Micro Millions II: dewast_out goes low in Event 39, $4.40 Razz

micromillions-thumb-blog.pngSay what you want about razz. You're probably right, so go ahead and say it. I'll wait.

Did you say that people hate razz, as a rule? You're not wrong. But somehow razz perseveres as a masochisitic form of stud poker. It was on the schedule once again as 2012 MicroMillions II Event 39, $4.40 Razz. The fact that so many people hate the game didn't stop 3,348 players from deciding that razz was worth at least the $4.40 buy-in of Event 39. The champion stood to receive $2,278, more than 500 times the original buy-in. For that kind of return, any hater can be turned into a believer.

440 players received a portion of the prize pool in Event 39, but PokerStars Team Online player Andre "acoimbra" Coimbra was not one of them. He just barely missed the cash, finishing in 601st place as his ironman quest to play all 100 events rolls on.

Eight hopeful believers assembled at the Event 39 final table to battle it out and find out which one of them would become razz's newest and biggest supporter.

MM2 Event 39 final table.jpg

Seat 1: Didi Demel (496040 in chips)
Seat 2: gieras (1507901 in chips)
Seat 3: dewast_out (3868605 in chips)
Seat 4: Niendorfer (3038470 in chips)
Seat 5: KrilSMK (359204 in chips)
Seat 6: Venus1485 (1135086 in chips)
Seat 7: OLeG______JT (3112445 in chips)
Seat 8: limpupus (3222249 in chips)

Level 36: limits 100k-200k, ante 20k
Average stack: 2.1 million (10.5 big bets)

10.5 big bets isn't much to work with in a fixed-limit game like razz. Five potential streets of betting means that playing a single hand to the river and losing can cost almost half a player's stack. And that's without raises. Throw in a raise or two and things can get ugly fast.

KrilSMK was in much worse shape than that, and limits almost immediately increased to 120k and 240k to make things even more dire. But a triple-up after starting with a three-card seven got KrilSMK some breathing room and almost level with the other short stacks, Didi Demel and Venus1485.

KrilSMK's comeback was short-lived. Still in the 120k-240k, KrilSMK was ground back down to about 500k. By 5th street in a hand against Niendorfer, KrilSMK was all in and showed 3-6 / 4-5-J. Niendorfer's 2-3 / 2-8-4 was almost as good, and wound up improving to the best hand by catching a 5d on 6th street. KrilSMK's hand could only improve to a 9-6 with running 9s on 6th and 7th street. That wasn't enough to avoid finishing in 8th place.

Didi Demel was the next of the short stacks to put everything on the line. With few chips left, Didi Demel was forced to go with 4-A / A, all in on third street. Niendorfer had chips to spare and went for the knockout starting with 2-K / A. It was essentially the razz version of a race. Niendorfer got to the finish line in best shape, showing down a Q-8 that was good enough against Didi Demel's board of 4-A / A-K-6-6 / 5, a king-six.

Limits were up to 200k and 400k by the time gieras was eliminated in 6th place. To start the final hand, gieras had about 1 million in chips. A series of raises meant there was no further action after 4th street. gieras went with A-3 / 7-9 and was taken on by OLeG______JT, who table the almost-as-impressive 3-A / 5-K. OLeG______JT caught perfect on 5th and 6th streets, drawing into a wheel that would have taken gieras three perfect cards to tie. Those cards didn't materialize. gieras reported to the rail and collected $401.76.

Venus1485 did well to survive to 5th place, but that's where the joyride ended. In a three-way pot with OLeG______JT and limpupus, Venus1485 drew the short straw. At the river, Venus1485's board showed X-X / 3-Q-9-9 / X, a hand that was almost board-locked out of beating limpupus' X-X / 7-4-A-T / X. limpupus produced a 5, 3 and 9 in the hole for a final hand of 7-5, more than enough to dispose of Venus1485.

By the 4pm break, four players remained: OLeG______JT (5.7 million), limpupus (5.4 million), dewast_out (3.6 million) and Niendorfer (1.9 million). Limits of 250k-500k pushed the average stack down to about 4.1 million, or about 8 big bets. The end rated to come quickly.

The short-stacked Niendorfer was the first player to go belly-up after the break. Losing a key pot to dewast_out left Niendorfer looking for three cards to play. T-A / 2 looked good but finished in 2nd place to dewast_out's 5-2 / 8. dewast_out improved to an 8-5; Niendorfer could only muster a 10-6 and hit the rail in 4th place.

The remaining three players were almost level. Each had between 5 and 6 million. dewast_out offered an even chop but the other players demurred. Play continued.

The ebbs and flows of three-handed play found limpupus folding most often and making the greatest number of second-best hands. At the 400k-800k level, limpupus was down to about 2.7 million in chips. Most of them went in on 5th street against dewast_out, who showed down two pair with 6-2 / 6-A-A. limpupus was slightly in the lead with a king, 2-A / 8-9-K. But the cards broke badly from there, as limpupus caught a 5 and a 10 to make a 9-8. It was pipped by dewast_out, who caught a 4 and a 9 for a 9-6.

Heads-up play pitted the player seeking a chop, dewast_out, against the player who very politely turned down a chop multiple times, OLeG______JT. dewast_out started with a chip lead of about two big bets.

They played without much change in the relative chip stacks well into the 500k - 1 million level. At that point dewast_out again offered to deal. OLeG______JT was more willing, with the stacks so shallow, and proposed an even 50/50 split despite the fact that dewast_out had a slight 9-to-7 chip lead.

"By chips," dewast_out replied. "You don't have such an edge on me to 50/50."

"Ok play," replied OLeG______JT. No deal.

From there it was all dewast_out. OLeG______JT folded one sizable pot at the river, then faced a similar situation a few hands later in this pivotal hand:

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That crippled OLeG______JT, who made a stand the next hand with 10-A / 9. It did not make the winner against dewast_out, who started T-Q / 2. Q-10-6 was enough, as OLeG______JT made three pair to finish with a pair of aces for low.

So often tournament poker can come down to one pivotal hand. In Event 36, that pivotal hand favored dewast_out, and for that reason dewast_out is the Event 36 champion.

2012 MicroMillions II Event 36 $4.40 Razz results:

1st: dewast_out ($2,278.70)
2nd: OLeG______JT ($1,607.04)
3rd: limpupus ($1,205.28)
4th: Niendorfer ($937.44)
5th: Venus1485 ($669.60)
6th: gieras ($401.76)
7th: Didi Demel ($254.31)
8th: KrilSMK ($123.87)

For more information on the MicroMillions II, check out the Micro Millions home page.

Dave Behr
@PokerStars in MicroMillions