No Swiping Today, GB2005 Defeats young_jedi76 for Battle of Planets Title

PokerXFactr was cruising along towards today’s Battle of the Planets $50,000 Triple Shootout final table as he was the first to get the second leg of the shootout heads-up. But, GB2005 had other ideas as flipped a 3:1 deficit into a victory over PokerXFactr and became the fourth person to claim a seat for a shot at the $12,500 first prize. Today’s contest brought out 506 Sit and Go kings and queens to the tables as everyone who won their first leg won $195.00, and the final tablists are assured $775.00, no matter if they qualified through the high rolling Jupiter division or the dollar stakes in the Mercury division.

BrandonB11 was the first to claim his seat and could have afforded a sizable snooze until the final table of nine was decided. Betgo, who took runner-up in last year’s Event #13 of the WCOOP (final table report here) for $64,473.50, nearly made another final table tonight finishing 12th. Juice It Up and eagle_ke both fell as the co-bubble boys as TwistedEcho out kicked Juice It Up when both got it in after flopping top pair and young_jedi76 flopped trip deuces with A2o versus the 8c-9c for eagle_ke that never caught up.

Here’s how the celestial champions lined up tonight:


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Seat 1: quaid745
Seat 2: zelotalot
Seat 3: young_jedi76
Seat 4: TwistedEcho
Seat 5: BrandonB11
Seat 6: Ennessem
Seat 7: Mortenlan
Seat 8: GB2005
Seat 9: dreamgirl3

BrandonB11 got caught in a mosh of a hand when Mortenlan min raised UTG with the blinds at the starting 10/20, found a call from GB2005 to his left, zelotalot went along for the ride in middle position. Folded to BrandonB11 in the small blind who made it 200 to go. Mortenlan abandoned his 40 chips but GB2005 3-bet for his remaining 1,470 chips. After a short discussion with his cards, BrandonB11 made the call with a suited big slick (Ad-Kd) only to find himself facing the pocket rockets of GB2005. The flop did not bring any flush outs when 4c-Qh-Ks came down but did present two outs for trip kings. No suckout tonight for BrandonB11, as the Qs and 4h came on the turn and river to leave him with 160 chips. Two hands later Ennessem acquired those 160 chips in a big ace versus smaller ace battle and $775.00 for ninth place was shipped to the SilverStar BrandonB11 as he was first in, first out.

After BrandonB11’s demise, the action quelled for a bit with the large stacks to the blinds ratio, twenty hands later the only all-in found was Ennessem and quaid745 getting all of their chips into the middle preflop with big slick to split the pot. Add on another twenty hands and the table still resembled the same chip stacks as the previous twenty, GB2005 still holding a double stack, zelotalot acquired a double stack (3,000 chips) through steals and the rest of the table holding steady with stacks around 1,000 to 1,500 as the blinds moved up to 50/100.

Needing a 989 to 1 shot isn’t the most fun to exit a tournament but Mortenlan found himself in that predicament after shoving all-in for his remaining 833 chips UTG+2 with Js-Ts and blinds still at 50/100. The table folded around to TwistedEcho who made the call in the big blind while leaving about 1,500 in chips behind showing Ad-Qc. The flop came down a near perfect Qd-Ac-As for Twisted Echo and left Mortenlan gasping for the Ks and Qs for the runner-runner Royal Flush. Alas, the 5s and 4c came instead and SuperNova Mortenlan found $1,200.00 in eighth place.

Eight hands later, short-stacked quaid745 found himself looking for chips in all the right places, as he called the all-in of dreamgirl3 who had his 1,060 chips covered, with Ad-Qd. dreamgirl3 flipped over Kh-Th which promptly paired up on the flop of 6h-6c-Ts. The Jc turn opened up a few more outs, but the 3s sent quaid745 home with $1,700.00 in seventh place. This woke up young_jedi76 who pushed the next hand with his remaining 605 chips and doubled up off GB2005, and doubled again the next hand against dreamgirl3 who’s pocket jacks could not hold down the Ad-Ts of young_jedi76 when he flopped top two and improved to a boat by the turn.

At the break here’s how the chips stacked up:

zelotalot (2540 in chips)
young_jedi76 (1750 in chips)
TwistedEcho (2943 in chips)
Ennessem (1175 in chips)
GB2005 (3090 in chips)
dreamgirl3 (2002 in chips)

First hand after the break GB2005 found a pair of aces in his lap and raised them up to 400 from the cutoff with the blinds still at 75/150. Normally dreamgirl3’s AQo is a decent re-steal hand as she pushed her hammer-rific 2,227 chips into the middle from the button but GB2005 made the easy call and after the 4d-Tc-2c-6s-Ks provided the excitement of a 2 a.m.infomercial, the 4,679 chip pot went to GB2005. dreamgirl3 will rest easier with the $2,200.00 PokerStars just added to her account for sixth place.

Five hands later Ennessem found himself getting very short with only 875 chips and sitting on the button with Kh-Qh. An easy push with the blinds increasing the very next hand to 100/200, but it was GB2005 finding a calling hand as he pushed from the small blind with pocket sevens (7d-7s). A flopped set for GB2005 on the Td-7h-5c left Ennessem gasping for a runner-runner straight or flush, neither came as he was drawing dead by the 2s on the turn. $2,735.00 newly minted dollars will be finding their way to Ennessem account after his fifth place finish.

zelotalot couldn’t find much to play since his high water mark at the previous break, with only 1,190 left he made a stand with two face cards (Qc-Js) but TwistedEcho was waiting in the small blind with Ad-9c and made the call for the coin flip. The Kh-2c-9h did not change the pre-flop advantage but did open up some straight outs for zelotalot. No ten, queen, or jack came on the turn nor river as the Kd and 7s came down instead and zelotalot travelled back to Wellington with an extra $3,350.00 in fourth place.

SWIPER NO SWIPING! young_jedi76’s sly fox tried to take TwistedEcho’s chips on the very next hand and succeed as he doubled through TwistedEcho when TwistedEcho’s flopped two pair (Ks-Tc) found a cooler on the board of 4s-Th-Kh-3s-8h. young_jedi76 pushed his remaining 1,575 chips on the river and flipped over Ah-2h for the nut flush and took the 5,350 chip pot when TwistedEcho made the call. With only 1,533 chips remaining and in the small blind, TwistedEcho pushed preflop with Qs-8h and GB2005 made the call in the big blind leaving 4,884 behind with Ac-9d. A gutshot straight draw on the 6s-Jh-Th flop added some outs, but this was not TwistedEcho’s night as the 6d and 2h on the turn and river sent him home in third place. The tournament leader board regular added another $4,500.00 to his bankroll.

Heads-up play started with a bang as young_jedi76 doubled through GB2005 when both players flopped two pair on the Tc-8s-3h-Qs-Kh board but young_jedi76’s Th-8h bested GB2005’s 8d-3d and Swiper err... young_jedi76 took a 10,700 to 2,800 lead. Five hands later, it was GB2005’s turn to connect as he won a preflop race with Kc-Qs versus the Ac-Jc of young_jedi76 for a 7,300 chip pot and took a small lead as the blinds moved up to 125/250 ante 25.

GB2005’s persistence shown from making the final table paid off again. He managed to wait out Dora the Explorer’s nemesis when the blinds hit 200/400 ante 50 and both players pushed all-in preflop while GB2005 left 4,980 behind and showed:

GB2005 Ac-Qc
young_jedi76 Ks-Qs

The big preflop advantage held up over the board of 3s-4c-7h-Jd-6c shipping the remaining 8,520 chips to GB2005 with his high card ace. For the runner-up, Supernova young_jedi76 snagged $7,000.00 to run away from Boots and Dora’s pleas to stop swiping their blinds. As for our new monthly Battle of the Planets Champion, GB2005 took home the full $12,500.00 with his victory!

Final table results below:

November Battle of the Planets 11-30-08
1. GB2005 $12,500.00
2. young_jedi76 $7,000.00
3. TwistedEcho $4,500.00
4. zelotalot $3,350.00
5. Ennessem $2,735.00
6. dreamgirl3 $2,200.00
7. quaid745 $1,700.00
8. Mortenlan $1,200.00
9. BrandonB11 $775.00

David Aydt
@PokerStars in Battle of the Planets