Micro Millions II: zandermak the mack daddy of Event 54

micromillions-thumb-blog.pngDay 7 of the 2012 MicroMillions II kicked off bright and early, at 2am PokerStars time, with Event 54, $5.50 NLHE. A little more than nine hours later zandermak dispatched the last of the final table players to claim a MicroMillions victory.

Event 54 sported a $20,000 guarantee. The guarantee was once again surpassed (as has been the case throughout the MicroMillions II). 5,136 put their fiver into the tournament, thereby creating a prize pool of $25,680. That amount may not have doubled the guarantee, as many other MicroMillions events have done, but it still ensured that more than $4,000 would be reserved for the eventual winner.

675 players were paid in Event 54. They did not include PokerStars Team Online player Andre "acoimbra" Coimbra, who is continuing his quest to play all 100 MicroMillions II events. As of yesterday morning Coimbra cashed in 11 of the first 42 events. He came up empty in Event 54, finishing in 1262nd place.

The remaining players raised, shoved and busted until only nine remained.

MM2 Event 54 final table.jpg

Seat 1: brrrb20 (595800 in chips)
Seat 2: zandermak (2648359 in chips)
Seat 3: Darvishoo (2372664 in chips)
Seat 4: vernondbacks (4054264 in chips)
Seat 5: rickrolll (1815067 in chips)
Seat 6: willy_bolda (1186010 in chips)
Seat 7: hotrod1983 (1536008 in chips)
Seat 8: decimamas61 (5958546 in chips)
Seat 9: rakpet (5513282 in chips)

Level 44: Blinds 70k-140k, ante 17.5k
Average stack: 2.85 million (about 20 BBs)

The short stack, brrrb20, doubled up almost immediately, making Big Slick work against willy_bolda's A♥9♠. But that double-up didn't help brrrb20 much two hands later when brrrb20 picked up pocket jacks against decimamas61's pocket kings. The kings held to bust brrrb20 in 9th place.

hotrod1983 ran into a similar situation an orbit later. As the first player to act, hotrod1983 shoved for 1.15 million with pocket deuces. Sitting with the button, vernondbacks then made an isolation three-bet to 3.6 million, all in. That folded the blinds and allowed hotrod1983 to learn the bad news: vernondbacks had pocket jacks. They stood tall, allowing vernondbacks to eliminate hotrod1983 in 8th place.

With two tables left, rickrolll mentioned having an account balance of only $30. "I satellited into this event." So no doubt rickrolll was thrilled with winning $577.80 for 7th place, although the end was a bit of a tease. Down to 560k at the 80k-160k level, rickrolll called all in from the small blind with K♠Q♥ against rakpet's A♥J♠. A queen flopped, but rakpet turned an ace to re-take the lead in the hand. The river bricked out, ending rickrolll's run.

rickrolll's elimination left willy_bolda as the decided short stack of just 500k. In the 100k-200k level willy_bolda shoved over an open-raise to 400k by vernondbacks. Two other players called, creating a four-way pot that checked an all-small board all the way to the river. At showdown, vernondbacks' pocket 8s claimed the pot. willy_bolda finished in 6th place.

Halfway to the finish line of the final table, rakpet had the chip lead:

Seat 2: zandermak (3074054 in chips)
Seat 3: Darvishoo (3620328 in chips)
Seat 4: vernondbacks (5374112 in chips)
Seat 8: decimamas61 (5093157 in chips)
Seat 9: rakpet (8518349 in chips)

Things stayed that way until this massive hand between zandermak and decimamas61:

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decimamas61 doubled once from a crippled short-stack of less than a half a big blind, but was eliminated in 5th place two hands later.

As the remaining four players approached the 11am break, vernondbacks took on the roll of short stack, dropping down to 2.5 million in chips. The end came for vernondbacks two hands before the break when vernondbaks shoved from the button with 8♠8♥ and was called by zandermak out of the big blind with A♥7♦. The first four cards on board, 3♥5♥4♦4♠, kept vernondbacks in the lead, but an ace from space spiked on the river, giving zandermak a pair of aces. The 4th-place finish earned vernondbacks $1,450.92.

rakpet had the chip lead with three players to go, but the stacks were close. Losing a few small pots pushed rakpet down to 8.3 million and gave zandermak a slight chip lead at 9.3 million. They played a 16.8 million-chip pot that was all in on the turn. Rakpet opened with a min-raise to 600k in the small blind that zandermak called. Another bet of 660k followed from rakpet on the ace-high 5♠6♥A♥ flop. Again zandermak called.

The turn was the 4♣. rakpet continued the aggression with a bet of 1.58 million. zandermak responded by raising to 4.2 million. rakpet shoved for 7.1 million total and zandermak snap-called with 5♥5♦, a set of 5s. rakpet showed down two pair, A♠4♦, and was drawing thin to two aces. The river was the Q♣, not an ace. All the chips went to zandermak while rakpet hit the showers in 3rd place.

zandermak started heads-up play with 17.8 million chips, more than double the 7.9 million chips that Darvishoo brought to the fight. Twice Darvishoo leveled the stacks at around 12.5 million each. Both times, however, zandermak pulled back into the lead. On the final hand, zandermak started with 15 million and opened the button to 1 million. Darvishoo shoved for 10.3 million. zandermak thought for a while before calling with A♣9♣ - an excellent call, as Darvishoo's A♦8♣ was dominated. A chop was a distinct possibility by the turn of a J♥5♣Q♥7♥ board, but zandermak sealed the deal with a river 9♦ to make a pair of 9s.

It's all in day's work at the 2012 MicroMillions II.

2012 MicroMillions II Event 54 $5.50 NLHE results:

1st: zandermak ($4,031.85)
2nd: Darvishoo ($2,991.72)
3rd: rakpet ($2,118.60)
4th: vernondbacks ($1,450.92)
5th: decimamas61 ($1,091.40)
6th: willy_bolda ($834.60)
7th: rickrolll ($577.80)
8th: hotrod1983 ($321.00)
9th: brrrb20 ($205.44)

Late yesterday the MicroMillions II crossed the halfway mark with the completion of Event 50. Don't let that stop you from joining in the fun. Get complete resultsl, check out the leaderboard, and view the schedule of remaining events at the MicroMillions home page.

Dave Behr
@PokerStars in MicroMillions