Battle of the Planets: Philych_085 defeats tough final table for $12K win

Today's champ Philych_085 got to join the list below as the 2012 Battle of the Planets triple shootout champions. This end of the month freeroll paid out $600,000.00 in cash this year not including the weekly cash prizes awarded to those who qualified for this tournament.

January: beyessa $12,000.00
February: ariejan1988 $3,995.56 (nine-way deal)
March: Jackal69 $11,000.00 (two-way deal)
April: Ansgar2000 $5,300.00 (two-way deal)
May: danhp134 $10,000.00 (two-way deal)
June: Koovoon $4,081.44 (nine-way deal)
July: Bryn "BrynKenney" Kenney $12,000.00
August: TheGreatRus $12,000.00
September: 5pathic $12,000.00
October: Hanggy $11,000.00 (two-way deal)
November: marky_crash $6,802.37 (four-way deal)
December: Philych_085 $12,000.00

Two PokerStars Team Online members would make a deep run at the Battle of the Planets title this year. First, it was George "Jorj95" Lind III would collect $2,735.00 in March after his big slick failed to catch the board against A_PIRAT taking fifth place. Then, Javier "El_Cañonero" Dominguez would nearly take home the May title but instead collected $3,350.00 in fourth place. Today however the 500 player freeroll was absent of Red Spades.

Two players on that champions list were looking for a second title as March's victor Jackal69 and July winning Bryn Kenney won their first tables locking another $195.00 in earning from this freeroll series. Ansgar2000 and Hanggy also earned tickets to play today but finished in 400th place and 292nd place respectively as only the top 81 players earned money.

DarkSelf would bow out to JayC170 in 82nd place as the second round of nine tables with nine players seated each with $195.00 in free money locked up.

LeSmit from The Netherlands would claim the first seat at the final table with petros19890 following closely behind after taking down Table seven. Out of Table nine was a familiar face as former Team Pro Alex "Allingomes" Gomes took down the field to secure a shot at $12,000 at the final table. Gomes, the 2012 SCOOP Event #1-H champ, would be looking to add yet another title to his impressive poker career. To add more fire to this final table, Jackal69 will be eight players away from a second triple shootout victory this year.

Bryn Kenney was grinding it out on Table 8 as the all the other tables but one was finished but his table still had five left! Despite leading with three left, Bryn would lose two all-ins against LiNiZ13 and nkostas12 after leading preflop bowing out in 12th place. LiNiZ13 would miss a pair and straight draw and opened up the final table to nkostas12 below:


Seat 1: Jackal69 (1500 in chips)
Seat 2: Philych_085 (1500 in chips)
Seat 3: Vali005 (1500 in chips)
Seat 4: ShaiC`akes (1500 in chips)
Seat 5: Proudflop (1500 in chips)
Seat 6: LeSmit (1500 in chips)
Seat 7: petros19890 (1500 in chips)
Seat 8: nkostas12 (1500 in chips)
Seat 9: Alex "Allingomes" Gomes (1500 in chips)

A small ball game would tell the tale of the first twenty minutes and two full levels of the final table. No big chip leaders except Philych_085 gaining a decent stack over the starting 1,500 chips and all nine players remained in the contention for the last triple shootout title of 2012 through the 15/30 blind level.

Last piece of cake

Usually the carnage in this tournament starts in the 25/50 level, but our first elimination would not happen until the 50/100 blind level. The chip leader Philych_085 would raise to 249 from the cutoff as ShaiC'akes shoved all-in from the small blind holding a marriage of face cards Q♣K♠. Philych_085 quickly called with the dominating Q♦A♣ and was rewarded with a king on the flop A♠ 6♦ K♦ 5♥ 7♥ to take the last of ShaiC'akes' crumbs in ninth place ($775.00).

Starting the floodgates

Back-to-back eliminations would follow shortly after ShaiC'akes took a seat on the rail. With the blinds still at 50/100 petros19890 would open for a min-raise from the cutoff as extreme short-stack nkostas12 shoved for 385 chips. The blinds folded as petros19890 trickled in the remaining 185 chips and flipped up pocket treys 3♣3♥. nkostas12's Q♠A♥ never had a chance as a three peeled off on the flop 4♥ 3♦ 9♦ 7♠ J♥ ending nkostas12's night in eighth place.

The very next hand LeSmit would try to push 876 chips and T♠J♦ from early position but got some action from Jackal69 would re-shoved for 1,764 chips holding pocket nines 9♥9♦. Despite the scary flop 8♥K♠Q♥ the nines were just fine through the 4♥ turn and K♣. LeSmit would correct $1,700.00 in seventh place.

Hunting for chips

Jackal69 was looking very hungry for that second title and as shown in the video below, was not going away quietly tonight.

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Chalk up another critical flip won by the March champ as Jackal69's pocket fives 5♦5♥ would skip through the 3♥ 4♥ 3♣ Q♣ 7♣ board and avoid Proudflop's A♠J♦ to take down the 3,280 chip pot and knock out Proudflop in sixth place ($2,200.00).

Down in the Vali

As the blinds moved up to 75/150 the population of the tournament would quickly reach its champion. Jackal69 opened for a min raise from the button as both Philych_085 and Vali005 made the call. Q♥A♥6♣ and Vali005 would put out a min bet that equaled the amount of chips that Jackal69 had left after giving a double up earlier. Pocket fours 4♦4♠ for Jackal69 would be out-flopped by the 8♣6♥ of Vali005. The turn 3♦ and river K♣ changed nothing as there would be no repeat champs for 2012 as Jackal69 took $2,735.00 in fifth place.

Alex "allingomes" Gomes finishes in fourth place

Three hands after Jackal69's departure, Gomes was quietly bidding his time to climb the pay ladder and hoping for a breakthrough hand to vault him back to contention. Alex would open shove for 1,255 chips from the small blind and Philych_085 made the call from the big blind holding 8♣A♥. The Q♦7♠ held by Gomes hit a jackpot with two pair off the flop 6♦Q♣7♣. But, he would have to watch the slow death of his hand as a 4♦ and 5♥ peeled off to give Philych_085 a straight and the 2,510 chip pot. For his efforts, Gomes reeled in $3,350.00 in fourth place.


Alex "allingomes" Gomes 4th place ($3,350.00)

Fun on the river

The very next hand Philych_085 and Vali005 would get it all in with the board showing J♥5♠6♦7♦. With 7,858 chips in the pot check out the video below for the winner.

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Neither player was going to fold as Philych_085 turned a set 7♠7♣ and Vali005 hit a straight 8♠9♠. The river 6♠ would turn the chips over to the chip leader as Vali005 left in third place earning $4,500.00

Eight is enough

It would only take Philych_085 eight hands to claim the last 2012 Battle of the Planets triple shootout. With the blinds holding at 75/150 and three hands after surrendering a small double up, Philych_085 would get the payoff. Holding 3,234 chips, petros19890 would min raise from the button as Philych_085 made the call. After a coordinated 8♦7♦6♠ flop Philych_085 would lead out for 300 as petros19890 shoved holding top pair 8♥J♣. Philych_085 made the call with bottom pair 6♥K♦. But, much like the hand that Gomes was eliminated on, a runner-runner would take down, this time it was a flush as two diamonds J♦5♦ completed the win for Philych_085 earning $12,000.00 for the victory!

December Battle of Planets $50,000 Triple Shootout results (12-30-12):

Players entered: 500
Places paid: 81
Buy-in: Ticket/Freeroll
First place: $12,000.00

1. Philych_085 (Belarus) $12,000.00
2. petros19890 (Russia) $7,500.00
3. Vali005 (Romania) $4,500.00
4. Alex "allingomes" Gomes $3,350.00
5. Jackal69 (United Kingdom) $2,735.00
6. Proudflop (United Kingdom) $2,200.00
7. LeSmit (Netherlands) $1,700.00
8. nkostas12 (Greece) $1,200.00
9. ShaiC`akes (Costa Rica) $775.00

David Aydt
@PokerStars in Battle of the Planets