Battle of the Planets: Hanggy handles field, captures October title

Battle of the Planets logo.jpgIt's the last Sunday of the month, which means it's time for the monthly freeroll with the $50K prize pool for which players earn tickets via their Sit & Go performances -- the Battle of the Planets.

A total of 522 players earned seats into this month's Battle, which meant six- and seven-handed tables were played during the first round to determine the 81 winners who would make the money and the second round.

chairnercomp of the Ukraine was the first player through to the second round, taking only about a half an hour to win the table. It would take about an hour more for all of the other tables to find winners, with sNesleiN of Denmark the last one through.

The 81 winners had all assured themselves nifty $195 paydays, but much more awaited them if they could win another nine-handed table to reach the final round.

Over the next hour or so BrazilianDog, InfectedO226, Jorgo V, a posteriory, petros19890, and talentaki all were able to win their tables and seats at the final table. Those six were soon joined by Hanggy, danhp134, and Griffin "Flush_Entity" Benger, and the final table was underway.


Seat 1: talentaki (Greece) -- 1,500
Seat 2: InfectedO226 (Ukraine) -- 1,500
Seat 3: Jorgo V (Belgium) -- 1,500
Seat 4: Flush_Entity (Canada) -- 1,500
Seat 5: Hanggy (Hong Kong) -- 1,500
Seat 6: BrazilianDog (Brazil) -- 1,500
Seat 7: a posteriory (Russia) -- 1,500
Seat 8: danhp134 (Colombia) -- 1,500
Seat 9: petros19890 (Russia) -- 1,500

a posteriory grabbed the advantage during the early going, pushing up over 2,000 during the first two 12-minute levels, with InfectedO226 close behind on the leaderboard in second position.

They'd reached Level 3 when it appeared the first elimination might take place in an all-in confrontation between Hanggy and Flush_Entity. But Hanggy had A♥A♣ and Flush_Entity A♠A♦, and they ended the hand with a split pot. Soon after that petros19890 and talentaki were all in as well before the flop, but both players turned over [K][Q] and they chopped it up, too.

Meanwhile, a posteriory had slipped back to just under 1,000 chips, and soon was raising 2x to 100 from early position. petros19890 made it 250 to go from a couple of seats over, and when it folded back around a posteriory shoved and petros19890 snap-called.

a posteriory: A♥K♠
petros1980: A♣A♠

The board ran out 5♣K♦8♣J♥2♦, and after leading early it was a posteriory being the first final tablist to fall in ninth.

Soon the blinds were up to 50/100 (Level 4), and Jorgo V open-pushed all-in from the button for 978 chips, getting one caller in Hanggy in the big blind. Jorgo V held K♦J♣ and Hanggy A♠5♠, and when the five community cards came 7♥2♣A♣3♣3♦, Jorgo V was eliminated in eighth.

Meanwhile, talentaki had become short-stacked with just 527 chips and would shove it all in from early position with 7♣7♦, getting one caller in danhp134 from the big blind holding A♥Q♣. The board rolled out 4♠4♥Q♠Q♥5♠, giving danhp134 a full house and sending talentaki railward in seventh.

Soon after that one, Hanggy's run good would continue with a big double-up through BrazilianDog in which Hanggy held A♥A♦ while BrazilianDog had been dealt K♥K♠. That one pushed Hanggy up close to the lead along with danhp134, essentially setting up the two eventually to reach heads-up play.

The blinds were increasing quickly, and the next four eliminations came in rapid order.

First Griffin "Flush_Entity" Benger pushed his stack of 1,153 (not quite eight big blinds) in from the cutoff seat and Hanggy called from the button. Benger had A♥6♦ and Hanggy A♦T♠, the board came 3♦K♠2♠7♠5♦, and Flush_Entity was out in sixth.

About four minutes later Hanggy raised to 300 from under the gun, then petros19890 reraised all in for just 601 from the small blind, getting a call from Hanggy. petros19890 had K♦J♥ and Hanggy 4♣4♠. The board came 6♣3♠T♥, then 7♠, then 7♥, and Hanggy's fours and sevens were best, ending petros19890's run in fifth.

Next would come a limped pot in which BrazilianDog (UTG/cutoff), danhp134 (button), and InfectedO226 (small blind) all limped in, then Hanggy checked from the big blind. The flop came 2♣6♠4♥ and all four players checked. The turn was the 3♦. InfectedO226 checked, Hanggy bet 300, BrazilianDog called with the 56 chips left in his stack, danhp134 folded, and InfectedO226 called.

The river was the 8♣. InfectedO226 checked, Hanggy bet 600, and InfectedO226 called. Hanggy then showed 5♣2♥ for a six-high straight, and the other players mucked, with BrazilianDog having been knocked out in fourth.

They then moved to Level 6 (blinds 100/200), and soon InfectedO226 open-pushed all in from the small blind for 1,471 total and Hanggy called from the big blind. InfectedO226 had 3♠3♣ and Hanggy A♠J♦, and when the board brought two pair, coming 7♣4♣K♦K♣4♥, InfectedO226's pocket treys were no good against the ace in Hanggy's hand, and InfectedO226 was out in third. Just two remained.

Heads-up play began with Hanggy enjoying the chip lead with 7,898 to the 5,602 of danhp134. The idea of a deal was immediately suggested, although during the time it took to pause the tourney danhp134's stack was cut down to about 3,800.

Finally the tourney was paused, and after a bit of negotiating the pair was able to make a deal to lessen the gap between first- and second-place prize money just a bit. Cards soon went back in the air, and without anything left to play for it would take just two hands to end it.

On the final hand, the blinds were 100/200, and when Hanggy open-raised all in danhp134 called with the 3,502 he had left. It was A♣K♣ for Hanggy and A♠7♥ for danhp134. The flop came 8♥K♥K♠ to give Hanggy trips, and the 9♣ turn made the 6♥ river no matter. danhp134 was the runner-up, and Hanggy had won!

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Congratulations to Hong Kong's Hanggy for taking down this month's Battle of the Planets!

Battle of the Planets results for 10/28/12 (*reflects two-way deal):

1st: Hanggy (Hong Kong) -- $11,000*
2nd: danhp134 (Colombia) -- $8,500*
3rd: InfectedO226 (Ukraine) -- $4,500
4th: BrazilianDog (Brazil) -- $3,350
5th: petros19890 (Russia) -- $2,735
6th: Flush_Entity (Canada) -- $2,200
7th: talentaki (Greece) -- $1,700
8th: Jorgo V (Belgium) -- $1,200
9th: a posteriory (Russia) -- $775

Players entered: 522
Places paid: 81
Entry fee: Freeroll

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