May 28 Battle of the Planets update

This week's Battle of the Planets begins with another congratulations to 'Gr8DSip' for taking down the Battle of the Planets $50,000 Triple Shootout this Sunday. 'Gr8DSip' earned his ticket for the event by placing in 5th on the Low Orbit Division of the Venus Division with 503 points. That single 20 game block of $5 tournaments paved the way to $12,620 in winnings.

With the fairy tale story duly noted, here are the happenings from around the Leader Boards:

The top Low Orbit score for the week came in the Earth Division, where 'GG3o' posted a score of 580, an honor made all the sweeter by the $700 that came with it.

Mercury saw the biggest High Orbit score for the week as 'Sparky73' recorded a tally of 1838 points. He also made the top 100 of the Low Orbit, taking his weekly earnings to $170.

In the Mars Division 'msEvsiNdreAd' earned a total of $351 from a double top ten finish. He took 6th in the Low Orbit and a won the High Orbit, the latter with a fine score of 1810 points. There were also double top ten finishes for 'pgcannonball' and 'd-jarl' (Uranus) and 'MarkPhilip' (Venus).

In the higher divisions, it's not uncommon to see multiple cashes and the past week was no different. In the Saturn Division, 'kenos03' deserves a mention for finishing 2nd on both leader boards, an effort worth $1600.

The performance of the week came from Jupiter's most consistent competitor 'woosewoo' who took 1st place on both boards. On the High Orbit Leader Board, he set a new division record with a score of 1479 points. That's another $3000 of Battle of the Planets prize money for the 'woosewoo' collection.

It's becoming very clear there is a lot of money to be made from Battle of the Planets. Drop by next week to find out who is taking the lion's share!

Brad Willis
@BradWillis in Battle of the Planets