Micro Millions II: mikland13 gets the best deal in Event 36


As much as poker players like to believe in poker justice, they also like to believe in poker karma. One of the biggest sins to many players, then, is to be a "chop-blocker" - the lone player who prevents a deal from taking place, a player-facilitated deal that smooths out that payouts near the end of a tournament. In some ways, karma didn't hold in 2012 MicroMillions II Event 36, $11 NLHE. The chop-blocker, Minya_Egor, finished in 2nd place. But the player who lobbied so hard for a deal in the first place, mikland13, won the whole event. So maybe karma got the last laugh.

Event 36 was like a mini MicroMillions II Main Event, held about a third of the way through the series. Sure, there have been a few other $11 events already held this series, but none of them were straight, 9-handed NLHE. Event 11 was 6-max. Event 22 was Super Knockout. And Event 32 was a special edition of the Sunday Storm.

Event 36, on the other hand, was good old-fashioned NLHE without any fancy accoutrements. It drew a field of almost 4,000 players and a prize pool of almost $40,000, easily surpassing the $25,000 guarantee. The numbers ensured that the top 540 would receive a payout, the minimum of which was $16.76 for 540th place and the maximum of which was $6,269.78 for the winner.

PokerStars Team Online player Andre "acoimbra" Coimbra - the man who is attempting to play all 100 of the MicroMillions II events - was the lone representative for Team PokerStars to play Event 36. He busted out early. You can get a sense of how things are going so far for Coimbra by reading his latest MicroMillions II diary.

It's unlikely that any of these nine players are playing all 100 events of the MicroMillions II, but each now has a final table to his/her name:

MM2 event 36 final table.jpg

Seat 1: Minya_Egor (1317429 in chips)
Seat 2: mvdwerf (2033130 in chips)
Seat 3: FENOMENICO (1814719 in chips)
Seat 4: riversurfa (3491545 in chips)
Seat 5: pizmister (935816 in chips)
Seat 6: daveyt86 (3110186 in chips)
Seat 7: basilcat1 (1621088 in chips)
Seat 8: Hardly3 (1484853 in chips)
Seat 9: mikland13 (4151234 in chips)

Level 41: Blinds 40k-80k, ante 10k
Average stack: 2.2 million (28 BBs)

Unlike some of the previous MicroMillions II events, where the average stack at the final table was closer to 20 BBs than 30 BBs, the short stacks had a little time on their side as the final table began. All the same, pizmister three-bet shoved for 895k in the first orbit after FENOMENICO open to 160k. FENOMENICO tank-called correctly with pocket 10s against pocket 4s, but pizmister spiked a 4 on the turn to grab the pot. They traded places in the counts, then traded back a few hands later when FENOMENICO picked up aces against pizmister's ace-king.

"Wow," said daveyt86.

The final table was more than 20 minutes old before the first player finally knuckled under. FENOMENICO moved all in from early position with ace-jack and was taken on by daveyt86's pocket 7s. By the turn, FENOMENICO was drawing to two outs for a chop, as daveyt86 made an 8-high straight. The board paired on the river, sending FENOMENICO to the showers in 9th place.

Pocket 7s treated daveyt86 later the same orbit, as riversurfa three-bet shoved middle pair of 7s right into daveyt86's middle set of 7s on a 9♣7♦5♠ board. The turn and river ran out repeating 6s, giving daveyt86 more chips (more than 8 million) and another knockout.

basilcat1 remained the short stack - until Minya_Egor hit a great river card. The chips were all in pre-flop, but the river still felt kind of dirty:

RSS readers - click through to see replay

Minya_Egor was at it again on one of the last hands before the 10am break. As the first player to act, pizmister shoved 12 big blinds (1.5 million) into the center with A♥9♦. Sitting in the small blind, Minya_Egor called with A♣J♣. That jack kicker was good enough to claim the pot on a ten-high board, 5♥T♣7♠4♦T♠.

pizmister's 6th-place elimination left five players to return after the break. daveyt86 had a large chip lead with 8.6 million in chips, followed by Minya_Egor's 4.0 million. mikland13 asked if anyone was interested in deal, but nobody responded.

daveyt86 added to that chip lead by eliminating the quiet Hardly3, who almost didn't get involved at the final table at all. Down to about 1 million in chips, Hardly3 shoved 4♣3♣ from second-to-act. Minya_Egor called with K♥J♣, which would have been good enough on its own but made a Broadway straight, 6♦Q♣K♦T♥A♥.

A pair and a flush draw wasn't as good as Minya_Egor thought it was on an all-heart flop of A♥9♥2♥, but it was still good enough to eliminate mvdwerf in 4th place. Pre-flop, mvdwerf raised and Minya_Egor called from the big blind. After the flop, Minya_Egor checked and then call mvdwerf's shove for 1.3 million. Minya_Egor showed A♦T♥, but it turned out only top pair wasn't enough against mvdwerf's better kicker, A♣J♦. The turn was a blank, but the river came a fourth heart to improve Minya_Egor to a flush and end mvdwerf's run in 4th place.

Four-flushing proved invaluable to Minya_Egor short-handed. Minya_Egor got all the chips in from behind against daveyt86 with A♣7♥ against chip leader daveyt86's A♠K♠, but four hearts again hit the board to vault Minya_Egor into the chip lead and drop daveyt86 back into 3rd place of three. daveyt86 quickly became the third-place finisher when K♠9♣ couldn't overtake Minya_Egor's pocket 7s, all in pre-flop.

daveyt86's elimination left Minya_Egor as a 3-to-1 chip leader over mikland13, heads up for the Event 36 title. mikland13 had been pushing the other players to look at a deal since play became five-handed, but Minya_Egor was the lone holdout. That didn't change once the two players were heads up, although mikland13 continued pushing for one, at one point even remarking, "wow. u don't want a deal?"

For the $1600 difference between 2nd and 1st place, it appeared Minya_Egor was willing to play it out, especially with the chip lead. But Minya_Egor wasn't able to hold onto the chip lead, shoving in pre-flop with king-seven and failing to get there against mikland13's king-queen. For the first time at the final table, mikland13 had the chip lead.

Mikland13 continued trying to broker a deal with the chip lead and then after Minya_Egor leveled the stacks, even resorting to all-caps.


Minya_Egor never did reply, which turned out to work to mikland13's benefit. With blinds at 100k and 200k and each player with about 10 million in chips, mikland13 min-raised the button. Minya_Egor three bet to 1.2 million and mikland13 called to see a flop of all-small cards, 2♠8♠3♠. Minya_Egor made a massive over-bet shove of 8.8 million that mikland13 snap-called with 3♦3♣, a set of treys. Minya_Egor showed 4♣4♥ and did not improve.

That hand left Minya_Egor with just 261k in chips. Minya_Egor doubled up once, but couldn't find a second double-up, falling with 8♦2♠ against mikland13's A♣3♠.

mikland13 spent most of the 2nd half of the final table pushing the other players to consider a deal. Minya_Egor, as the lone holdout, unwittingly assured mikland13 of a far better payout than any deal would have offered -- $6,269.78 and the title of MicroMillions II Event 36 champion. The poker karmic scales may not have balanced to everyone's liking, but likely mikland13 has no complaints.

2012 MicroMillions II Event 36 $11 NLHE results:

1st: mikland13 ($6,269.78)
2nd: Minya_Egor ($4,670.64)
3rd: daveyt86 ($3,293.40)
4th: mvdwerf ($2,295.40)
5th: Hardly3 ($1,696.60)
6th: pizmister ($1,297.40)
7th: basilcat1 ($898.20)
8th: riversurfa ($499.00)
9th: FENOMENICO ($319.36)

We're now about a third of the way through the MicroMillions II. 36 of the 100 events have been decided, with 36 different players turning a micro buy-in into a major score. Check out the leaderboard, the results, and the schedule of events yet to be played at the Micro Millions home page.

Dave Behr
@PokerStars in MicroMillions