Micro Millions II: quarltje gets the broker's commission in Event 91

micromillions-thumb-blog.pngNobody can argue that there aren't a lot of NLHE events on the MicroMillions II schedule. Yet every day, there are one or two events that players can enter for less than $5 that aren't NLHE. It's a way to get a taste for some of the other variants of poker that have proven so popular both online and in live setting. Today, in PokerStars 2012 MicroMillions Event 91, the "other game" was 8-Game.

8-Game is played as HORSE, with 2-7 Triple Draw added to the front of the rotation and NLHE and PLO added to the rear. It's a game that sees more popularity at higher stakes than it does at lower stakes, as is generally true of most mixed-game formats. All the same, 2,652 players threw their $3.30 into the kitty for Event 91. That swelled the prize pool to just shy of $8,000 and ensured that the winner would receive $1,254.

And what of the ironman PokerStars Team Online player, Andre "acoimbra" Coimbra? On the last day of Coimbra's challenge to play all 100 events, Coimbra started off with a goose egg. He busted out of Event 91 in 703rd place, well shy of the 360 in-the-money spots.

It was about 8:30am PokerStars time when six players assembled at the final table. None of them were especially deep-stacked.

MM2 Event 91 final table.jpg

Seat 1: Tight Jr (805458 in chips)
Seat 2: bpenno (2870876 in chips)
Seat 3: ravens_eye24 (2532235 in chips)
Seat 4: camtac (2909656 in chips)
Seat 5: quarltje (964211 in chips)
Seat 6: maksimus1105 (3177564 in chips)

Level 70
Average stack: 2.21 million

The game almost immediately switched to 40k-80k NLHE, leaving Tight Jr and quarltje with about 10 big blinds each. The table started talking about coming to a deal. Initially chip leader maksimus1105 shot that down but during the PLO round maksimus1105 relented.

With $3700 total to split and six people needing to come to an agreement, finding a deal was tough. An ICM chop was proposed first, but quarltje objected. quarltje then proposed $700 to each of the top three stacks and $500 to each of the bottom three stacks, but masimus1105 and ravens_eye24 objected to that deal. A little extra negotiation carved $12.50 off of each of the bottom two stacks in favor of the big stack maximus1105. Everyone agreed to that modification, leaving only the champion's set-aside of $103.98 in question.

With the deal in place, play resumed. The game shifted to 200k-400k triple draw, a game and a limit that created some big stack swings. Yet it wasn't until the last hand of 200k-400k limit hold'em that a player busted. That player was the former big stack, maksimus1105, who bet a 2♣7♣4♥ and then called all in after quarltje raised. The turn and river were the 6♥ and 5♠, leaving maksimus1105 with a pair of 7s, A♥7♠. That was the second-best hand, as quarltje showed down pocket kings. maksimus1105 finished in 6th place but earned the largest payout of $725.

Tight Jr was next out in 5th place during the 250k-500k Limit Omaha Hi-Lo Round. A three-way pot was Tight Jr's undoing, as Q♥Q♠7♠3♦ lost both halves of the pot on a board of 5♦6♠T♠A♣8♣. bpenno claimed the high half of the pot with 6♥6♣5♠4♠, a set of 6s; camtac got the low half with A♥3♣4♥J♠, a 6-5 low. Tight Jr was the "monkey in the middle".

quarltje, the player that led the deal discussions as a short stack when play was six-handed, eliminated bpenno during the 250k-500k razz round to take the chip lead. The two players made it to 6th street before bpenno was all in:

RSS readers - click through to see replay

The Stud Hi/Lo round, oddly enough, was the round that ended the tournament. Limits were up to 300k-600k against a chip average of 4.4 million. camtac bowed out first, capping third street with 6♠3♥ / A♠ against quarltje, who had A♣A♥ / 5♥. The rest of camtac's chips went in on 4th street. camtac drew into a pair of aces with no low. quarltje immediately made two pair, aces and fives, on 4th street and made a 7-6 low as well to scoop the whole pot.

camtac's elimination left quarltje and ravens_eye24 to fight over the extra $103.98 that hadn't been part of the deal. quarltje started with 9.7 million chips; ravens_eye24 had just 3.5 million. ravens_eye24 lost almost all of those chips on the first hand of heads-up play when quarltje started with buried 8s and drew into a queen-high flush. ravens_eye24's board showed X-X / 6♥A♠9♦T♦ / X. Whatever was in the hole wasn't good enough to beat a flush.

Losing that pot left ravens_eye24 with just 185k in chips. ravens_eye24 managed to chop the next pot, but that was the end of the road. On the final hand of the tournament, ravens_eye24 started 9♣5♥ / J♥ and finished with queen-high, no low. quarltje started with another buried pair, 3♥[3c / A♣, and improved to eights and treys.

When the limits get big, anything can happen in tournament poker. quarltje took the time to broker a deal that everybody could live with. Maybe that why the big limits went quarltje's way and crowned quarltje the champion of Event 91.

2012 MicroMillions II Event 91 $3.30 8-Game results (* denotes six-way deal):

1st: quarltje ($591.48)*
2nd: ravens_eye24 ($500.00)*
3rd: camtac ($700.00)*
4th: bpenno ($700.00)*
5th: Tight Jr ($487.50)*
6th: maksimus1105 ($725.00)*

There are a few more events on the schedule today for the last day of the 2012 MicroMillions II. Get up-to-date stats and the schedule of events and satellites at the MicroMillions home page.

Dave Behr
@PokerStars in MicroMillions