Battle of the Planets: makkie makes a straight and takes home Battle of the Planets title

BOP_thumbnail.jpgNovember was a special month for the Battle of the Planets promotion. From November 8th-21st PokerStars handed a challenge to all the SnG players out there to break the current point records (read here for details on point distribution). The two week celebration of paying out over $5 million since the inception of the Battle of the Planets gave a bonus to any player that broke the current point record at one of the planet's levels and orbit. For example in the Venus division a $5,000 prize was up for grabs if you could overcome the 712 points put up by "so awful" in the Low Orbit or PLEBINI's 1,944 points in the High Orbit. The prizes ranged from $1,500 in the Mercury division up to $15,000 in the high rolling Jupiter division (read about the record race here)

The race to destroy the outstanding records at all levels got quite the turnout for tonight's $50,000 Battle of the Planets Triple Shootout freeroll. 580 SnG players cashed in their weekly tickets for a shot at the $12,000 first prize, which is up from 420 runners last month. All 81 players enjoyed the free $195.00 for advancing to the second round as former final tablist TwistedEcho (3rd place November 2008) came up just short of the money finishing 87th.

TheGenius123, makkie21, and Gobbblin stole their seats early on to assure themselves at least $775.00 at the final table. All eyes then drew to Table 7 and Table 2 for the two remaining seats. icecoldRivA faced off against SilverStar Stepay while xxxZotecxxx took on tybybey. Both Stepay and icecoldRivA would find an ace in their hands during the 150/300 ante 25 blind level and shove their remaining chips in. The A♠Q♣ held by Stepay would prevail over the A♥8♥ of icecoldRivA on the 6♠ 6♥ 6♣ 7♠ T♣ board to finish in 11th place.

Over to Table 2 where tyzbybey opened up a 9K to 4K lead on xxxZotecxxx in a match that contain more careful aggressive betting and post flop play versus all-in preflop gambling. The lead would swing back and forth as the two moved on to the 200/400 ante 50 blind level as xxxZotecxxx would capture a 9K pot after both players hit top pair on the flop and xxxZotecxxx's higher kicker would hold. In one of the longer final table bubbles of this promotion the players would make it to the 300/600 ante 50 blind levels as the other eight finalists finished that quilt they started after winning their tables. tyzbybey got ground down to 1902 chips and called the raise of xxxZotecxxx holding 4♣K♦. The suited ace A♠5♠ of xxxZotecxxx would flop a pair and river an unnecessary flush to send tyzbybey home in 10th place ($195.00) and set up the final table below:


(Click image for larger picture)

Seat 1: Jorgo V (1500 in chips)
Seat 2: xxxZotecxxx (1500 in chips)
Seat 3: makkie21 (1500 in chips)
Seat 4: Gobbblin (1500 in chips)
Seat 5: TheGenius123 (1500 in chips)
Seat 6: Maxmus86 (1500 in chips)
Seat 7: Stepay (1500 in chips)
Seat 8: songok1 (1500 in chips)
Seat 9: forhisglory8 (1500 in chips)

The blinds were reset 10/20 for the third and final leg to the $12,000 first prize and the usual feelers for a chop of the final table money were silent as all the players got straight to work. With the exception of songok1's 880 chip pot taken on the first hand of the final table, the 10/20 level was uneventful as all nine would move on.

The 15/30 level found TheGenius123 and songok1 all in after they both flopped the nut straight, but neither had a redraw to the flush so chop chop for the 2,960 chip pot as players headed to the break with the following chip counts:

Seat 1: Jorgo V (1295 in chips)
Seat 2: xxxZotecxxx (1590 in chips)
Seat 3: makkie21 (1180 in chips)
Seat 4: Gobbblin (1190 in chips)
Seat 5: TheGenius123 (1940 in chips)
Seat 6: Maxmus86 (1735 in chips)
Seat 7: Stepay (1480 in chips)
Seat 8: songok1 (1880 in chips)
Seat 9: forhisglory8 (1210 in chips)

Blinds steals and re-steals dominated the 25/50 blind level as forhisglory8 was holding on to a below 1K stack most of the level as songok1, Maxmus86, and TheGenius123 retained the top stacks. Another short stack, Gobbblin, couldn't find a call on the river in a 800 chip pot against makkie21 and became a micro-stack with 540 chips right before the blinds bumped up to 50/100.

Yuck. Puke. Ugh. WTF. All acceptable reactions to this all-in preflop three-way hand between Gobbblin, Maxmus86, and Stepay:

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As the blinds moved up to 50/100, shorty-stack Gobbblin open pushes with K♥Q♣ for 640 chips, Maxmus86 follows suit and shoves for 1695 with A♦Q♥, and Stepay wakes up in the small blind with pocket kings K♦K♠ and calls for 1340. The T♠ 6♣ 8♥ flop is safe for the leading kings, but the A♥ on the turn had Maxmus86 ahead to eliminate two players. But, the ghastly looking J♠ on the river gave Gobbblin the broadway straight and the 2020 chips in the main pot. Maxmus86 took down the 1500 chips from the side pot and showed hard luck Stepay the door in ninth place ($775.00).

On the very next hand shortstacked forhisglory8 tried to get some divine intervention shoving with 7♠Q♦ from the small blind to grab some much needed chips. But, Jorgo V held Q♣A♦ and easily covered to make the call. The 6♣ T♣ 8♠ 3♠ 6♥ gave no shining light to forhisglory8 as the shortstack finally succumbed in eighth place ($1,200.00).

With the blinds still at 50/100, xxxZotecxxx could not make headway after the break and with just 840 chips attempted the same move as forhisglory8 and open-shoved from the small blind with 8♠J♥. And again the big blind covered and held an ace, this time it was makkie21 with A♣6♦ who made the call for the 1880 chip pot. makkie21 would flop an ace as xxxZotecxxx couldn't find a ten on the turn or river on the K♦ A♥ Q♦ 3♠ 6♥ board to make a straight as last seated final tablist tonight would go out in seventh place ($1,700.00).

Chat remained at a minimum thru the 75/150 level as TheGenius123 took a big hit after attempting a button steal by open-shoving with Q♣K♦ and songok1 would make an easy call in the big blind with big slick K♣A♥. This one went up and down as TheGenius123 would flop top two pair but the best hand preflop would prevail with a rivered straight on the Q♦ T♥ K♠ 2♠ J♣ board for the 3425 chip pot knocking TheGenius123 down to 740 chips.

Two hands later we had a coin flip for rollz as Maxmus86 shoved from 1480 chips from the cutoff with K♦Q♦ and folded to makkie21 in the small blind who would make the call with pocket nines 9♦9♠. The pair was never contested and hit a set on the turn of the T♥ 6♥ 2♣ 9♣ 2♥ board to ship the 3035 chip pot to makkie21 and also ship $2,200.00 for sixth place to Maxmus86.

TheGenius123: even chop anyone? :)

*sound of crickets and some wind* as no one answered the shortest stack's hail mary attempt to lock up some additional cash.

After the bump in blinds to 100/200 and no one responding to TheGenius123's suggestion makkie21 began to pull away from the field. First point of order was eliminating the shortstack. After makkie21 made a raise to 500 from the cutoff, TheGenius123 decided to shove for 1890 from the small blind with J♣A♠. Normally a decent heads up hand, but makkie21 would make the call holding big slick A♥K♦. No reversals here, as makkie21 would make top two pair by the turn 9♥ 6♥ A♣ K♠ 5♠ as TheGenius123 couldn't outsmart the superior hand and was gone in fifth place ($2,735.00).

A mere four hands later makkie21 would find yet another big hand, this time pocket queens Q♠Q♥ and made the same 500 chip raise as before from the cutoff. Gobbblin on the button with just 1245 chips would shove with an equally big hand A♠K♣ as it folded back to makkie21 who would make the easy call. Watch the ladies take on big slick below:

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makkie21's queens would improve to a queen high straight on the 8♥ 9♥ 2♦ J♣ T♣ board as Gobbblin headed back to middle earth $3,350.00 richer after the fourth place finish.

Two hands later with the blinds still at 100/200 songok1 would slow makkie21's run by doubling up with pocket sevens against the chip leader's T♦K♠. makkie21 couldn't find a pair on the 9♥ 5♠ Q♣ 3♥ 2♦ board as songok1 took in the 3750 chip pot.

songok1 would use those newly found chips five hands later to cover the all-in shove by Jorgo V. With 2745 chips and button Jorgo V pushed holding A♠8♥, but songok1 held the dominating big slick K♠A♣ and made the call. This hand would end early as the flopped king for songok1 put Jorgo V in dire straits, and the blank turn on the K♣ 9♣ 7♣ Q♠ 3♦ board left Jorgo V drawing dead and the Belgian took home $4,500.00 for third place.

Immediately with near identical chip stacks (6605 for makkie21 and 6895 for songok1) the two started to chat about chopping up the remaining $19,500.00 in the prize pool. With a few laps of sitting out the PokerStars Host dropped by to congratulate the two players and divvied up the money as shown below:

makkie21: $9,750.00
songok1: $9,750.00

With all of the money off the table the players continued to play for the title of monthly Battle of the Planets champion. A few hands into the pride match, makkie21 would make a flopped straight and got songok1 to call all bets with top pair on the 5♠ 4♠ 6♦ 5♥ 4♦ board to officially win the November $50,000 Battle of the Planets Triple Shootout!

$50,000 Battle of the Planets Triple Shootout Freeroll Results (11-29-09):
(*denotes part of two way chop)

1. makkie21 (Soest) *$9,750.00
2. songok1 (montgat) *$9,750.00
3. Jorgo V (Genk) $4,500.00
4. Gobbblin (Wadsworth) $3,350.00
5. TheGenius123 (wallsend) $2,735.00
6. Maxmus86 (Nizhny Novgorod) $2,200.00
7. xxxZotecxxx (Spittal/Drau) $1,700.00
8. forhisglory8 (Hesperia) $1,200.00
9. Stepay (Екатеринбург) $775.00

David Aydt
@PokerStars in Battle of the Planets