Micro Millions II: Quads propel skom221 in Event 82


Everyone knows there's luck in poker. Getting quads at the final table of a MicroMillions event is incredibly lucky. But it often takes skill to get a hand like that paid off. skom221 demonstrated that skill in 2012 MicroMillions II Event 82, $2.20 NLHE, and that's largely why skom221 is the latest MicroMillions champion.

With the weekend having arrived, Event 82 drew a robust 10,858 players. Nobody's little brother got his arm caught in a microwave, and nobody's grandmother dropped acid, freaked out and hijacked a school bus full of penguins. No, each player gladly contributed his or her $2 to the prizepool, allowing PokerStars to keep the menacing paperboy locked up for another day. 1,440 players made the money in Event 82, with 1st prize topping out at more than $3,000.

If you've been following the coverage of the 2012 MicroMillions II, you know that PokerStars Team Online player Andre "acoimbra" Coimbra has played every event so far. Today, in his 82nd event of the series, Coimbra put together one of his deepest runs of the series. He scrambled all the way to 191st place, good for $10.85.

But that wasn't good enough to make the final table. After nnashu's pocket aces were cracked by startsev-den's pocket kings, these nine players were the last nine players in the tournament.

MM2 Event 82 final table.jpg

Seat 1: DarVin mOO9 (1991221 in chips)
Seat 2: Freesty1e_44 (2967006 in chips)
Seat 3: belkot1986 (6522053 in chips)
Seat 4: nyJl9I-gypa (3744443 in chips)
Seat 5: Nishiwakiii (1625668 in chips)
Seat 6: skom221 (7926884 in chips)
Seat 7: Joury_G (2769665 in chips)
Seat 8: startsev-den (25636100 in chips)
Seat 9: AAWINYAA (1106960 in chips)

Level 45: Blinds 80k-160k, ante 20k
Average stack: 6.0 million (37.5 BBs)

The average stacks of 37.5 BBs was among the deepest starting average stack of all of the MicroMillions II final tables so far. Freesty1e_44 started significantly below that chip average, with about 2.9 million chips. startsev-den started at the other end of the chip spectrum with 25 million chips, more than 150 BBs. Those two stacks collided early on, as startsev-den opened to 420k and then called a shove from Freesty1e_44. The race was on. startsev-den's K♥Q♦ out-flopped Freesty1e_44's pocket 9s, Q♥5♠3♦. That pair of queens held through the river. Freesty1e_44 exited the final table in 9th place.

A bad beat allowed one of the short stacks, AAWINYAA, to take out the other short stack, DarVin mOO9, in 8th place. The two were in the blinds for the hand. AAWINYAA, dealt A♦9♥, shoved all in. DarVin mOO9, with fewer chips and A♠Q♣, called. A queen flopped, but AAWINYAA rivered a ten-high straight, T♥Q♠7♦6♥8♣.

startsev-den then doubled up a few short stacks, but none of those double-ups put too big a dent in startsev-den's massive chip lead. The chips came back to startsev-den in a hand against Nishiwakiii that played out much like startsev-den's elimination of Freesty1e_44. startsev-den opened to 660k, then called a shove for 2.0 million. It was another flip that startsev-den won, this time by flopping a straight with 9♦T♦, K♥Q♦J♠. Nishiwakiii's pocket 8s stood no chance. Nishiwakiii finished in 7th place.

Joury_G had a quiet final table. The only hand of note resulted in Joury_G's elimination in 6th place. Joury_G shoved for 2.36 million with A♣Q♥ after belkot1986 opened with a raise. belkot1986 snap-called with Q♦Q♣ and faded the ace on a king-high board, T♣2♦9♦K♠9♠.

Down to five players left to go, startsev-den made a mis-step against nyJl9I-gypa in a pot worth almost 17 million. All was not lost, however. Check out the gut-punch that sent nyJl9I-gypa to the rail in 5th place:

RSS readers - click through to see replay

Three hands later AAWINYAA shoved all in pre-flop for 2.1 million after skom221 min-raised to 800k. skom211 snap-called with pocket kings and easily dispatched AAWINYAA's pocket treys. With AAWINYAA hitting the rail in 4th place, the remaining three players paused to discuss a deal.

The counts at the time favored startsev-den (36.9 million). skom221 was barely in 2nd place with 9.1 million, while belkot1986 was the short stack (8.1 million). The players asked a host to run the chip-chop numbers but could not come to a deal from there.

belkot1986 called drawing dead on three separate streets to finish in 3rd place. belkot1986 opened pre-flop to 1.2 million, then called a three-bet to 2.8 million from small blind skom221. skom221 bet 800k on the flop, 800k on the turn and 5.9 million all in on the river of a Q♣Q♥6♦9♦5♣ board. belkot1986 called all of those bets with pocket jacks, a hand that had zero equity against skom221's quad queens, Q♠Q♦.

The chip counts were nearly level between startsev-den and skom221. They paused the tournament and quickly agreed to a 50-50 split of the remaining prize money, with an additional $200 going to the winner.

It didn't take a long to determine the winner. With the stacks still almost dead level, three raises got 53.2 million chips into the middle pre-flop on a flip. startsev-den showed pocket 9s; skom221 had A♣J♥. skom221 didn't improve, but a double-paired board of 2♣T♣T♦K♠K♦ over-coated startsev-den's pocket 9s. skom221's ace kicker played and dragged the pot. startsev-den was left with just 1 million chips and blinds at 250k-500k. It took three more hands for skom221 to finish off startsev-den.

startsev-den played a great final table and got lucky on a few occasions when luck was needed, but skom221 hung around and collected the chips when things mattered most. That's what it takes to become a MicroMillions champion.

2012 MicroMillions II Event 82 $2.20 NLHE results (* denotes two-way deal):

1st: skom221 ($2,730.91)*
2nd: startsev-den ($2,530.92)*
3rd: belkot1986 ($1,563.55)
4th: AAWINYAA($1,085.80)
5th: nyJl9I-gypa ($868.64)
6th: Joury_G ($651.48)
7th: Nishiwakiii ($434.32)
8th: DarVin mOO9 ($217.16)
9th: Freesty1e_44 ($147.66)

The 2012 MicroMillions II is almost out of time and events. Get all the information you need on the best micro-stakes tournament series in the world at the MicroMillions home page.

Dave Behr
@PokerStars in MicroMillions