MegaMillions Event 78 ($5.50 7-Stud): Manni Mansen manages win after deal

MicroMillions logo.pngThe PokerStars MicroMillions series is dominated with dozens of hold'em events, which makes sense since it's the most popular poker game played online. Sometimes you want to get out of that rut and play something different. Event 78, $5.50 Seven Card Stud, the lone tournament consisting of just the high version of stud, drew a field of 2,670 entrants for a prize pool of $13,350. A fortunate group of 336 players will make the money with the winner expecting to earn over $2,000.

Team PokerStars/Player of Series update

Team PokerStars was represented by Team Netherlands Pro Marcel Luske and Team Poland Pro Marcin "Goral" Horecki, currently 4th in the MicroMillions Player of the Series race. Unfortunately, neither player would pick up cash or points in this tournament.

It was a different story for AleksS69, finishing in 48th place to earn 20 points, giving them a little breathing room, extending their lead to 25 points over 2nd placed bem777ret in the standings.

sickan182 misses out on final table ($95.45)

Nine players remained with the stakes at 100,000/200,000 with the ante of 20,000 and bring in of 30,000. If you want to go all the way with a hand, you're likely risking your tournament life, so play was cautious for the first few hands. Eventually, sickan182 ran out of chips, earning 9th place money for $95.45 as Player2969 earned the checkmark:

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The final table lineup with eight remaining:

MicroMillions Event 78 final table.JPG

Seat 1: Aquila II (39,632 in chips)
Seat 2: madavaster (3,987,549 in chips)
Seat 3: Manni Mansen (1,356,225 in chips)
Seat 4: Bu4ara477 (2,375,522 in chips)
Seat 5: ViKtOrHaZaRd (964,360 in chips)
Seat 6: OKLetzGamble (1,003,489 in chips)
Seat 7: 8MOFF8 (593,600 in chips)
Seat 8: Player2969 (3,029,623 in chips)

Aquilla II out in VIII ($133.50)

Aquilla II was short-stacked on the final table bubble, losing most of their chips the hand before tables were combined. Their first hand at the final table was their last, here's how their final hand played out:

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8MOFF8 sent off in 7th ($267.00)

One of two UK players at the final table, 8MOFF8 would be sent off shortly after Aquila II. The stakes moved up to 120,000/240,000 with a 24,000 ante/36,000 bring in. Player2969 was the bring in with the 3♦ as Manni Mansen raised to 120,000 showing the 5♦. 8MOFF8 re-raised to 240,000 showing the K♣ as Manni Mansen called. Manni Mansen picked up the A♥ as 8MOFF8 picked up the T♣. 8MOFF8 then bet 115,600 to go all-in as Manni Mansen check/called.

Both players hands:

Manni Mansen: 5♥Q♦/5♦A♥ 8♠A♠/8♣
8MOFF8: K♠4♦/K♣T♣2♠ A♦/J♦

8MOFF8 started with split kings, but Manni Mansen would pick up two pair on 6th street to claim the rest of 8MOFF8's chips as six remained.

ViKtOrHaZaRd cleared in 6th ($400.50)

The pattern of the shortest stacks being eliminated in order continued as ViKtOrHaZaRd was run down by Manni Mansen on the river:

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Player2969 sidelined in 5th ($667.50)

The third elimination in under ten minutes left Player2969, coming into the final table 5th in chips, finishing in that position. Madavaster brought it in for 36,000 with the 5♦ as OKLetzGamble raised to 120,000 with the A♦ as Player2969 called with the K♣. Both players picked up a nine, 9♠ for OKLetzGamble and 9♦ for Player2969 as OKLetzGamble bet 120,000 and Player2969 called. Both players checked on 5th street after receiving the J♥ and 2♠ respectively. The chips flew as both players showed pairs, J♦ and 2♥ as OKLetzGamble and Player2969 capped at four bets. Each player got a final down card as OKLetzGamble bet 240,000, Player2969 raised to go all in for 322,869 total as OKLetzGamble called, revealing three jacks: 6♦J♣/A♦9♠J♥J♦/7♦. Player2969 held two pair:8♦8♠/K♣9♦2♠2♥/Q♦ leaving a quartet of title hopefuls.

7-Card Stud brings 4-way deal

The elimination of Player2969 led to a discussion amongst the final four, all close in chips with ever increasing stakes, to make a deal. Eventually all players clicked the deal button to summon the host on duty to provide the following chip count numbers, with $100 set aside for the eventual winner:

OKLetzGamble: 3,960,367 - $1,596.89
madavaster: 3,635,549 - $1,542.55
Manni Mansen: 3,316,185 - $1,489.14
Bu4ara477: 2,437,899 - $1,342.24

All four players quickly agreed, as two of the players were delighted to do so well in a game they haven't played often:

OKLetzGamble said, "WOW...this is like my 2nd ever stud tourny...unbelievable !!!!! :-)"
Manni Mansen said, "lol"
Bu4ara477 said, "my first=)"

OKLetzGamble satisfied with 4th ($1,596.89)

OKLetzGamble was chip leader four-handed, but would earn no more after finishing in 4th. It's possible their lack of experience in stud was a factor, as Manni Mansen started picking up pots, eventually taking the lead. The stakes were now at 200,000/400,000 with a 40,000 ante and 60,000 bring in as Manni Mansen made the bet 200,000 with the low card, the 5♥. OKLetzGamble raised to 400,000 showing the Q♥ as madavaster cold-called with the 8♠ as Manni Mansen called. Madavaster, Manni Mansen and OKLetzgamble checked as they showed the K♥4♦ and 5♥ respectively. Fifth street would give the trio the 2♦3♦ and 9♠ as madavaster and Manni Mansen checked, but OKLetzGamble bet 400,000 as madavaster folded, Manni Master raised and OKLetzGamble called all in for 318,936.

Here's how their boards looked:

Manni Mansen: 2♥A♥/5♣4♦3♦
OKLetzGamble: 7♠9♣Q♥5♥9♠

Manni Mansen's made straight in five looked good against OKLetzGamble's pair and runner-runner flush draw. Manni Mansen's last two cards were the 5♦ 6♥, making a bigger straight, while OKLetzGamble did not improve with their last two cards: K♦2♣.

Madavaster unhappy in 3rd ($1,542.55), improves in Player of Series race

Among the players at the final table, madavaster held the best results with a dozen cashes before this result, good for a spot among the top 100 players. The 3rd place finish means an additional 60 points, moving them into the top 30 as they improved their chances of earning at least a SCOOP Main Event (Low) $109 Ticket. It would be the stud newbie Bu4ara477 taking out madavaster, here's the action:

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Bu4ara477 bopped in 2nd ($1,342.24)

Germany's Manni Mansen started heads-up play with a 7-5 chip advantage, making short work of the Russian Bu4ara477. The final hand was played at 250,000/500,000 with an ante of 50,000 and the bring in at 75,000. Bu4ara477 decided to bet 250,000 with the 7♥, eventually getting four bets in after a series of raises as Manni Mansen showed the K♠. Manni Mansen bet out for 250,000 after dealt the 4♣ as Bu4ara477 called all in for less after picking up the 5♦.

Manni Mansen held a huge lead with their kings A♣K♣/K♠4♣ against Bu4ara477's sevens J♣7♣ 7♥5♦. Manni Mansen would spike two pair on the river 9♣T♥/A♠ as Bu4ara477 could not improve on their board: 3♥4♥/8♠.

Bu4ara477 earns $1,342.24 for their first stud tournament, not a bad ROI. Manni Mansen picks up an additional 100 bucks to bring their total to $1,589.14.

MicroMillions Event 78($5.50 Seven Card Stud) final table results:

*Payouts reflect deal made four-handed

*1st: Manni Mansen - $1,589.14
*2nd: Bu4ara477 - $1,342.24
*3rd: madavaster - $1,542.55
*4th: OKLetzGamble - $1,596.89
5th: Player2969 - $667.50
6th: ViKtOrHaZaRd - $400.50
7th: 8MOFF8 - $267.00
8th: Aquila II - $133.50

There's only two days of MicroMillions events left, including the biggest little tournament of the series, the $22 NL Hold'em $1,000,000 guaranteed Sunday afternoon. Check out the MicroMillions site for the rest of the schedule.