May 14 PokerStars Battle of the Planets Update

The PokerStars Battle of the Planets is obviously getting tougher. In the Low Orbit fights, it's getting harder to post high scores. The High Orbit battle is already seeing repeat winners.

It was a somewhat quiet week for the Low Orbit section of Battle of the Planets. Several of the divisions saw their lowest winning scores so far, and no major records were broken during the week.

That’s not to say there weren’t many excellent performances:

  • maccamona broke the 600 barrier while winning the Mars ($3-$4.99) division for the $300 prize money.
  • zarfan posted the second highest all-time block for the Neptune division with a 538. The score was good for a $900 reward.
  • DDBeast and rivermanl recorded the first tie for first place in the Jupiter Division, both registering scores of 414. They split the prize money for first and second, which was worth $1375 each.

    The big stories of the week, though, were found in the High Orbit Leader Boards.

    The master of Mercury, AKTexaspoker, again showed his success has been no fluke. He recorded another top ten finishm this past week. His 1665 total was good enough for fifth in the rankings and another $60. Not bad considering the buy-ins at that level do not exceed $2.99.

    Both the Neptune and Uranus Divisions saw record winning scores this past week. JimPanse54 comfortably won the Neptune division and its $900 prize . His score of 1737 was 144 points ahead of the nearest rival. BongBob earned $1000 for his new benchmark of 1663 points, squeezing just three points ahead of the previous Uranus High Orbit record.

    The real star of the week, though, was in the Earth Division. This week, cappla011 managed the incredible feat of retaining the High Orbit crown with his second consecutive week of achieving an 1800+ score. So for two weeks in a row, cappla011 has received $700 and a ticket to the Battle of the Planets for his efforts.

    With another two weeks to go, the May Battle of the Planets contest still has a long way to go. Check back next week for another update on how the interplanetary fight is going.

    Brad Willis
    @BradWillis in Battle of the Planets