘trsmojo’ posted a score of 624 to earn the $150 prize money. Not content with that, he went on to post a 1953 score at High Orbit. That earned a further $110 for 2nd place.

The person that beat him to first place at High Orbit was ‘dobieatwar’. The achievement was notable for two reasons.

1. He won it with an all-division record score of 2037 points.
2. It was his third Mercury High Orbit win in the last seven weeks, including back-to-back wins in the last two weeks.

That’s a record that’s going to take some serious effort to beat.


The $3-$4.99 division had a hard act to follow, but managed to come up with some heroes of its own.

Two weeks back, ‘earnhardt8#1’ became the first player to win both Leader Boards of the Mars Division in the same week. The scores of 579 (Low Orbit) and 1800 (High Orbit) were worth $300 each.

Last week’s star was ‘BR241992’ who managed the rare feat of a 1900 point score (only the second time it’s been done in the Mars Division). The mammoth total meant a comfortable winning margin of 110 points and a well-deserved $300.


The Venus Division also saw one of its records fall last week, when ‘Birdie7777’ produced a monster High Orbit total of 1854 points. He picked up $500 to go with his division record.

Second place finisher ‘Keates19’ can consider himself unlucky as his own total of 1838 would have been good enough to win the Leader Board on any other week. The $300 prize will be some consolation.

The Low Orbit Leader Board saw its biggest score for almost two months, with ‘bridgey321’ putting in a 674. That’s the third best Low Orbit score for Venus, and fourth best across all divisions.


Last week was a quiet one for the Earth Division, though the week before ‘Cap1theNinja’ set the division’s Low Orbit record with 680 points. This smashed the previous best (set way back in Week 1) by a whopping 43 points.

Unsurprisingly, ‘Cap1theNinja’ also claimed the Leader Board’s biggest winning margin, with a 121 point gap between first and second. He received $700 for his week’s work.


The Neptune Division again showed how strong it is, with no one player able to stamp their authority over the proceedings.

There were noteworthy performances from ‘FancyBazil’ and ‘Dany1984’, who both managed top 10 spots on both Leader Boards. They boosted their bankrolls by $310 and $200 respectively.


The events of Uranus closely matched those of Neptune. There were lots of new names making their marks on the Battle of the Planets Leader Boards, and no virtuoso performances.

The biggest win over the last two week’s came from a regular of the Saturn Division – ‘DutchSlugger’. His second and third places earned a payday of $1125.

A name unfamiliar to many, but significant in the history of Battle of the Planets, is ‘Matt238’. Matt was the man that came up with the idea of the ‘block’ system that is used in the promotion. He took 10th place on the High Orbit Leader Board for $100. He also earned the all-important ticket to the Battle of the Planets $50,000 Triple Shootout.


There were a couple of star performers in Saturn over the last two weeks. The first of which was ‘Bonsy’ who claimed his second Low Orbit title. Back in Week 3, ‘Bonsy’ claimed both Leader Boards, but had been absent from the top 10 since. He’s now proven that it was no fluke, as he went on to claim second place at High Orbit also. The double cash was worth $2,000 altogether.

The second player to gain special mention was ‘azntracker’. He took down the High Orbit title last week and is a previous Low Orbit winner. So this was his second $1200 win in the division.


As usual, Jupiter threw up some familiar names.

After multiple cashes, Supernova Elite ‘Jorj95’ earned his maiden Leader Board win with a first at High Orbit. His score of 1449 is the second best High Orbit mark for the division.

‘rivermanl’ was another player who has made numerous appearances in the top 5 without gaining a win, but put that to rights with a Low Orbit victory last week.

It was a new name however that came to the fore in the last two weeks. ‘santinocrack’ picked up the Low Orbit title two weeks ago, and followed that up with a High Orbit win last week. When you add in an additional fifth place finish, his winnings for the last two weeks total $3500.

That wraps up this week’s bumper edition of the Battle of the Planets update. Be sure to check back next week with all the stories from week 10.

Brad Willis
@BradWillis in Battle of the Planets