MicroMillions: Alfons777999 annihilates final table in Event #88 ($5.50 PLO 6-Max, 1R1A)

micromillions-thumb-blog.pngIt's one thing to win a tournament. It's another to eliminate every single player at the final table. But how about eliminating every single player at the final table, all in the space of 13 hands and four minutes of playing time? Alfons777999 can now add that feat to his poker C.V. and nearly $4,200 to his bankroll as he became the 20th Russian to win a MicroMillions title.

5,553 players bought in to Event #88, making 3,798 rebuys and 1,052 add-ons to bring the total prize pool up to $52,015. 720 places were paid with first place set to earn $7,936.29. Four Team Pros were in the mix; Marcel Luske, Ana Marquez, and Marcin Horecki all made early exits while Toni Judet was the lone Red Spade in the money, finishing 434th.

With 2.4 million remaining and blinds of 150,000/300,000, hannes22 three-bet shoved from the big blind with Q♣J♠8♠6♥ and elmatador04 looked him up with K♦Q♥T♦9♥. Although hannes22 flopped top pair, elmatador made a queen-high flush on the turn to send him home in seventh place and set the final table.

MicroMillions Event 88 FT.jpg

Final table chip counts:

Seat 1: Cloggie (5,122,128 in chips)
Seat 2: luixma (10,434,173 in chips)
Seat 3: GABEGILL279 (9,820,687 in chips)
Seat 4: elmatador04 (13,061,477 in chips)
Seat 5: IamYourGrace (5,610,641 in chips)
Seat 6: Alfons777999 (7,965,894 in chips)

Players were clamoring for a deal from the moment cards went in the air at the final table, but not before GABEGILL279 and elmatador04 tangled in a 9 million pot, GABEGILL279 flopping top pair and rivering a set of sevens. Shortly thereafter, the action was paused for negotiations and the final six quickly agreed to an ICM chop that left an additional $400 on the table for the eventual winner.

When action resumed, elmatador04 recovered his lost chips, doubling through GABEGILL279 when his A♣K♥9♣5♦ flopped aces and kings against A♥T♥T♦5♥. Short stack Cloggie staved off elimination when A♣A♥K♠T♦ held against elmatador04's A♠K♥T♥8♦, but he could only manage a few more hands before Alfons777999 took off running and never looked back.

Cloggie looked down at K♥K♦9♥8♣ and opened for 900,000. The action folded around to Alfons777999, who three-bet to 2.85 million with A♣Q♣T♠3♠. Cloggie shoved for 8.3 million and Alfons777999 called. Alfons777999 hit top pair and a wheel draw on the A♦4♦2♥ flop, and although Cloggie picked up a flush draw on the turn with the 7♥, the 5♠ on the river made Alfons777999 a wheel and ended Cloggie's run in sixth place ($2,762.74).

Seven hands later, Alfons777999 found good fortune again, running over another opponent with a wheel. This time GABEBILL279 three-bet to 4.4 million with A♣Q♦J♣3♣, then called all-in when Alfons777999 four-bet to 13.4 million. Alfons777999's A♦Q♣T♣5♣ was behind on the 9♣4♦3♦ flop, but the 2♦ on the turn made him another five-high straight. GABEBILL279 exited in fifth place, earning $4,764.95.

After picking up the blinds on the next deal, Alfons777999 looked down at 8♦8♣9♣T♦ as IamYourGrace opened for 1.2 million. Alfons777999 three-bet to 3.6 million and IamYourGrace called, turning over A♣K♠J♣7♦. Once again, Alfons777999 hit a boffo hand, the flop falling 8♠6♥5♣ to make him a set of eights. IamYourGrace could not fade his massive lead and bowed out in fourth place, earning $2,822.94.

Alfons777999 was dealt A♠7♠5♦4♣ on the next hand and opened for 1.4 milion on the button. Luixma three-bet to 4.6 million, Alfons777999 four-bet to 7.8 million and luixma called all-in, revealing J♥J♠8♠5♠. It was all but over for luixma on the 8♦6♠4♥ flop, Alfons777999 hitting an eight-high straight. It held through the A♣ turn and 6♠ river, luixma departing with $3,963.23 for third place.

Heads-up chip counts:

Seat 4: elmatador04 (13,696,826 in chips)
Seat 6: Alfons777999 (38,318,174 in chips)

Truly a one-man wrecking ball, Alfons777999 closed it out on the second hand of heads-up play, his K♣K♠5♣4♥ holding against elmatador04's A♣K♥Q♦2♠:

Congratulations on Alfons777999 on a dominating performance and a MicroMillions title. He took home $4,192.38 while runner-up elmatador04 earned $3,778.37.

PokerStars MicroMillions Event #88 ($5.50 PLO 6-Max, 1R1A) results

1. Alfons777999 (Russia) $4,192.38*
2. elmatador04 (Romania) $3,778.37*
3. luixma (Spain) $3,963.23*
4. IamYourGrace (Ukraine) $2,82.94*
5. GABEGILL279 (Canada) $4,764.95*
6. Cloggie (Canada) $2,762.74*

*= reflects the results of a six-way ICM deal that left $400 in play for the winner

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Kristin Bihr
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