May 20 PokerStars Battle of the Planets Update

The intersteller dust has settled on Week 6 of Battle of the Planets. Here are the stories from around the divisions.

The Mercury Division saw two of the week's four 1800+ High Orbit scores for the week. 'Milasha1' took the top spot with 1845, with 'Meth0dMan86' trailing in second with exactly 1800 points.

The third 1800 point score--also 1800 points, exactly--was achieved by 'clingin4life', who improved on a previous best of seventh place back in Week 2. The fourth and final 1800 point score was posted in the Venus Division by 'Gene Watson' with 1827. This marked the first time anyone has topped the 1800 mark in the Venus Division. The accomplishment earned 'Gene Watson' $500.

The highest Low Orbit score of the week was an impressive 595 in the Earth Division. The score was produced by 'gfjets77', worth $700 and a ticket to next week's Battle of the Planets.

At the higher buy-in levels, 'neil_rick' went one better than his second place finish in the Uranus Division in Week 1 by posting a division record High Orbit score of 1665. No doubt the satisfaction of the win was enhanced by the extra $1,000 added to his bankroll.

At the Saturn level, 'rockets23' put in a double Top 5 finish with fourth place in the Low Orbit and first place in the High Orbit, for a combined win of $1,700.

Finally, in the Jupiter Division, it was a week dominated by the regulars. 'woosewoo' returned to form to claim the top spot at Low Orbit and third at High Orbit for a $2,500 week. That was enough to put him back to the top of the Battle of the Planets money-winners list with $7,000.

The High Orbit was won by 'woltas', who achieved the feat of back-to-back wins on a Leader Board. Coupled with a fourth place on the Low Orbit Leader Board, 'woltas' won $2,250 for the week.

There's less than a week to go before the Battle of the Planets Triple Shootout. Reigning champ 'ryanghall' has been unable to secure a ticket for the tournamet, so next week PokerStars will be crowning a new Sit & Go champion.

Brad Willis
@BradWillis in Battle of the Planets