MicroMillions: Bang a drum for humtum111, Event #83 winner ($1+R NLHE, 3x-Turbo)

micromillions-thumb-blog.pngWe've entered the final weekend of events in the 100-event MicroMillions series, with 10 tournaments scheduled today and 10 more on Sunday. Among the early offerings today was Event #83, a $1 buy-in no-limit hold'em tournament with a turbo-style structure and extended rebuy period.

As we've seen with the other "3x-Turbo" events, players started this one with 3,000 chips, then had unlimited rebuys available for the first 90 minutes (3,000 for $1) after which they could take a big add-on of 30,000 chips for another buck.

When the rebuy period ended and late registration had closed, here's how the numbers broke down for Event #83:

Entrants: 14,663
Rebuys: 66,831
Add-ons: 6,652
Total prize pool: $80,212.86

That prize pool meant yet another guarantee ($75K) had been exceeded in a MicroMillions event, with the top 2,025 finishers getting to share the loot. The first to cash earned $8.82, making the top 63 got you better than $100, getting to the top seven meant at least $1,403.72 added to your PokerStars account, and a cool $10,036.56 awaited the tournament's winner (barring any final table deals).

By the time the break for add-ons ended and play resumed, the starting field had already been halved, and it would only take another hour or so for the cash bubble to burst. By the three-hour mark, just 886 players remained, led by whiteagle with more than 2.41 million, ice2007man with about 2.01 million, and opikol and m.beshley935 both sitting right at 1.96 million.

Five-minute levels ensured the attrition rate would remain high, and over the fourth hour of the tourney nearly 800 players were knocked out. At the four-hour break just 98 were left, five of whom had built stacks of better than 10 million: Kalmanovic (15,126,368), gyoergyasia (14,001,905), tamioson (13,438,565), MsBHavin4 (10,585,709), and serrbian (10,437,998).

As they raced to the final table, MsBHavin4 grabbed a few big pots to near the 20 million-chip mark. Then with less than 50 players left serrbian went on a huge rush to pass MsBHavin4 and everyone else to more than 40 million.

As they approached the five-hour mark the blinds had reached a whopping 500k/1m with a 100k ante. At that point 18 remained, with serrbian still leading with a stack of better than 65 million. Then in the last hand before the five-hour break, a huge pot developed between serrbian and Hempie1970, then in second-place with more than 47 million.

In that one, serrbian and Hempie1970 bet back and forth until the river, at which point the board showed T♣A♦6♠3♥8♠. That's when serrbian made a huge overbet, pushing nearly all in, and Hempie1970 called with the more than 41 million he had remaining. Hempie1970 had A♣K♠ for top pair, top kicker, but serrbian had him beat with 6♣6♥ for a set of sixes. Take a look:

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A 96 million-plus pot for serrbian, putting him way, way out in front with more than 114 million total. Meanwhile, Hempie1970 was out in 18th for a $168.44 cash.

Once back from the break, the next eight fell in short order. JoshH666 (17th) and 5ausage5 (16th) each won $168.44 as well. morwong (15th), easyfold0110 (14th), and olangotang (13th) each took away $240.63. And Chizburger-7 (12th), tamioson (11th), and loop4you (10th) pocketed $320.85 apiece.

They were down to nine.


Seat 1: FaaatCat -- 54,792,089
Seat 2: xxxxct -- 45,032,464
Seat 3: humtum111 -- 94,878,949
Seat 4: Konrado910 -- 14,441,045
Seat 5: MsBHavin4 -- 37,020,905
Seat 6: bridgenisse -- 12,992,729
Seat 7: pktotal -- 44,331,885
Seat 8: serrbian -- 128,294,643
Seat 9: isabella9821 -- 12,257,291

The stacks were deep, but so were the blinds -- already 1.05m/2.1m (with a 210k ante) -- and so the eliminations continued at a rapid clip.

On just the second hand of the final table, Konrado910 opened for 6.3 million from middle position, then MsBHavin4 reraised to 10.5 from one seat over. It folded back around and Konrado910 pushed all in for 14,021,045 total and MsBHavin4 quickly called.

Konrado910 had A♣J♠ but needed help against MsBHavin4's A♠Q♣. The board ran out T♣2♦6♣8♥9♦, and Konrado910 was gone in ninth.

Just four hands after that, isabella9821 open-shoved for 9,857,291 from middle position and got one caller in humtum111 from the cutoff. isabella9821 had J♦J♠, but humtum111 had K♠K♣, and after the community cards came 4♥Q♥7♠4♠T♠ they were down to seven.

A half-dozen more hands passed and the blinds moved to 1.4m/2.8m. It folded around to MsBHavin4 who limped in from the small blind, then bridgenisse raised all in from the BB for 6,562,729 and MsBHavin4 called, showing 9♥3♠ to bridgenisse's K♥6♣. The flop came T♠2♦3♥ to pair MsBHavin4's trey, and after the Q♦ turn and J♥ river bridgenisse was out in seventh.

The very next hand saw another elimination -- and a new chip leader.

In that one humtum111 raised to 8.4 million from middle position, then pktotal reraised to 39.2 million from the small blind. It folded back to humtum111 who repopped it to 70 million, and pktotal called with 4 million or so he had left.

pktotal: 9♥9♣
humtum111: A♣K♦

They were racing, and after the board rolled out J♣3♥A♦4♥8♣ humtum111 had won the race with a pair of aces and claimed the 90 million-plus chip pot as pktotal finished the tournament in sixth place.

That one put humtum111 on top with more than 173 million, with serrbian next with about 120 million. A couple of hands later the tourney was stopped for a deal discussion, but after a short conversation it was clear terms were not going to be agreed upon and cards were soon back in the air.

Soon FaaatCat won a big flip versus MsBHavin4 with T♠T♥ against the latter's A♥K♠, then doubled through humtum111 with A♠A♥ against humtum111's T♠T♣ to move up over 140 million and challenge humtum111 for the lead.

25mchips.jpgThe pots were getting huge, with PokerStars having to dust off the little-used 25-million chips to handle some of the pots. It would take a few more orbits and the blinds climbing to 2m/4m before the next elimination occurred.

It that one MsBHavin4 open-pushed for 41,765,180 from the cutoff and serrbian called from the button. MsBHavin4 had K♥Q♣ and was hoping to improve versus serrbian's 6♥6♦, but the board came 2♣A♦2♥9♣5♥ and they were down to four.

They reached the six-hour break, with humtum111 the leader with more than 150 million, FaaatCat next with about 144 million, serrbian third with about 88 million, and xxxxct last with almost 61 million.

During the break the four talked about a deal again and agreed to pause the tourney to talk further. However, it would take several hands to get the tourney stopped before the discussion could start.

With the blinds being so big, there was some chip movement during the interim, with humtum111 moving up over 195 million, FaaatCat staying about the same with 143 million, xxxxct dropping a few to 57 million, and serrbian falling to about 47 million. But after much discussion, no deal could be reached and play continued.

Soon the blinds were 2.5m/5m, and after a UTG raise by humtum111 to 15 million, it folded to xxxxct in the big blind who reraised all in for 47,752,464 and humtum111 called. xxxxct had A♥5♣ and humtum111 A♠Q♣. The community cards came T♦7♣6♥T♣K♠, and xxxxct's run had ended in fourth.

With three left it was serrbian opening with a 3x raise to 15 million from the button, then humtum111 reraised to 40 million from the big blind and serrbian called. The flop came 2♥5♠T♠ and humtum111 quickly fired 45 million in the middle. serrbian thought for a few seconds, then raised all in for 69,774,466 and humtum111 quickly called.

humtum111 had A♦T♦ for top pair of tens while serrbian had but K♠J♣. But the K♥ rolled out on the turn, suddenly putting serrbian out in front. Then came the river -- the A♠! humtum111's two pair was best, and serrbian was out in third.

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Heads-up play began with humtum111 enjoying a better than 4-to-1 chip lead with 355,686,234 to FaaatCat's 88,355,766. FaaatCat scratched and clawed, then doubled up with A♠K♠ against humtum111's Q♣3♣. FaaatCat would double up again on the very next hand, using 7♦7♣ to best humtum111's K♥J♦, and suddenly FaaatCat was in front with a slight lead.

humtum111 would fight back, however, retaking the advantage and whittling FaaatCat down a bit before the final hand took place.

The blinds were a whopping 3m/6m. humtum111 had just over 252 million, while FaaatCat had a little under 192 million. FaaatCat opened by raising to 18 million from the button, and humtum111 called.

The flop came J♦8♠Q♠. humtum111 checked, FaaatCat bet 30 million, humtum111 raised to 66 million, FaaatCat pushed all in, and humtum111 called.

humtum111: K♣T♠
FaaatCat: K♠Q♥

Top pair for FaaatCat, with an open-ender for humtum111. The turn card came -- the 9♣ -- filling humtum111's straight. The river was the Q♦, and the tourney was over.

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Congratulations to humtum111 for topping a field of 14,663 to win more than $10K in Event #83!

MicroMillions Event #83 ($1+R No-Limit Hold'em, 3x-Turbo) Results:
1st: humtum111 ($10.036.56)
2nd: FaaatCat ($7,002.58)
3rd: serrbian ($5,374.26)
4th: xxxxct ($3,770.00)
5th: MsBHavin4 ($2,967.87)
6th: pktotal ($2,165.74)
7th: bridgenisse ($1,403.72)
8th: isabella9821 ($721.91)
9th: Konrado910 ($481.27)

A few more events today, then a full slate tomorrow in the MicroMillions, including the $1 million guaranteed Main Event! Check the schedule for details.

Martin Harris
@hardboiledpoker in MicroMillions