Kirua wins the February Battle of the Planets triple shootout

Champions of the Mercury, Mars, Venus, Earth, Neptune, Uranus, Saturn, and Jupiter divisions all lined up again at the end of the month to face off for the a big chunk of the monthly Battle of the Planets SnG promotion. Having given away over $3 million to date for SnG players for simply playing and acquiring the most points on their given stakes planets. No SnG too low (except for play chips), and no SnG too high as all 442 qualifiers today started the triple shootout with 1,500 chips at each table regardless of their normal SnG buy-in. $12,000.00 potentially for the victor, and $195.00 to those places that mastered their first table but didn't quite sneak into the final nine for the big money.

delucabr could only get out a "lolololol" in the chat box as his dominating 9♥-6♥ (yes, dominating) over the 9♦-3♦ of GoldStar VIP level NL_Profit. His domination failed to even make it past the flop. 3♥-3♠-A♠ rained down on the flop making trips for NL_Profit, no miracle flush or running sixes on the turn and river, and delucabr was the official bubble boy for today's contest finishing in 82nd place. NL_Profit however could not continue his stroke of luck, falling in 31st place.

In the round of 81, the players at table number 8 were apparently late for dinner or forgot the winner gets a shot at $12,000.00, bigtime4K and e4e5nf3nc6 were heads up at before any other table got down to five. Those two would slow down to lengthy heads-up game as it was BB_ShiNing taking the first seat at the final table, when his gutshot straight flush draw overcame the top pair-top kicker of anttoy1 and assured himself at least $775.00. bigtime4K would finally knock off e4e5nf3nc6 for the second final table seat, as the antes were finally introduced and the last seven tables came down quickly. With just shinng and previous Battle of the Planets final tablist (October 2008, fifth place, read the write up here) BakonJarser left to round out the field of nine, and BakonJarser starting with a sizable lead heads-up, they would start a drawn out battle for the final seat. A return to the final table was not in the cards for BakonJarser as in the space of two hands he lost his chip lead, then with a flop of 9♥-Q♠-[10C] both players pushed with shinng showing {AC]-J♥ for an open-ended straight draw and an overcard to BakonJarser's J♦-[10H] for the same draw and a leading pair. 9♠ on the turn helped no one as BakonJarser looked good for a double up, but the A♥ on the river set our final nine and BakonJarser will have to wait till next month for another final table shot:


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Seat 1: BB_ShiNing
Seat 2: shinng
Seat 3: mak10
Seat 4: Kirua
Seat 5: PokerGoat111
Seat 6: Boku87
Seat 7: hockey65
Seat 8: bigtime4k
Seat 9: vladimwd

Boku87's SnG chops were shown at the recent World Cup of Poker qualifying, while helping his Germany 1 team earn a free trip to the Bahamas (write up of the qualifier found here) and making this final table is another notch on his PokerStars tournament belt.

The final table started with no excitement from the neither 10/20 nor 15/30 blind levels as small pots were pushed from side to side as the players jockeyed for position. Only vladimwd found himself below the 1,000 chip mark from the beginning 1,500 chips when the 25/50 blind level started, but three hands into the level he flopped Aces Full against hockey65 and a nice value on the end snagged a 1,150 chip pot as he would get right back into the game.

Luck would reverse for vladimwd as the 50/100 blinds started. He got his money in good versus the short stacked hockey65 twice and things did not turn out for the ninth place finisher. First was re-raising the short stacked hockey65 for the rest of his chips preflop and finding himself well ahead with A♦-K♣ versus hockey65's K♥-J♠. Flopping top pair - 4♣-[10C]-A♥ - was huge and shifted the outs from a jack to a queen for hockey65. The 6♥ on the turn did nothing but the river Q♦ delivered the broadway straight and knocked vladimwd to the short stack. The very next hand, again vladimwd and hockey65 would tangle preflop, and again vladimwd found As-Ks and dominating hockey65's hand (Ad-Qh). The domination would last about two seconds as the J♥-K♥-[10H] flop left vladimwd looking for one of the two remaining queens for a chop. The flush never came, but neither did the queen on the turn and river, vladimwd took home $775.00 in ninth.

Unfortunately for bigtime4K, big slick finally pulled through in for someone. In back-to-back hands bigtime4K got his stack in the middle preflop. First against the short stacked BB_ShiNing then again against the chip leader shinng. After pushing on the button with A♥-5♣, bigtime4K found himself up against the small blind BB_ShiNing's A♠-K♦, which held up on the 8♠-4♠-7♦-9♦-7♠ board and left him with 415 chips. Those remaining chips would go into the middle again preflop with Q♣-8♣ where shinng was quietly waiting in the big blind with A♠-K♠. A small threat to shinng's lead emerged on turn of the [10D]-5♦-7♣-9♦ board, but the K♣ sealed bigtime4K's eighth place finish. Not exactly 4K in winnings but a free $1,200.00 never hurt anyone.

Continuing the big slick theme, Boku87 found himself all-in preflop after re-raising UTG+2 to 1,050 chips. Folded around to BB_ShiNing in the cutoff who covered by 450 chips, made the easy push with K♣-K♠. The original raiser, PokerGoat111 went out to the pasture as Boku87 flipped up A♠-K♥. This time big slick was the underdog and found himself with two outs after the all club flop of 9♣-4♣-J♣. The ace on the turn was of the club variety, and instead of sucking out, Boku87 found himself drawing dead as the 2,725 chips had BB_ShiNing's name on it with the nut flush. $1,700.00 for the German rounder as Boku87 finished in seventh place.

With the blinds ramping up to 100/200, so did the action. After shinng doubled up Kirua, the very next hand saw a three way all-in.

hockey65 J♦-Q♥
shinng K♦-K♥
PokerGoat111 A♦-A♥

shinng still covered the other two competitors by 415 chips as hockey65's and PokerGoat111's tournament lives were on the line. The flop of 8♠-7♥-J♣ gave hockey65 an open five hole but the 3♥ and [10S] on the turn and river stop his wrist shot in its tracks. PokerGoat111 took in the 4,570 chip pot and the chip lead, as hockey65 skated off the rink in sixth place ($2,200.00).

shinng would get a boost from the very next hand turning his 415 chips into 1,345 chips after big slick outraced the pocket eights of BB_ShiNing and 7d-5s of PokerGoat111. With those chips he dug himself out of the hole even further after catching running spades with K♠-7♠ against the pocket queens of mak10 to cripple the Michael Jordan fan. mak10 would survive the next hand with big slick (again), but his J♥-6♥ on the following hand would provide a little more fun (but alas, no chips). After pushing on the button for his remaining 810 chips, mak10 would get an insta-call from PokerGoat111 holding A♦-A♣. After the turn the board showed 5♣-5♥-3♠-4♥ giving mak10 an open ended straight and flush draws. The plethora of outs did not materialize for mak10 as the 8♦ on the river gave him $2,700.00 in fifth place.

BB_ShiNing's stack would take a huge hit against shinng when his J♣-8♣ shove on the button didn't get by shinng in the small blind with A♣-[10D] and after trip tens hit by the river for shinng, BB_ShiNing would be left with 745 chips. A few steals and a double up helped BB_ShiNing get back to around 2,000 chips but a race with Kirua ended with BB_ShiNing taking home $3,350.00 in fourth place. With the blinds at 125/250 ante 25, BB_ShiNing shoved from the button with A♥-J♦ which was called by Kirua in the big blind with pocket nines. Kirua covered by 1,445 and couldn't have been happy with the 4♥-8♠-A♠ flop. Firmly in the lead of the race, BB_ShiNing watched a 2♣ on the turn looking to take the 3,655 chip pot. But, the dirty river presented one of the two nines left in the deck as the 9♠ fell and BB_ShiNing was shot down by Kirua's rivered set of nines in fourth place.


My monosyllabic non-word, after watching shinng's bust out courtesy of the following hand:

150/300 ante 25 blinds, after a min-raise by shinng in the small blind and a call from Kirua in the big blind the board showed 4♥-4♦-J♦. Both players go nuts and get their chips into the middle with Kirua holding 2,200 behind. Both flip up QJo, shinng has Q♣-J♥ and Kirua's J♣-Q♦ for the only live card between the two. As you can see where this is going, the 3♦ on the turn cranked the music up for a possible flush and blew out the subwoofers on the 8♦ river for runner-runner flush sending home an unlucky shinng in third place ($4,500.00).

Heads-up play was of the blink and you missed it variety as Kirua took his 7,905 chips versus 5,595 for PokerGoat111 and turned it into a victory on the very first hand. A preflop raise of 900 from Kirua on the button was called by PokerGoat111 to see the flop of 9♣-3♦-4♣. Kirua followed thru with a 1,200 chip continuation bet, which had PokerGoat111 pushing his remaining 4,670 into the middle. Kirua took a little time to make the correct call with pocket eights which found himself ahead of PokerGoat111's Q♠-J♠. 7♣ on the turn opened up even more outs for PokerGoat111, but the red 4♦ on the river shipped the $12,000 first prize to our February Battle of the Planets champion Kirua! For fighting through three tables and only one club away from extending the match, our runner-up PokerGoat111 is going home with $7,500.00 today.

February Battle of the Planets Results (02-22-09)

1. Kirua $12,000.00
2. PokerGoat111 $7,500.00
3. shinng $4,500.00
4. BB_ShiNing $3,350.00
5. mak10 $2,735.00
6. hockey65 $2,200.00
7. Boku87 $1,700.00
8. bigtime4K $1,200.00
9. vladimwd $775.00

Simon Young
@MrSimonYoung in Battle of the Planets