MicroMillions: ALVARADO 111 wins Event #79 ($5.50 FL Omaha Hi/Lo)

micromillions-thumb-blog.pngSometimes sitting back and staying afloat on a final table while letting all the others get into the big pots and put their stacks at a risk is the best formula. That was just the formula that ALVARADO 111 used on his way to winning Event 79 of the MicroMillions series. He steadily built his stack to be there for the end while staying away from the big hands that resulted in eliminations or chip-crippling pots. By the time he got to heads-up play he wasted little time getting involved in the big hands pulling ahead in the match and then turning the aggression on to finally do away with his opponent on his way to collecting the $2,618.70 first place money.


Split pot games can drive a player insane. At one point you are scooping the entire pot and then with the turn of a single card half of that pot now belongs to your opponent. Event 79, a $5.50 FL Omaha Hi/Lo event, provided some insanity as the each player fought hard to scoop pots on their quest for the win. Let's take a look at the numbers:

Entrants: 3,333
Guarantee: $10,000.00
Prize pool: $16,665.00
Paid Players: 432

Marcin "Goral" Horecki was one of two Team PokerStars that made it into the money. He was joined by Marcel Luske. Horecki was the first of the two to make an exit taking home $19.99 for an 138th place effort. Luske had better luck and managed to make it to the final two tables squeaking out a 17th place finish for $54.16.


Seat 1: ALVARADO 111 (568,717 in chips)
Seat 2: Bailey296 (1,787,839 in chips)
Seat 3: Next-L3vel (2,275,407 in chips)
Seat 4: jeffybird (2,817,879 in chips)
Seat 5: Grumbledook (1,950,476 in chips)
Seat 6: Mojojojococo (649,942 in chips)
Seat 7: Binkeyzzz (1,792,417 in chips)
Seat 8: WPROT (3,234,949 in chips)
Seat 9: Gost (1,587,374 in chips)

First two down:

The first two eliminations came in quick fashion. The first to exit was Mojojojococo who came into the final table as the shortest of short stacks. Mojojojococo opened with a raise, he was called by WPROT and Gost 3-bet. Mojojojococo 4-bet, WPROT folded and Gost called. The pair saw a K♥Q♣4♠ flop. Gost bet and Mojojojococo called, putting him all-in. Gost showed A♦A♥9♥2♠ while Mojojojococo held A♣K♠9♦2♣. The board finished up with a Q♦ on the turn and a J♦ on the river meaning the pockets aces held by Gost was good enough to eliminate Mojojojococo in ninth place where he collects $133.32.


The next elimination happened two hands later. Grumbledook started the hand with the second least amount of chips on the table. He open raised from middle position and was called by Gost who had the button. The pair saw a T♦3♣2♦ flop. Grumbledook opened with a bet and Gost called. The J♠ turn brought another open bet from Grumbledook, this time however Gost raised him, Grumbledook called putting himself all-in. Gost revealed A♠A♥9♠7♥ for a pair of aces while Grumbledook held K♣K♦5♣2♥ for a pair of kings. The 4♥ river meant nothing but the end for Grumbledook who wins $216.64 for his eighth place effort.


Next to exit is????:

After a brief set of hands that delivered no eliminations but some minor chip movement the next elimination almost saw two take an exit. The hand began with jeffybird open-raising to 320,000. He was called by WPROT, Bailey296 3-bet to 480,000 and both jeffybird and WPROT flat called him. The three saw a Q♣7♣4♦ flop. Bailey296 opened to 7,839 to go all-in, jeffybird raised to 160,000, WPROT three-bet to 320,000, jeffybird called. The 2♥ turn brought a check from jeffybird, WPROT then opened to 320,000, jeffybird raised to 640,000, WPROT three-bet to 960,000, and jeffybird called putting himself all-in. The three players cards were revealed with Bailey296 holding A♥K♥4♥3♦ for a pair of fours and a seven-four low, jeffybird holding 9♣5♣4♠3♠ for a flush draw and a seven-five low, and WPROT holding A♣Q♦6♥3♣ for a pair of queens and a seven-four high low. The J♦ river meant nothing for any of the players hands. WPROT scoops the side pot and takes three-quarters of the main pot, Bailey296 gets the remaining one-quarter of the main pot, and jeffybird is eliminated in seventh place for $383.29.

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Couldn't survive this time:

After snagging a quarter of the pot in the hand that saw an elimination of another player Bailey296 managed to chip up a little chopping a pot with WPROT. But another three-way hand would present a problem for the short stack. Starting the hand with less than a single big blind Bailey296 moved all-in from middle position. He was called by Binkeyzzz and Gost. The three saw a T♣7♣2♠ flop. Binkeyzzz opened to 200,000, Gost called. The 4♥ turn brought another open bet from Binkeyzzz and another call. The Q♥ river delivered much of the same as Binkeyzzz once again opened and Gost called. Binkeyzzz showed J♥T♦T♠8♠ for a set of tens with no low, Gost showed K♦K♣6♠5♣ for a pair of Kings and a seven-high low, Bailey296's hand was mucked meaning the other two players chopped the pots and Bailey296 exited in sixth for $549.94


Shorty down:

Once again the shortest stack on the table started the hand with less than a single big bet. This time that player was WPROT who called off the remainder of his stack from the big blind after Next-L3vel open raised from the button. The players cards were revealed with Next-L3vel holding K♠K♣J♥T♣ and WPROT holding J♣7♠6♣6♥. The K♥J♦2♠ all but closed the door on WPROT leaving him needing running sixes or two cards below eight that did not pair him up to survive. The 3♠ turn left the dream open but the 3♣ river sealed the deal sending him out in fifth place collecting $716.59.


Four handed+1:

Four handed play lasted five hands with the shortest stack on the table once again getting eliminated. Binkeyzzz opened to 500,000, he was called by Gost and the two saw a A♠K♣K♥ flop. Gost checked, Binkeyzzz opened to 250,000, Gost called. The J♣ turn brought an open from Gost to 500,000, Binkeyzzz moved all-in for 719,393, Gost called. The players cards were revealed with Binkeyzzz holding J♥J♦T♥7♦ for jacks full of kings with no low and Gost held K♦8♥4♦2♥ for a set of kings. The 8♠ was not a card that Binkeyzzz wanted to see giving Gost a full house also, one that beat his. Binkeyzzz collects $958.23 for his fourth place effort.


Chop chop elimination:

After a string of hands that saw lots of chops and very little scoops the next elimination finally came. Starting the hand as the short stack, Next-L3vel opened from the button to 500,000. He was three-bet by Gost who made it 750,000, Next-L3vel called and the pair saw a A♣9♥9♦ flop. Gost opened to 250,000, Next-L3vel moved all-in for 332,255 total, Gost called. The players cards were revealed with Gost holding A♥A♦9♣7♠ for aces full of nines and Next-L3vel held A♠K♦7♥5♣ for two pair, aces and nines and no chance at getting a piece of the pot meaning the T♥ turn and 8♣ river meant nothing. Nevet-L3vel collects $1,393.52 for his second place finish.


Heads-up play:

When heads-up play began Gost held a little over a two to one chip lead.

ALVARADO 111 (5,297,368 in chips)
Gost (11,367,632 in chips)

That chip lead flipped on the fourth hand when ALVARADO 111 managed to scoop a 7.2 million chip pot when his A♦A♠T♣5♥ held against Gost's Q♠Q♥5♠4♠. From there ALVARADO 111 kept the pressure on Gost but Gost kept pushing back surviving eight all-ins over the next 39 hands. The 40th hand was the one that ALVARADO 111 finally managed to put an end to Gost. ALVARADO 111 started the hand by limping in for 400,000 total, Gost raised it to 800,000, ALVARADO 111 called. The K♠K♦8♥ flop brought an open to 400,000 from Gost, ALVARADO 111 called. Gost opened to 800,000 on the T♦ turn, ALVARADO 111 raised it up to 1,600,000, Gost called off his remaining 323,168 going all-in. When the cards were revealed ALVARADO 111 held the lead with A♣K♥Q♣9♣ for a set of kings while Gost held A♦7♦6♦5♣ for a flush draw. The 2♥ did not deliver the flush bringing an end to the tourney. Gost collects $1,949.80 for second place while ALVARADO 111 collects $2,618.70 for his win.

2012MicroMillions79-Final Hand.jpg

Congrats to ALVARADO 111 on your win.

MicroMillions Event #79 ($5.50 FL Omaha Hi/Lo) Results (reflects a deal):

1st place: ALVARADO - $2,618.70
2nd place: Gost - $1,949.80
3rd place: Next-L3vel - $1,385.52
4th place: Binkeyzzz - $958.23
5th place: WPROT - $716.59
6th place: Bailey296 - $549.94
7th place: jeffybird - $383.29
8th place: Grumbledook - $216.64
9th place: Mojojojococo - $216.64
*Indicates a three-way deal

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